The last time there was an electricity outage at Casa Souder, it became clear that communicating with Oncor had some limitations. The ability to track outages online is nifty, but not very useful if the power outage has knocked out the WiFi. Oncor delivers electricity to every customer in its territory, regardless of which retail electric provider the customer uses. Select this option for residential customer care, bill and meter overviews, and conservation tips.

Choose this option for commercial customer care, bill and meter overviews, and conditions of service. View power outage information, power outage causes, and guidelines for during and after an outage.
Sustainable Business Magazine speaks to Jervan Swanston, General Manager at Nevis Electricity Company (NEVLEC)December 15, 2015Nevis Electricity Company (NEVLEC) is the sole provider of electricity to the Caribbean island of Nevis.
So I still had to report my outage and get information the old-fashioned way, by making a phone call.

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