Disaster preparedness is a lot like the definition of luck, when preparedness meets opportunity – and the best time to prepare is before the flood. It was a nice article written by Melissa, good reporting, explaining how Cal Trans had secured money to protect against landslides and mudslides after the fire.
This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged Disaster Plan, Erosion, Landslides, Malibu, Mudslides, PCH, Rain Storm, Spring Fire, Washed Out Roads, Western Malibu by Lance Winslow. We see this as a positive first step to prevent MAJOR problems later during the rainy season. Our business group supports our area cities and communities connecting your company or services to important resources such as chambers of commerce helping your new or existing company not only compete, but thrive in the community as well as on the global stage. Now then, I’d like to report after hiking and biking through the area there, along PCH, and up on all the roads and trails, I can safely say that this area is not prepared for any large (normal) storm, much less an unexpected large storm.

The ground is loose and with no vegetation, nothing to slow down the water and mud, it’s going to be a complete mess. We need to set up a group to look into this and meet and get together at the Trancas Canyon. Starbucks, because it’s time to work on such a plan, otherwise PCH, and many of the tributary roads in the mountains will be impassible in multiple places during and after the first big rain storm of 2013. And the clean-up will be a nightmare, no one seems to be concerned – do they forget their history? It is composed of an inert mineral substance that can be formulated and delivered to meet a variety of medical needs and applications. Quantity: When time is critical, just rip open a packet of QuikClot ACS+™, pack the self-contained sponge into the wound and the bleeding stops rapidly.

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