Together with experts of RC EOM, distant school "Cosmo-meteo-tectonics" on the basis of geophysical parameters set analysis, original forecast, published on our site on May 28, was refined.
Special attention was alerted by the fact of frogs “outcome” at the Landagas region (near the Thessaloniki) on the May 26. Below there are presented cloud seismotectonics indicators (EQ clouds) revealed by the RC EOM's experts on the images from Aqua satellite along the boundary of Aegian plate and near Thessaloniki city on May 28 and May 29.
According to the gravitation theory, imbalance of the internal Earth structures is caused by the impulse signal in the microwave frequency range which has come from external environment – Solar system space (Sun) and (or) galactic space (Gould belt and etc). Aleksandr 51 posted Проснувшиеся вулканы in Новости20 January 2015В последние лет 20-25 на планете Земля активизировался процесс её сжатия, т.е.

Antalya posted Прогнозы землетрясений на основе гипотезы расширяющейся Земли in Прогнозы землятресений29 December 2013Здравствуйте! MizVasilina posted И другие "приметы" свидетельствующие об усилении сейсмической активности в регионах in Новости18 November 2013Мною отмечена еще одна закономерность.
MizVasilina posted РУМЫНИЯ(зона ВРАНЧА) in Прогнозы землятресений18 November 2013Есть усиление сейсмоактивности в зоне Вранча в конце ноября 2013. According to the forecast the expected earthquake region is Sendai city region, expected magnitude is M?6.5. Along that parallel activization of the processes in other seismogenic zones is also possible.

This impulse acts on the Earth core and later after conservations laws action compensatory process starts which realizes in the mantle, lithosphere, atmosphere and etc. Compensatory processes, in particular in the form of volcano eruptions, earthquakes, precipitation and etc, may occur relatively fast or may prepare a long time (even years).

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