For emergencies large and small, prepping with your family can make sure everyone is prepared to react when disaster strikes. In general, preppers don’t typically care what others think about their efforts to stay safe.
I get it, and I’m sure an economic collapse, war or the Yellowstone eruption are much bigger concerns for you than your coworker’s remarks during coffee breaks. If you’re going to bug-in, then you’re stuck with them for as long as it takes for things to get back to “normal”. On the contrary, if you need to bug-out and run from impending disaster, I can assure you that you won’t have the heart to leave them behind. Of course, if they all knew what they have to do in an emergency, things will be much easier for you when it finally happens.
The question is, can you really get the people living under the same roof as you to start prepping? The only plausible scenario when it’s best not to get them involved is when you’re not getting along with them. In such cases, you’re either going to have to be a lot more discreet with your prepping or just ignore them and mind your own business. Another good reason not to include your loved ones in your plan is if they don’t believe something bad is going to happen.
If they’re not sure prepping is worthwhile, let them see you in action and, at some point, you’re going to listen in awe as they ask you about bug-out bags, knives and canned goods. See, when you transform yourself into an action-taker, you’ll be leading by example and you’re much more likely to convince them.
Trying to get your family to prep with you is a definite “Yes,” but don’t wait up for them.
That’s prepper internet jive talk for The End Of The World As We Know It and The Shit Hits The Fan. So I assume that Doomsday Bunkers is some sort of hybrid between Doomsday Preppers and All In The Family.
Doomsday Bunkers is about a small firm run by Scott Bale that makes custom bunkers for preppers. That would be Doomsday Castle, which focuses on one of the odder families from Doomsday Preppers.
I thought the believers all get sucked straight up to heaven before the end of days even gets rolling. Apart from Doomsday Castle, which is just staged, family drama reality dreck in a new setting, they are interesting shows. The most surprising component of the show is the examination of the relationships within the families. From what I can gather, we should be OK unless something causes people to stop going to work. However the chances of a disaster severe enough to require the use of your own personal tank landing on your exact time and place seem to be fairly remote.
So you’ve got this storytelling mechanism, where anonymous blips cast themselves as prescient and enduring. The extreme behavior of the preppers makes this kind of behavior a lot more obvious and easily observable.
But, of course, the gun nut preppers would say that they are just doing their best to protect themselves from very real threats.
One dad takes his eighteen year old boy on a grand LARP through the Alabama woods and scarcely mentions shooting other people.
Friends, relatives, coworkers and even the cashiers that joke about you buying too much toilet paper all make you want to keep your mouth shut about what you’re doing. But today I want to make a case for prepping with family because, as you’re about to see, their fate is your fate.
This means you’re going to have to share your food with them and you’re all going to have to work as a team to get through the ordeal. If your wife freezes or starts screaming in disbelief, if your kid won’t run away without Milo, the dog that’s hiding under the bed, you’ll have no choice but to stay behind and try to get everyone out. Once they understand danger, instead of panicking they’ll have the instinct to run away as fast as possible.
Constant arguments, fighting in front of the children and money issues never get you anywhere, and they just drain you of energy. Your spouse constantly nagging you is a worthwhile trade-off for having the peace of mind that you’re ready for anything.
After talking a few times with them, you’ll know whether they have the right mindset or not. The key here is to avoid looking crazy and show them you’re just prepping for things that are more believable, such as extended power outages, snow storms, a job loss and so on.
If they’re against this, if you have a hard time convincing them, then you should just start on your own and let the chips fall where they may.
I think maybe the dude building a castle in the woods has has some inconsistency in his thinking.
Part of the fun of all this is to entertain the possibilities presented by the preppers, however remote they might be. It’s going to be so interesting for them once they go into the world and realize how limited their own perspective is.

But as the intro to Doomsday Bunkers declares, according to preppers, we are the ones who are in denial. You’d think that kind of experience would make you a hard bitten cynic rather than a believer in the fantastic. But it reminded me of a little story from my own life that sort of encapsulates the rightness and wrongness of preppers. I roll over to go back to sleep and it stops, but then it starts ringing again a few seconds later. And, of course, processing all of that information was extra complicated, given that the information was coming from Richard. Like, even if some terrorists spray a bunch of chemicals from a crop duster, the odds that they’ll happen to chose Asheville, North Carolina are way less than 1%.
And a fair number of preppers are in bad physical condition which makes a stroke, cancer or diabetes very real threats. As terrifying as the collapse of the power grid might be, you can at least theoretically prepare for it and control how the situation affects you.
Even though you might not achieve great status in this life, in the next life it will be proven that you were in the right all along. I think it has to do with our Puritanical roots, combined with accustoming ourselves to self-serving pretzel logic to justify centuries slavery and genocide, combined with a cynical and powerful business class that knows promoting such stories provides them with a great cover to do whatever they want. Again, when people freely invest hours and hours of their time doing something, it’s generally what they want to be doing. But, again, most of them face much more direct threats from things like heart disease and they seem totally unconcerned about that. Some of them are rotten people who clearly can’t wait for the day when they get to gun down starving people. One family moves from Kansas to Costa Rica and strives to build a self-sustaining community with their neighbors. Instead he passes on life lessons and techniques for trapping animals and building shelter.
Here’s what I mean by that: Your spouse and your kids, maybe even your father, live under the same roof with you and, in most catastrophic events, you’re all going to be in the same boat.
You’re going to have to find ways to reach external sources of food, water and other resources. They’re level of skill and training could literally make the difference between life and death. After all, we’re human beings and the more we fight with someone, the more we tend to be against them no matter what they say. Besides, once a small-scale disaster happens to someone you know (such as a house fire or a car crash), your spouse will rush to join you.
Each week the show profiles a group of hardcore survivalists, typically a family, and explains what they are doing to prepare for TEOTWAWKI when TSHTF. None of these preppers are Bunkers but they all want to buy bunkers so they can be prepped. It seems to be the least staged because they are really doing something concrete, instead of running around trying to create drama for the cameras.
Preppers are really close to their children and spend lots of time explaining stuff to them and teaching them. It was just that all he read were books about aliens and conspiracy theories and stuff like that. I guess it must be something important and so drag my ass out of bed and answer, half asleep. Probably because he’d been expecting something like that to happen every day for the past 30 years. Society can get ugly and dangerous quickly when disaster strikes and the government doesn’t always respond to emergencies capably.
You’ll be rewarded and sit in a privileged position, while everyone who thought you were wrong will be tossed into turmoil and suffering.
If you ask people who cheat on their spouses why they do it, they’ll give you a story. For example you can go to driving schools where they let you smash a car through two other cars set up as a roadblock while people shoot paintballs at you.
So when you see preppers investing hours and hours of their time pretending to shoot people and deploying landmines against hungry refugees, it suggests pretty strongly that they want it to happen.
But most of them just seem to be pulled by distressing social currents, just not only the ones they identify.
The worst experience of the Father’s life was getting lost in the woods without any survival skills or tools. It’s fun to laugh at the ridiculous moments and be reminded of exactly what absurd creatures human beings are.
Obviously, the kids would be better served if they were learning something other than how to make their own bullets, but the involvement is what’s most important. We non-preppers go around thinking today will be pretty much like yesterday, but that’s more of a useful posture than a rational reaction to facts that we understand. There are a million things that can go wrong in your life without requiring solar flares or tsunamis. On top of that, you’ll probably never realize your potential, even accounting for the fact that you grossly overestimate it.

