All these models are made with wood and some simple mechanical and battery operated devices. This product proposes an IT enabled approach towards locating Immediate Focus Region (IFRs).
Online above selected quiz which asks questions on the IS 1893, IS 456, Seismology and WInd. Each of these parts contains a total of around 100 questions and the user can attempt number of questions.
After selection, questions start appearing on the monitor in random order and user has to select the correct answer from the choices.

In addition to this, some more detailed explanation that is relevant to question will also appear. Do you own one of our electronic fire safes? We have an important message from our engineers that affects specific models of electronic fire safes.
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This was my safe that lasted through the F5 Tornado that struck Moore, OK …Definitely a fan of Sentry Safe!

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Rubric: Microwave Faraday Cage


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