The sirens from the nearby BP refinery were wailing in Dwight Crawford's neighborhood and he could see the glow from burning flares at the plant. Genesis Energy LP said Monday it will expand its crude-oil handling capabilities on the Texas coast and build a new gas-processing facility in Oklahoma. Last month, BP increased by $8 billion the financial provisions it was taking for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill; the company's shares rose.
Rachel Maddow reviews the horrific, deadly record of a BP plant in Texas and notes they've been issued record fines as a result.

BP's incoming CEO Robert Dudley faces the daunting task of fixing a company saddled with huge liabilities, a broken culture, strained government relations and a badly damaged brand. We install the quietest natural gas and LP generators on the market a€“ about the same amount of noise as an average central air conditioner. A Generac 22KW unit installed and ready to power the whole house in the event of an outage.
We make sure you understand all aspects of the operation and maintenance of your unit before we leave.

The experts at Venus Construction are your local professionals for reliable installation of your standby generator.

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