One of history's worst blackouts darkened cities, delayed trains, and forced many to use backup generators for two days.
A barber in Kolkata (Calcutta) cuts a customer's hair by candlelight during Tuesday's blackout.The cause of this week's vast power outages in India is not immediately clear. An electrical short circuit sparked the fire that gutted this train car and killed 32 people in the Indian city of Nellore on Monday.The duration and geographic extent of this week's power outage were unprecedented in India. Indians walk past an electric generator for sale in a market in New Delhi, India, on Tuesday, during the second day of this week's blackouts.Power outages in India are commonplace, and residents accept them as a part of daily life. Muslim girls study by candlelight inside a religious school on the outskirts of New Delhi during Monday's massive power outage.One day after power was largely restored in India following a massive power grid failure, the country was hit by a second, even larger outage on Tuesday. An employee at a power station near New Delhi scales an electric pylon on June 8.Arup Roy Choudhury, chairperson of the state-run NTPC, India's largest power producer, has blamed the government for chronic fuel shortages that have worsened the country's energy crisis and delayed steps to increase power generation, according to The New York Times. In a first for arthropods, the spiny animal kept its brood tethered to its body as it swam Eartha€™s seas 430 million years ago.

BREA – A power outage in Brea left more than 2,000 customers without electricity Friday night.
Southern California Edison officials reminded residents to call 911 if they see downed power lines and not to touch the wires or equipment. The outage was caused by equipment failure at a substation feeding into a Southern Maryland power plant, according to utility providers and US homeland security officials.
According to Joe Slater, President and CEO of Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative, which operates the powerplant in Charles County, Maryland, a Potomac Electric Power Company line feeding to their facility failed and fell to the ground. A spokesperson for the utility company, PEPCO, said crews were on the scene investigating the failure of the PEPCO equipment.
An official with the Department of Homeland Security official told ABC News that initial information showed the cause of the outage was an explosion in a southern Maryland power plant. The power also went out at the Warner Theatre during Oprah Winfrey's remarks at the Maya Angelou stamp event.

ABC News' Jack Date, John Parkinson, Alex Mallin, Mary Bruce and George Sanchez contributed to this report.
Energy experts warn that such occurrences could become more likelya€”the country's per capita energy consumption is expected to double by 2020. But archaeologists are increasingly confronted with demands to let past generations rest in peace.

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