A second function is to prevent or minimize the spread of disease by assisting the County's Emergency Preparedness and Planning Group, Red Cross, Salvation Army or any other disaster relief organization with relevant information.
Unlike a hurricane, an earthquake is a natural disaster which strikes quickly and without warning. Designate a meeting place where to meet friends and family should an earthquake prevent you from being able to return to your home. When phone lines are overloaded and power lines are down, social media, especially Facebook and Twitter, is an effective way to communicate safety information during an earthquake situation and stay informed with updates from the city. Keeping heavy, metal, or glass objects lower in your house, and items such as plastic storage containers and lighter, shatterproof items higher on shelves is a sensible way to avoid injury during earthquake vibrations. Maintaining a supply of water and dry snacks will help you during an earthquake situation where food stores may be closed or under stocked. When preparing your family’s emergency grab-and-go-kits of essential supplies to have with you during an earthquake situation, don’t forget to make one for your pet(s) as well. When an earthquake hits, it’s important to stay away from windows by positioning yourself near an interior wall for protection.

A lot of times, people will resort to hiding under doorways, but the Red Cross warns against that idea as they easily can collapse on you, causing injury.
Even if your instinct is to leave the building, wait until the shaking stops before you exit to avoid being hit by unstable objects or shattered glass from windows. It is important to understand how your building’s earthquake insurance policy treats damage from aftershocks. However, just like a hurricane, home and condo owners can take measures to prepare and react to them as best as possible.
Knowing who has a barbeque or power generator in your community, or offering your own supplies and resources to others, will be helpful in an emergency situation. Many news organizations today rely on social media to provide up to the minute coverage of the natural disaster to smartphone users. Just like for the rest of us, their emergency kits should be customized to their own needs, including medication, special foods, and even a favorite toy.
So where possible, try to position furniture such as chairs, couches and especially beds away from windows.

When you do feel safe enough to leave the building take a staircase instead of an elevator in case of aftershocks or power outages. Depending on the timing of an aftershock, your unit may face a second deductible, so read your insurance policy closely. Having a plan in place before one strikes can go a long way towards keeping you, your family, friends and neighbors safe. Also knowing if there are elderly or disabled residents will help your community plan for who may be able to assist these residents should rescue services be unavailable. A tip is to review emergency food and water supplies every six months, or every time the clocks change. If an earthquake hits while you’re sleeping, you may not have enough time to avoid the shattering glass.

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