Sign up to receive news, disaster safety tips, emergency preparedness updates, and special store discounts from American Family Safety. The 7 Management Plans developed by the SUSTCULT project are available and downloadable from the project website (Document section). The SUSTCULT final conference event was held in Ljubljana the 08 April 2014 and was a great occasion to give further insights into the successful results of the project, analyze funding opportunities and jointly look at future potential project ideas. The SUSTCULT Consortium has the pleasure to announce the SUSTCULT Final conference that will be held in Ljubljana the 08 April 2014.
The video focuses on the main underlying project ideas and concepts and illustrates the project commitment for a new integrated approach to the management of Cultural Heritage in the SEE region.
The SUSTCULT webGIS platform allows to handle and share geospatial data from heterogeneous sources in a collaborative way.
The SUSTCULT project organised an International Workshop "Concrete steps towards job creation and income generation: how the local economy can be integrated into Cultural Resource management".
The SUSCULT team participated to the SEE annual event 2013 held in Bucharest (Romania) the 19th June under the title "SEE achievements in view of the new programmes in the area". The meeting will be the occasion for all Partners to present the state of advancement of Management Plans preparation and to agree upon the elaboration of efficient Market Analyses and Business Plans. The third Meeting and Mid-term Review of the SUSTCULT project took place in Corfu (Greece) the 4-5 October 2012 during the International Week on Sustainable Cultural heritage Management (Corfu, 1-5 October 2012).
The SUSTCULT On-site Training Courses officially started on the 19th of September 2012 in Venice (Italy) and Bacau (Romania). European Cooperation Day is 21 September 2012 and will be celebrated all over Europe and in neighbouring countries! Almost 40 countries will come together to celebrate cooperation and bridge-building between local communities across borders.
In the framework of the 40th Anniversary of the convention the regional South East European conference "Celebrating World Heritage and Sustainable Development: the Role of Local Communities" will take place in Kotor, Montenegro 7-8 June 2012. In the frames of the Local Network for the Vipava Valley site the Regional Development Agency organized the first meeting of the Consultative Committtee. The SUSTCULT on-line training course started on the 30th of January 2012 and will last 6 months. The second meeting was held on 3rd of February 2012 with the Consultative Committee of the project SUSCULT in Ohrid. The SUSTCULT project led by the City of Venice and financed by the SEE Programme, is launching an innovative training package on the sustainable management of SEE cultural heritage.

The World Heritage Committee has adopted in 2007 a Strategy for Reducing Risks from Disasters at World Heritage Properties which encourages all States Parties to develop disaster risk management plans for the World Heritage properties in their respective countries.
UNESCO's Culture for Development Indicator Suite for Bosnia and Herzegovina was officially presented on July 5, 2011 as the sole document which recognizes importance and contribution of culture in development of Bosnia and Herzegovina. On 20 and 21 October, the European Commission's key culture event of 2011 will bring to Brussels 800 participants from culture civil society, the EU Member States and EU institutions.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. For any questions or additional information, please contact CWR at (772)-919-8702 or click here. Providenciales, 01 Jun 2015 – Hurricane Preparedness Week or HPW 2015 was launched this morning at the Gus Lightbourne Gym by Minister George Lightbourne and the Department of Disaster Management and Emergencies. RSOP is the co-founder & Executive Editor of Radical Survivalism Webzine, as well as a Family Preparedness Consultant with nearly five years of personal experience in the self-reliance game. In most organizations, Disaster Recovery Planning is the quintessential complex, unfamiliar task. All Business Continuity Disaster Recovery Planning efforts need to encompass how employees will communicate, where they will go and how they will keep doing their jobs. But the critical point is that neither element can be ignored, and physical, IT and human resources plans cannot be developed in isolation from each other. The Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is that tool which can be used as a Disaster Planning Template for any size of enterprise. The Disaster Planning Template and supporting material have been updated to be Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA compliant. Preparation for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity in light of SOX has two primary parts.
Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Template (WORD) - comes with the latest electronic forms and is fully compliant with all mandated US, EU, and ISO requirements.
Included with the template are Electronic Forms which have been designed to lower the cost of maintenance of the plan.
Work Plan to modify and implement the template. Included is a list of deliverables for each task. Click on the link below to get the Disaster Planning and Business Continuity Planning Template full table of contents and selected sample pages now and make it part of your Disaster Recovery Planning toolkit.
Testimonial -  Kelly Keeler - Martin's Point Health Care -I have received and I began using the template immediately.
Your family needs an emergency survival kit to prepare for life’s unanticipated disasters.

Your survival depends on knowing how to cope with specific disasters and maintaining an awareness of current risks. The culmination of all the successful events and exchanges will be the organisation and hosting of the final conference, the 8th April 2014 in Ljubljana. The role of local communities in the management of UNESCO designated sites" which took place in Kotor, Montenegro on 7th-8th June 2012 , Ms. The course involves circa 100 participants from 7 countries (managers, planners, officers, experts) working on the SUSCTULT project partners' cultural heritage sites.
All partners have now started their local and transnational activities and the first results will be presented after the summer.
The details can vary greatly, depending on the size and scope of a company and the way it does business. The first is putting systems in place to completely protect all financial and other data required to meet the reporting regulations and to archive the data to meet future requests for clarification of those reports. Use our online Emergency Preparedness Questionnaire to build the right emergency kit for your specific geographic needs, based on recommendations from the Department of Homeland Security. What's more, the myriad interconnected data, application and other resources that must be recovered after a disaster make recovery an exceptionally difficult and error-prone effort. For some businesses, issues such as supply chain logistics are most crucial and are the focus on the plan. The second is to clearly and expressly document all these procedures so that in the event of a SOX audit, the auditors clearly see that the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan exists and appropriately protects the data and assets of the enterprise..
You can also build a custom emergency kit to fit your needs by choosing products from our emergency preparedness product catalog. Even if you have never built a Disaster Recovery plan before, you can achieve great results. For others, information technology may play a more pivotal role, and the Business Continuity Disaster Recovery Plan may have more of a focus on systems recovery.
Just follow the DR Template that Janco has created and you will have a functioning plan before you know it.

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