The City of Long Beach in conjunction with the City of Long Beach Fire and Police Departments have partnered with Trivirtus Solutions Group - An organization of safety professionals, to bring emergency preparedness to each member of the Long Beach community.
The City of Long Beach is located on the South Shore of Long Island, just 30 miles Northwest of New York City. In the days following October 29th, 2012 (Super Storm Sandy), New Yorkers learned a number of things: We learned that our spirit is continuously unwavering and that we are capable of unyielding compassion and philanthropy.
Welcome to The Preparedness Project & Long Beach Prepared! The one-stop-shop website for all of your personal preparedness needs. When a tornado comes and demolishes your years of accumulated essentials, it can no doubt make one feel that their efforts of preparedness are futile and not worth the time. Next,--and this isn’t likely to make any insurance sales folks too happy with me—but in the event that you do need to make a claim and the insurance company is giving you some hassles, one of the other things that I would suggest doing is recording your telephone conversations with your insurance broker or video tape them if they are meeting with you in your home. Now on to the next aspect of protecting yourself in the event of a serious natural disaster. Next, as your storing your particular items throughout, constantly assess how they would fare under natural disaster circumstances. Lastly, but very important, don’t give up on getting your neighbors and community better prepared. I've also moved some storage of water food and stuff to the RV, into closests and the shop. Please note that the name you use in the "Name" field above will be the name displayed on your comment. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to its South and Reynolds Channel to the North, Long Beach is a barrier island home to 35,000 yearly residents. We also now know that there is no denying that we are subject to the very worst that Mother Nature has to offer.
Obviously, if an earthquake comes along and swallows your entire family and home while you’re sleeping, no amount of tangible preparedness will do you much good under those circumstances (although being able to tell your Creator that you at least heeded His warning while you were alive is bound to earn you some brownie points where it counts).  Rather this article is about being better prepared for that time when you DO survive the impossible because sometimes surviving can feel like a punishment when you’re left with absolutely nothing. I can only begin to fathom what such a scenario must feel like to a person who’s just lost every tangible item they’ve ever owned in less than 5 minutes of an earthquake, tornado, hurricane, or tsunami.  But believe it or not there are some strategies that you can still implement which can mitigate your losses and restore your life to a self-reliant state once again. Store these photographs in a safe deposit box or at a neighbors or relatives home that would not likely be impacted by the same localized natural disaster.
The strength of having an entire community get on board with the need for self-reliance is invaluable.

I was in a 100 yr flood 3.5 years ago, the levees broke and areas of the town were flooded that 'NEVER" flood.
I had also completed ham radio licensing and could help with county emergency communications. Those who ‘prepared’ or stored during times of plenty will not be stripping the store shelves nor standing in lines after the disaster. A lot of people think that I am crazy when I tell them that I am a prepper for natural disasters that occur in our area, now they can see the facts that you shared. Known for its prestige beaches and its iconic boardwalk, Long Beach is a popular summertime tourist destination which can reach over 100,000 visitors on any given day.
For example, suppose that your policy covers the replacement of household items up to $10,000, you can actually get a rider will cover specific items which you can designate such as a year’s supply of food, or the loss of your firearms and ammunition. Even if you don’t have a second location in which you can store vital documents, key essentials, etc. I then wrap the small bottles up in newspaper (since I have so much from the coupons) and then place them in a four gallon square bucket with the lid firmly on so that if there’s an earthquake or flooding, the contents of the bucket are not likely to get wet or broken. Here was a woman and her child who made it out alive with nothing but the clothes on their back, standing in line for water, rice, and some minor medical care.
Additionally, because they are intended for garbage, they would of necessity decompose at rapid pace. While we are in the same general area it does give us some protection against house fires and home disasters. We’ve learned that from child, to business owner to first responder, there is much and more that we can do and learn to prepare ourselves for the unexpected and the extraordinary. Though insurance can be identified as a gamble, to me its value is real and as such it’s no more of a gamble to me than spending money on extra essentials today. You want to be sure that the essentials that are important to you now are covered in the event that they are destroyed in the future via theft or Mother Nature. I also take such natural disasters into consideration when I’m putting items on my shelves.  Glass items never go on the upper shelves in the event that they may fall. In that same line was a family of 6 (multiple generations) that were set back by nothing significant other than their own willful lack of planning. If you HAD to use a garbage bag under emergency circumstances to harvest dew or condensation I would, but that's about the extent of using garbage bag and water storage in the same sentence.

The Police Department has a contingent of police officers and civilian personnel who work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But if you take some defensive measures in the beginning, you’ll have an easier time getting what you need and deserve in a time of great trial. If the surrounding neighbors had been prepared just for their own family for a year, then the entire community would have been self-reliant, safe, and wouldn’t have had to subject themselves to the horrible crimes which came after the fact. I lived in a different town same county and water came with in 15 feet of that house, but not IN that house.
The Fire Department is comprised of a uniformed force and volunteers who work in conjunction with one another year-round.
I also suggest you run the occasional drill with your family members or yourself in accessing these items quickly. Thus in a prepared community there is no fertile ground for crime to take root, even after a natural disaster.
18 bottles to your unprepared family could be 18 bottles of water for the truly displaced and discouraged.
Any time you can connect a physical action to a mental one it’s much more likely to be remembered.
When the Teton Dam broke in Idaho neither the Red Cross or FEMA showed up for weeks and weeks.
It doesn’t have to be this big, time consuming ordeal either.  You’ll be surprised how much kids (and even yourself) will remember with just a few minutes of rehearsal. For example, let’s say we prepared for a looming tornado by going down into the basement in a particular room.  If our way out of that room was blocked or unsafe after the disaster hit, would we have enough items in the room including tools to get us by until we could get out of there? But no one starved to death because the prevailing religion of that area was LDS (aka Mormons) and as such there were plenty of homes and families which could benefit others who weren’t as fortunate.  Remember, "We The People" are the first responders to any disaster. And if we set a good example for those around us in our own preparedness efforts AND share well-thought out, educated information with our neighbors, then we’re not just helping them endure tough times, we could also be saving our own lives in the future.

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