Last week I wrote about some of the ideas my cousin and I came up with to quickly get her house ready to sell. An important thing to keep in mind is that you're not trying to make your home a better place for yourself, you're trying to make it more attractive to others.
You need to do this in a way that will lead to a greater increase in sale price than the cost of the preparation - so always be mindful of what potential buyers will be taking into account. In order to know what kind of preparations and improvements work best for a home sale I decided to contact some people who sell houses for a living. Having a home look exceptional is extremely important today as more and more buyers prefer turn-key properties.
What kinds of DIY improvements will return a profit at sale, and what kinds of projects should be avoided? Some of the better DIY improvements that can be done if a homeowner has some skill is flooring.
Garden makeovers definitely, painting fences and general areas are appropriate, however unless done at a competent level leave it to the professionals to paint inside as this can definitely go against you if not to standard.
Here in Massachusetts the Spring selling season generally gets under way in the March to April time frame depending on the weather. Ideally 2-3 months out is perfect, I love to meet my clients and do an initial walk through advising them of any maintenance or improvements well ahead of going to the market.
As you saw above, the experts are advising to undertake improvement projects where you have the competence to do it yourself.
I'm very grateful to Bill Gassett and Mark Rumsey for providing their expertise from opposite sides of the world. By the way, Mark Rumsey has this final piece of advice to offer, "First impressions are everything. We use this list with to-dos in our job and truth to be said, we never have complains from the end of tenancy cleaning result.
Clean, seal or reseal the natural stone floors, worktops or other surfaces (sinks, bathtubs, etc). Scrape and repaint the ceilings (especially in the bathrooms), touch-up or repaint the walls and baseboards. If you need some more help with end of tenancy cleaning to prepare your house  for sale or rent, we’ll be glad to give you fresh staging ideas and additional pointers. Prepare Your Home For Cold Weather: Tips for Winterizing Morristown NJ Painter, Drywall, Home Improvement Contractor.

Potential buyers need to be impressed by the way your property looks, and there is no way that’s going to happen if there are obvious problems with it.
When the problems are fixed, it’s time to clean the interior and make it welcoming for its future owners. How your property looks on the outside is a very important factor for a successful sale because it creates the first impression for people who are interested in purchasing your house.
And, when you’ve done all the repair works, and cleaned and fixed the interior and exterior areas of you home, it’s time to put the finishing touches that could turn out to be either the deal-maker or the deal-breaker. How to stay focused when packing for a move?How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft when Moving to a New Place?
Share your moving tipYou have a great idea or an interesting tip that will make moving easier - go ahead and please send it to us. There are a few things that a seller can do that almost always offer a tremendous bang for the buck.
For example if a home has old and drab linoleum bathroom flooring, installing tile can really change it's appearance for short money. Typically installing a new kitchen will not offer the return necessary for it to be worthwhile.
From a preparation standpoint it makes sense for someone considering selling a home to get in touch with a Realtor about 4-6 weeks ahead of time. To help you with that we provide you with detailed list of items need to be cleaned in order to clean thoroughly everywhere.
Give it a try if you want to increase your house value on the market or just because you are a cleaning perfectionist. With unburdened glance on your property we could advice you on the small details that could make your house outstanding and easily saleable. Your serious efforts for making sure your house looks great both on the inside and outside will determine how fast you manage to sell it and how much cash you will pocket in the end.
Therefore, you’ll have to make sure your house looks immaculate before you place the “FOR SALE” sign in its front yard.
First impressions shouldn’t be underestimated, so make sure the interior is in tip top shape. Think of interesting and creative ways to make your home even more welcoming for its future owners. We will publish the best ones here, so that everyone can release some the the stress during relocation.Click here to send a tip.

Not to repeat myself but painting even as a DIY project can really be helpful in the home sale process if there are preexisting color choices that are horrible. This is especially true when there are things that should get done to a home prior to entering the market. The agent working with the seller should have an understanding of which home improvements make sense and which to skip. This can cause a number of problems, including damage to drywall, insulation, framing and more. Making sure your attic floor is properly insulated helps keep warm air in your home and keeps your attic temperature low.
Ita€™s very easy (and commonplace) to waste money on your utility bills due to leaky windows and doors.
The sad truth is that not all painting contractors are created equal, and some of them cut corners to save costs. Use an acrylic, siliconized caulk around the exterior of your windows and doors to seal those leaks.
We recommend hiring a professional for this: ita€™s not as easy as it sounds, and using a ladder to reach high windows can be dangerous. Keep it set at an energy-saving temperature during long periods of time when the home is empty (e.g.
These are common places to find leaks.For a full-inspection, hire a qualified HVAC contractor. We can schedule a free estimate and I can take a look at your home to find where you may have cold air leaks, areas that are subject to ice dams, etc. I am from India and have no knowledge of the weather conditions in Canada and the repercussions I could have avoided otherwise.
But after reading this blog, I have set my mind clear that I will try to implement each of the steps you have suggested here thank you sir! The CPC Newsletter is a great way to get access to helpful home improvement and DIY information and advice, to stay up-to-date with the our work, services and exclusive discounts.

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