The long term planning talk with loved ones is not always the easiest topic to discuss.  Get good guidance and talk to your loved ones often telling them you want the best for their long term care! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Don’t get caught with your pants down when the nice weather hits and you want to go for a quick ride. Plus there is something wrong about leaving an engine sit with dirty oil in it for months on end, especially because that same dirty oil is shared with your transmission. Make sure you also clean the air filter so the mice that get into your air box will have nice fresh bedding.
If you need to store a motorcycle for a really long time (say 3 to 5 years with time off for good behavior) the routine is basically the same with a few variations. Probably the single best thing you can do to keep your motorcycle in good working condition is give it some attention periodically. We explore and share a grass roots sensibility to Dual Sport riding; helping adventure seekers to transform the average weekend ride into something extraordinary, all on a minimal budget.
The Rockwall-Heath Hawks are on a mission this year to wipe away the pain of a second round playoff loss to Wylie in 2014-2015. One arrived Saturday and the other will arrive Tuesday.More >>Two Americans who contracted the Ebola virus in Africa are being moved to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta.
Parking a motorcycle for an extended period of time with a tank half filled with gas is an invitation for condensation form. As oil breaks down through use, the acid level in it increases and can cause etching on soft metal internal components. Leaving your bike parked with the weight of the machine on low or flat tires for a long time will inevitably ruin perfectly good rubber.

Treat your gas and run the carb(s) dry by shutting off the petcock, but then pull your gas tank and drain it completely. The Hawks took off last season and went undefeated in the regular season and district, but were upset in the second round.
For more information on this site, please read our Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service, and Ad Choices. Maybe your well-to-do aristocratic Uncle Percival went down for his dirt nap and left you enough inheritance to tour Europe on a brand new KTM 990 Adventure.
Servicing your bike before it gets parked helps to ensure that it’ll be ready for action when you want it. Plus oil is not just for lubricating and cooling – it also acts as a cleaner and filter holding dirt in suspension.
To keep a battery fresh make sure its fully charged then pull it out of the bike, wrap it in a Snuggie, and put it under your pillow for the winter. Invest in a service stand or create your own using a milk crate, sawed-off bar stool, or a metal range ball basket pilfered from your local golf course.
Some people pull the spark plugs and pour in a few teaspoons of oil then turn the engine over a few times to make sure the piston and cylinder walls are lubricated. Some people believe strongly in engine fogging.
This year, Coach Waters has purposely scheduled tougher opponents and tournaments to prepare his team for success this season.
Varkey said the best way to fend it off is to keep patients in isolation, providing whatever care is needed, depending on the circumstance."If you have dehydration, you give IV fluids," said Varkey.
By leaving dirty oil in your engine for months on end, all the unwanted particulates that have accumulated will settle to the bottom and be harder to flush out next oil change. Or put it anywhere warm inside your house, yurt, Quonset hut, or cardboard box on skid row.

Leaving the bike off the ground not only takes the weight off the tires, it also takes the load off your taxed suspension, which has secretly been hoping you’ll lose at least 10 pounds.
The Hawks will be playing in the Gene Messer Tournament (Follow the Tournament Here) this weekend. Or maybe you live in an area that turns into Santa’s Winter Wonderland for five months straight. It actually attracts water, which isn’t a big deal in pressurized fuel systems, but when used in vented systems it will eventually suck moisture out of the air and grow a soy-based mutant plant blob in your tank that has the potential to ingest animals and small children.
I believe that if you live in a damp and humid climate it can’t hurt to have a little insurance. Warming it slightly can actually increase condensation, getting it good and hot will burn off any internal condensation and also circulate the coolant through the system.
It also can’t hurt to cover your bike with an old blanket to keep the dust off and help absorb moisture. If your engine is equipped with a fan a good rule of thumb is to run the bike until the fan kicks on. Use Non-Ethanol gasoline treated with some form of fuel stabilizer, run the bike for a while, then run the carb(s) dry.
This will keep it topped off with juice while the bike is sitting idle and accommodate last second impulsive rides without having to reinstall the battery.

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