As we count down the days to July 4 (and to Saturday’s big race), we continue our daily prize drawing on the Interstate Batteries Facebook page. Our extending LED flashlight includes a magnetic pickup tool so you can easily see and reach dropped items. The all-new green and gold Interstate All Battery Center Toyota will debut in Daytona this week, and you can win this limited-edition 1:64 die-cast version.
Interstate Batteries® sells more than 16,000 kinds of batteries—from AA alkalines and automotive batteries to critical power solutions, and everything in between. Captions listed here can be viewed by simply clicking on the images and waiting for the download to finish and then clicking the play button on your player. Safety Controls:The upper chamber has a pressure switch which will detect instant repressurization of the upper chamber.

Labour Warranty - Comprehensive, 1 yearCleaning - The exterior surface of the cylinder will attract dust over time.
And here’s an incentive to invite your friends: For every 50 unique entries we get today, we’ll unlock another prize. The handle extends from 7.6 inches to 22 inches, and the magnet is capable of lifting 5 pounds. Combine professional battery services, recycling programs and the largest battery distribution network in North America, and you’ll find Interstate has EVERY BATTERY FOR EVERY NEED®. Cleaning is recommended every thirty days or as needed (No Lubrication required as with conventional elevators). It is recommended that liner replacement be preformed by an authorized PVE dealer to ensure the job is done right.

In the event you are unable to view the videos (clips), simply click any of the icons below and download the FREE software. It is recommended that your contractor provide a finished look between floors OR you can purchase our optional stainless steel or powder painted rings and collars to cover any visable areas between the ceiling of the downstairs and the floor on the upstairs.
It is our self-supporting vacuum elevator; a light and resistant structure built with aluminium and polycarbonate.

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