DONLON HALL — California freshman Julia Style got back from class earlier this snowy afternoon to find the phrase “Prepare Yourself” scrawled in blood on the door to her room.
The episode is typical for the fall semester, warning freshman as much as possible how screwed they will be come winter time.
The Cornell University Police Department is investigating the cause of the violent warnings, and currently suspects the Ullr, Son of Sif, Norse god of the winter hunt. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged Weather on November 23, 2015 by Nooz Staff.
On December 27th, the New York Knicks signed Lin to be a backup for a backup (Barron Davis got hurt).
After losing 11 of their first 13 games, Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni got so desperate that he decided to give Lin a chance and the rest is history. Jeremy Lin was clearly ready for his opportunity, but I think his story reminds us that the getting ready part is not a switch that we just turn on, but a long process that is usually the road less traveled. Any experienced practitioner of mindfulness will tell you the importance of first preparing yourself to sit for a meditation.
While yoga has become a popular exercise trend for LuluLemon fans - among others - across the globe, it originated as a way for practitioners of mindfulness to prepare themselves to sit for long periods of time. One of my serious boyfriends, Ben, retired from a career in professional tennis just a couple months before we started dating.
Meditation is more difficult when you have not removed restlessness and achieved a sound mind and body. When we came together we were both unprepared - lost and ungrounded in the world that existed outside of our relationship. I had just graduated from law school, not wanting to practice law, but having no idea what to do instead. Interestingly, Ben dated another girl after me while he was still in transition (coming out of our breakup, moving to San Francisco, and exploring different post-tennis careers).

After Ben and I parted ways, I continued dating and eventually began a relationship with Liam, an entrepreneur in the midst of starting a new company. In my experience with Liam, I had the opportunity to date someone both before and after they were prepared for a relationship. The surest way to improve your relationship with others is to first improve your relationship with yourself. We improve our chances of success in a relationship when we enter it feeling grounded and happy on our own. The truth is there is no perfect or ideal time to start a relationship (if we wait for the perfect time, we might end up like this guy). In the best relationships, our partners are a lighthouse for us when we hit the inevitable storms of life.
Sophomore Jeff Smiles, a Floridian, reminisced, “I remember when I received a severed head on my desk when I was a freshman. The purpose of the poses is to remove restlessness from the mind and to improve focus and concentration. And likewise, relationships are far more challenging when you enter them feeling restless or ungrounded. Ben was confused and unhappy without the sport that had been his entire identity since age 6. This uncertainty was followed by a job I thought I would love, but in which I found myself miserable.
We didn't design together what our relationship might look like under our given circumstances.
Despite where he had started in the craziness of a new company, two years into the relationship, Liam became stable, free of restlessness, and focused.
Otherwise, we risk relying on a partner to provide these things for us, or not having the tools to navigate difficult situations when they arise.

It's simply about improving the relationship we have with ourselves first, and then co-designing the relationship we have with our partner. But the strongest relationships result when both people start out as lighthouses - grounded, shining brightly on their own, and able to ease navigation with powerful communication. Over time, yoga also produces a body that is strong, sound, and flexible - essential elements for an easeful practice. And, in hindsight, I can see that he looked to me to give him new meaning, purpose, and happiness, without first having these things on his own.
Then, after months of being settled in San Francisco and working in a new job that he enjoyed, he met Kristin - his now wife.
And he called me his "vacation" from the overwhelm and craziness that was his life at his start-up. We both found ourselves in the midst of his start-up storm, but we didn't have the tools at the time to ease our navigation of it. We brought all of this uncertain energy to our newly forming relationship, a burden few new relationships can bear without awareness and communication. In hindsight, tools and mindful planning would have made a big difference, in part by acknowledging the storm around us and learning to live within it - rather than fighting against it.
And it honestly felt like two different relationships - as if I had dated two entirely different people - from the initial stress and busyness to the calmness that followed.

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