About 5,000 residents and more than 2,000 businesses in downtown Calgary remain without power following a fire in an underground vault. The outage began Saturday night, leaving thousands in the dark over the Thanksgiving holiday. City staff are asking affected residents to stay with family and friends, if possible, until power is restored. Food and hotel vouchers were being offered Monday at the downtown armoury, where hundreds of people lined up for assistance.
Several provincial government buildings, including the Calgary Courts Centre, are also without power and will be closed Tuesday. Nevertheless, the province is not expecting a€?majora€? disruptions in government services over the next few days, Minister of Minister of Municipal Affairs Diana McQueen said Monday.
Alberta Premier Jim Prentice told reporters that he will be sharing office space with Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi because his own office is affected by the outage.
Prentice said he was impressed by Calgariansa€™ a€?incredible resiliency and community spirita€? as they wait for power to be restored.
Meanwhile, the city and the local chamber of commerce are asking downtown workers to stay home on Tuesday. Workers continue to try and restore power to an area of the downtown in Calgary, Monday, Oct. Close to 300,000 Connecticut customers were still in the dark, and the state's biggest utility was warning them not to threaten or harass repair crews. Associated PressA snapped utility pole leans over the road as the result of a fallen tree on the power lines on Friday, Nov.
Angry residents left without heat as temperatures drop to near freezing overnight have been lashing out at Connecticut Light & Power: accosting repair crews, making profane criticisms online and suing.
At a shelter at Simsbury High School, resident Stacy Niezabitowski, 53, said Friday she would love to yell at someone from Connecticut Light & Power but hadn't seen any of its workers. The October nor'easter knocked out power to more than 3 million homes and business across the Northeast, including 830,000 in Connecticut, where outages now exceed those of all other states combined. The company called the snowstorm and resulting power outages "an historic event" and said it was focused on getting almost all power back on by Sunday night.
In Avon, a Farmington Valley town where 85 percent of customers were still without power on Friday, town manager Brandon Robertson said he faulted CL&P for an "absolutely unacceptable and completely avoidable" situation. The person who has taken the brunt of the public scorn is CL&P's president and chief operating officer, Jeffrey D. Butler said he was sorry so many residents have been left without power for so long during the chilly nights.
The outages have driven thousands of people into shelters in New England and have led to several deaths, including eight in Connecticut. In North Brookfield, Mass., an 86-year-old woman was found dead Thursday in her unheated home, and her 59-year-old son was taken to a hospital with symptoms of hypothermia, subnormal body temperature. In New Jersey, authorities said fumes from a gasoline-powered generator are believed to have caused the deaths of an elderly couple discovered hours before electricity was restored to their home in rural Milford, near Pennsylvania, on Thursday evening. For many without power, the past week has been a blur of moving between friends' homes or hotel rooms with occasional visits to their own houses to feed pets and check, in vain, for electricity. Glastonbury resident Alison Takahashi, 17, said she has bunked with friends and, for a few nights, with her parents in a hotel 45 minutes away, the only opening they could find after the storm.

