Local jurisdictions located within the 10 mile EPZ of a nuclear power station will provide SRDs and TLD badges to their designated emergency workers.
Advanced topics in the diagnosis and management of radiation-induced injuries and illnesses includes the use of cytokines, stem cell transplants, antimicrobials, wound care and other advanced techniques.
This course is not recommended for pre-hospital, emergency planning or non-medical personnel.

This program is academically more rigorous than the REM course and is primarily for Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, and Nurses desiring an advanced level of information on the diagnosis and management of ionizing radiation injuries and illnesses.
Group problem-solving is used to thoroughly orient attendees to the management of complex cases. Only brief reviews of health physics fundamentals and emergency department interventions are discussed.

Recent completion of the Radiation Emergency Medicine (REM) course is strongly recommended.

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Rubric: Business Emergency Preparedness


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