Severe thunderstorms with winds surpassing 80 mph impacted the Commonwealth on the evening of Friday, 29 June, and continued into the early morning hours of Saturday, 30 June. Click on a State to view the Electric Utilities with their corresponding outage maps & pages. Macrosoft delivers high-quality, cost-effective, full lifecycle solutions to complex software development projects. As Hurricane Irene moves at 13 miles per hour north north east along the eastern seaboard of the Unites States massive power outages are following in its wake.

Dominion haven't issued any press releases as yet, but they have released some videos. Reuters are reporting that there have been four deaths so far, since Irene's landfall this morning. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. That would be reckless and it would be irresponsible, and we take our public safety and the safety of our employees very seriously, so were just not going to do that.

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