But a lot of people can get rich blowing up innocent people in other countries if they convince you that we can fight terrorism with terror. Ask people who constantly talk shit about everyone they know why they do it, they’ll give you a story.
Preppers like having all kinds of drills that involve making hand signs while waiving machine guns around, driving trucks through fire, escaping through hidden tunnels and performing emergency surgeries that would never really work.
With some of them, I think there’s kind of a disconnect, where they are living all of this out in a fantasy world and want to keep it that way.
And like any good farce, the foolishness of these stories suggests a slightly more subtle and pervasive one. As, I said, they also have very strong family ties and most of them seem to really love their family members, rather than seeing them as puppets in their LARP fantasies. Instead they set up this big system where fish poop feeds their plants and the plants give the fish clean water. We meet that person and they explain why they think they need it and what kind of bunker they want. The interview and editing process is slightly aimed at getting the subjects to hang themselves. But it’s also interesting to understand what makes these people tick and enjoy all of the fantastic scenarios they dream up. You can tell yourself this soothing, calming story that ends with you being safe with your family.
I don’t want to get too far into that stuff, but the preppers illustrate this deeper pattern in American behavior very well. Others, I think, would genuinely take pleasure and satisfaction in such scenarios, which is probably another reason so many of them wound up in the police and military. Why do many preppers only worry about threats that require them to build forts and waive guns around?
So a big part of what they are demonstrating with all of this play acting is often love for their families. He wants to make sure his own son never feels that helpless or afraid and he culminates the LARP by passing on a handmade bullet to his boy, not so that he might use it to kill a sick child one day, but as a token. Having worked in public schools and learned how common it is for parents to not give a shit if their kids eat well or learn to read, I think the prepper kids will turn out pretty well compared to average American kids.
There will be a massive earthquake or maybe even a total economic collapse creating social unrest. It’s pretty similar to the religious story, where you wind up removed from the fear and chaos, reunited with your loved ones.
Instead of confronting the major threats and fears, we focus on some really flashy ones and try to comfort ourselves with a story about how it can be defeated. Still other preppers are focused on building communities with their neighbors so that they can survive together, which just goes to show, you can write whatever you want to on the page. The dads talk a lot about their duties and responsibilities as fathers and husbands and part of the allure of the prepper fantasy is that it allows them to strongly demonstrate those qualities. In the interim, Scott works on his pet projects for mass sale, like a pyramid pod, which is an indestructible teepee that he has set on fire while he is inside of it.
My initial read was that he was just overreacting to some sort of Columbine level situation.
I mean, Marx predicted such a scenario for many of the same reasons given by preppers and Marx was much smarter than you or me. Some of the wives have bought in completely, but you can tell that others are largely indulging their husbands. As someone barely able to hang a picture, I really enjoy shows where they design and build stuff because those guys are practically professional athletes to me.
For example, rather than confront the fact that ameliorating the cultural devastation of slavery might take centuries, they get riled up about the 47 people in the entire country who are nazi skinheads and try to get Duck Dynasty taken off the air, as though that will repair everything. Why are Americans, especially those on the right, so preoccupied with real and imagined threats that they can respond to by starting wars or putting people in jail? They want to help hubby feel important, so they drag themselves through escape tunnels and fire off guns that they hate.
I also think this show treats the preppers with the most respect, which is cool because that’s the best path to understanding how they think. Even if the apocalypse never comes, not everyone can build undersea storage vessels for hiding food and bullets.
To accumulate as much crap as they can for themselves and to go to extreme measures to avoid sharing it: the post-Reagan, post-apocalyptic American dream.
And if the end of the world was imminent, plenty of guys would go out and get drunk instead of staying with their families. And on another level, spending all of this time and energy indulging their fantasies is a kind of selfishness too.
I know it sounds corny, but if you’re going to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours of labor on projects like this, why not do so for some charity?

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