Some Connecticut residents have vented their frustration through dark humor on the Internet, turning to social media websites to ridicule the utility — often with profanity. CL&P spokeswoman Janine Saunders said some hostile customers have approached the crews, but she declined to provide details. Saunders said the utility understands what people are going through and has stressed to customer service employees that they need to be empathetic. In Connecticut, CL&P has promised to restore power to 99 percent of its 1.2 million customers by Sunday night.
Simsbury resident Chris Gauthier, 47, said he was frustrated the power lines weren't maintained better before the storm, but he said he was too busy to worry about who to blame.
First Selectman Mary Glassman, of Simsbury, said many homes are still not reachable by car because of downed trees and power cables, and officials are concerned for the residents' safety as people in cold houses resort to driving across power lines to seek shelter elsewhere. Some business owners already were planning to pursue compensation from CL&P for their losses. In Canton, Asylum Hair Salon owner Scott Simmons filed a negligence lawsuit against the utility to make up for $1,000 in lost business from Saturday to Wednesday. Associated Press writers Pat Eaton-Robb in Simsbury and Dave Collins and Stephanie Reitz in Hartford contributed to this report. A spokesman for the state prisons system confirmed to the Boston Herald that Annie Doohkan has been paroled. TARGET 12Rhode Island and one other state have the earliest teacher termination deadline in the nation, which some administrators call a burden. Increased taxes, changes to retiree benefits and larger payments from the city’s nonprofits are all being considered. Over the weekend, a team of volunteers converged on the Oakland Cemetery in Cranston armed with rakes and leaf blowers. John Hirschboeck, Project Director of Newport Daffodil Days joined us for a preview of the upcoming event. Heather Grocott of The Children’s Workshop shares tips on how we can encourage healthy earth habits within our children. Many workers from office buildings in affected areas evacuated while the lights were out and Providence Emergency Management Agency sent out a Tweet urging drivers to use caution at intersections without traffic lights. Spokesman David Graves told Eyewitness News a squirrel caused a problem at the South Street substation, which is adjacent to the Dynamo House.
Graves said National Grid crews responded to all three of these substations to assess if equipment was damaged and to determine the safest and quickest way to restore power to customers.
Eyewitness News checked, and the power outage did not affecting Rhode Island, Miriam or Hasbro Children’s hospitals. Repairs to a power pole at the entrance to Maggie Lake mean that a four-hour planned power outage is necessary Wednesday morning, October 30, 2013 beginning at 10 AM.
PUD 3 recommends that during planned outages such as this that customers unplug sensitive appliances and electronic equipment until power has been restored for approximately 20 minutes. For questions or concerns regarding this project, customers may contact Nick Earsley, maintenance engineering supervisor, at (360) 275-2833, extension 2250. Customers may monitor the status of outages using PUD 3’s social media services, but the best way to report outages is via the outage hotline at 360-432-1533.
Hurricane Sandy, which threatens 50 million people in the Mid-Atlantic area of the United States, is expected to bring days of rain, high winds and possibly heavy snow.

After the fire, technicians pulled more than three and a half kilometres of fried cable out of the ground. Search-and-rescue crews have been going door-to-door to check on the vulnerable and elderly. In Simsbury, a hard-hit suburban town of about 25,000 residents, National Guard troops deployed to clear debris have been providing security outside a utility office building. Connecticut Light & Power has blamed the extent of the devastation partly on overgrown trees in the state, where it says some homeowners and municipalities have resisted the pruning of limbs for reasons including aesthetics.
He said the high school that is being used as an emergency shelter was still running on a generator.
He said Friday that his own house in the Farmington Valley has been without power since a generator failed, and he urged customers to remember the extent of the damage.
The local fire chief said it was unfortunate they had not reached out to authorities or neighbors for help. She said her brother, a high school freshman, also has moved like a nomad between friends' homes all week, heading to the next when he worried he'd started wearing out his welcome. A police officer posted outside the utility's office building in Simsbury along with a National Guard soldier said line crews had been threatened and they wanted to make sure people could complain without letting things get out of hand. Deval Patrick asked state utility regulators on Friday to conduct a formal investigation into how the state's major power companies prepared for and responded to the outages. Butler, the president, said more than 1,740 crews were working and the utility was prioritizing schools and polling sites for elections on Tuesday.
Every day, he wakes up before the rest of his family to start a fire in his den's fireplace.
Providence police confirmed for Eyewitness News there were no accidents reported in the affected areas during the power outage.
In addition, especially with electronics, it is important to consider using surge protection. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the closure of all New York City bus, subway and commuter rail services as of Sunday evening. Six days into an epic power outage that still has roughly 300,000 Connecticut residents in the dark, tempers are snapping as fast as the snow-laden branches that brought down wires across the region last weekend. Although public works crews had cleared most of the town roads, he said, more than 25 still were blocked as they waited for CL&P crews to clear power lines. He and neighbors were clearing a dozen fallen trees around his house with hand saws Friday as National Guard troops removed debris from the street.
However, according to the Pinpoint Closing Network, Village Green Virtual Charter School issued an early dismissal due to the power outage. Malloy at daily news briefings, but he was left to face a grilling by the media on his own Thursday night when the governor left the room after criticizing the slow pace of power restoration.

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