Nobody wants to think about the next big storm, flood, or the many emergency situations that could happen, leaving you and your family without power or trapped within your home for a considerable period of time. FLOOD - A flood is an abnormal progressive rise in the water level of streams or rivers which may result in overflowing. New land development can increase flood risk, especially if the construction changes natural runoff paths.

More people die from drowning in fresh water floods during a hurricane or storm, than from any other cause.
That’s why it’s so important to be prepared for anything and everything– even the zombie apocalypse! Floods in the Caribbean can often be caused by heavy rainfall, dam or levee failures, tsunamis, storm surges or burst water mains.

Yes, we know the chances of the walking dead happening is pretty much zero, but when it comes to any disaster it never hurts to be over-prepared.

Food for emergency preparedness kit reviews
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