The Mag 1000 has been specially designed for pulsed electro-magnetic therapy treatment at home. The Mag 1000 produces magnetic pulsations on a frequency from 8 Hz to 640 Hz .  It has 20 pre-set programs to treat a wide range of health problems. Mag 1000 is ideal for soft tissue problems such as those affecting the muscles, tendons, skin and nerves. The MRS 2000+ Designo (MRS stands for magnetic resonance stimulation) is a pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) device that is inspired by Nature in its frequencies, intensities and biorhythm clock.
In only 8 minutes twice a day your body and cells can be charged and energized, making the MRS 2000 the ultimate wellness tool. NASA and the Russian Space program, along with zero field studies, have proven that pulsed electromagnetic fields are not only healthy, but they are vital for survival. Because of our modern lifestyle, we no longer get optimal exposure to the Earth's natural magnetic field.

There are plenty of Bemer 3000 devices or other similar devices on the market being sold by their desperate owners! So if you want a cheap Bemer 3000 here is your chance! This graph shows live results of all survey respondents discomfort score after PEMF use in the the PEMFLive Online Survey. This 3 part, before, during & after presentation illustrates best-practice first-time usage of a Magnapulse. It is easy to use and comes with therapy applicators that are housed in 2 straps with adjustable hook-loop fasteners. It is also suitable for tendinitis, phlebitis, sciatica, hernia and for recovery after injuries or bruising or for delayed calcification. Also, in the past 500 years, the earth's magnetic field has declined by over 50% and is only getting worse.
Larry Jaggers gives a video report of how MagnaPulse Therapy worked with his ankylosing spondylitis.

In 2008 Townsend Letter for Doctors, we proposed that PEMF increased cell membrane potential to decrease the tendency of Tumor Necrosis Factor mediated immune response.
Jagger’s personal assessment has great value because of his combined formal knowledge, and long personal experience with ankylosing spondylitis. Finally, we are bombarded with unhealthy electro-smog and EMF pollution (cell phones, alarm clocks, computers, microwaves, televisions, etc) which further decrease our energy. Jaggers is a professional therapist  very well versed traditional and  alternative healing methods.

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