Survival blog topics for a life of preparedness and risk awareness; emergency and disaster or threats thereof. Preparedness lists are helpful in that you will often find a new idea within — something that you may not have thought of before. Here is a list, in no particular order, of items possibly worth considering in your overall survival preparedness plans. This list of prep items is meant to give you ideas, and not meant to be an all-inclusive list for preparedness, because no list ever is.
Important legal papers: copies of deeds, mortgages, insurance policies, wills, trusts, etc. I would only add one thing, a .22 caliber pellet rifle, otherwise I believe you covered almost all of the bases. Best two dogs I ever had were a male and female Lab from the Humane Society shelter in Savannah, GA.
I highly agree with a .22 caliber PELLET rifle (big enough to kill those garden pests, racoons, possum, squirrel, cats, dogs, birds, etc and NOT much noise.
But the cheapest price SINE wave inverters (off grid) inverters,, are typically from China (sorry).
I installed a little 5w panel on my riding mower (no controller here), and it keeps my riding mower battery GREAT. Heck, you can even nail some boards on the roof and do some container gardening on the roof. The above ground plant, is clearly a sunflower, but the blossoms are NO bigger than a yellow DAISY. An Ice Storm is a unique weather phenomenon that immediately paralyzes a region, much more so than a major snow storm.
Just prior to nearly any forecast of a major storm, people rush out to the grocery stores, which quickly run out of lots of food and supplies. If you are stuck at home for days with the rest of your family, it will become increasingly likely that you will all get bored or stressed out. During the winter, being without power is an entirely different deal than a summertime power outage. Remember this, whereas during a power outage resulting from a snow storm may allow you to drive to another location which has heat or power, during an ice storm you will NOT be able to safely travel. After living in Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada (half way between Greenland and Maine on the eastern Canadian coast) for two years; pay particular attention to your batters (as mentioned above), use antifreeze to the appropriate level, keep your tires properly inflated, make sure your car is turned and gassed up with ethanol (our use an alcohol additive. Put all this stuff into a box or plastic storage container in the floor in the back seat or in the truck.

While I thinking about it for better traction – put bags of sand inside a plastic leaf bag, tie it securely and place that weight over the rear wheels even if you have front wheel drive. Michael SnyderAmerican Dream Dec 11, 2012 Have you noticed that it has become trendy to bash preppers? The American Preppers Network (APN) is a non-profit corporation and part of a growing international movement of people who call themselves preppers.[1] The social network is organized by state and regional blogs and forums.
Largely advocated for developing countries, solar water disinfection is gaining some traction in the survival skills crowd.
Youa€™ve chosen to carry a weapon concealed for your personal protection and that of your family.
Anticipated disruptions may include: History[edit] The origins of the modern Survivalist movement in the United Kingdom and the United States include government policies, threats of nuclear warfare, religious beliefs, and writers who warned of social or economic collapse in both non-fiction and apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction. As the worldwide drone program ramps up, there have been increasing calls for the president to reveal the basis for his claimed authority.
It is said that it will push temps down next week to January levels and bring strong winds as far inland as Minnesota! As a communications technician I would also add that a shortwave receiver be capable of single side band (ssb) reception. Remember also tools, microscope, crank power cells, telescope, biometric data reader, maps, a good forge and metals, animals for food source along with good seed. Then every time you eat a tomato, watermelon, eggplant, squash, etc,, SAVE the seeds from it. Too many women (and some men) have these flimsy belts that are little more than decorations and would never withstand repeated draws and reholstering. An ice storm is so debilitating that you risk your survival and life simply by walking out your front door. As it is, a certain percentage of people make dumb decisions, but for some reason just prior and during a storm, there are more of them making poor choices. The weight of the build-up of ice on the power lines and tree branches is enormous (more than you may think). This makes it all the more important to have a means of keeping warm in your home during a power outage. Pay attention to how the children are dressed – make sure they will be warm and comfortable. For a long time the prepper movement was ignored, but now it has become so large that it is getting very difficult for the mainstream media to pretend that it is not there. The members are volunteer contributors who are dedicated to providing free information on survival, preparedness, self-sufficiency and sustainability [2] The network of blogs is based on the concept originally created by Riverwalker of Stealth Survival who founded the first Preppers Network, Texas Preppers Network.

But youa€™ve eschewed specialized training and chosen instead to rely upon your personal knowledge, the stuff you have read in written self-defense and firearm publications, and the common sense that has gotten you to this point in the first place.
The Cold War era Civil Defense programs promoted public atomic bomb shelters, personal fallout shelters, and training for children, such as the Duck and Cover films. Its pretty simple really… just think about your own habit of going to the grocery store… you probably go on the same day of the week, right? In fact, it has been estimated that there are now approximately 3 million preppers in the United States alone. Consider how nice it would be to no longer need expensive water filtration devices or potentially toxic water-treatment chemicals. Even the smallest of skills must first be learned if you expected to survive after the SHTF. Lets say you normally go Friday, someone else goes Saturday, yet anther always goes on Tuesday, etc. Even worse is that it will be nearly impossible for repair crews to do their job until AFTER an ice storm. At the very least, I would not sleep or spend much time in a room underneath such a danger zone. Youa€™ve been pretty successful at staying alive to this point, so the following is intended as a basic guideline to enhance your current set of skills. In my group our children have skill enough if they get separated from the group they can setup shelter and fire. When a storm is forecast, people disregard their normal schedule and many of them run out to the store during the same day just before the storm. Chains however will add biting grip to your tires (even 2-wheel drive vehicles) and may be the difference to get you home. Too good to be true, evena€¦ In reality, solar water disinfection (SODIS) really is a good fit for equatorial countries with abundant strong sunlight and few other resources.
Oh, and once you get them, be sure and familiarize yourself with putting them on one time in your driveway, when the weather is nice, so you know how to do it! Not only that, but an ice storm will completely prohibit you from running that errand as soon as the fist liquid begins to freeze into ice. We had a lot of large trees in the yard and some big limbs fell, but what scared me most was the small limbs that had broken off and embedded about 6 inches in the ground like daggers.

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