In a previous blog entry called Backup, I described the installation of a backup generator to supply our house in the event of a power outage (it's shown to the left). Then, a bit over six months later, in an entry called Power failure, I described its first real use in an actual electrical outage. I've always thought of the generator as a luxury that we can afford in order to make our lives a bit more convenient during power failures, most of which occur in the winter, due to trees heavily loaded with snow toppling onto a power line. Of course, we initially had no idea what had caused our power to go out, but we did report it to NStar (our power company), using their automated telephone system. The report on the right was actually taken, as you can see, two days after the onset of the outage. The print edition of the Wayland Town Crier, which we received earlier today (Thursday, July 10, 2014), carried an article with the heading, "Microburst causes major damage".
The downed tree that caused our outage was a bit outside that area of heavy damage, so it may or may not have been related. It was interesting to have observed this, because we are planning on adding some plantings, perhaps mountain laurel or rhododendrons, to block the view of the generator from our driveway.

Over the next few years, I'll record all power outages longer than a few seconds in the chart below, so you'll see lines dated after the date of the original publication of this blog entry, July 10, 2014.
Remember, each time I add a line to the chart, my "cost per outage" for the generator goes down! As a result, the ejection pump was returned, and a different type of system called a "macerator" was used, a physically smaller pump that is located above the basement floor. This episode made me realize for the first time how much the generator is worth even when it is not needed, as in this case.
If your power is out, you can report it by sending Eversource your phone number or account number at this page. Where Are You Celebrating National Beer Day in JP?April 7 in National Beer Day, and Jamaica Plain is a neighborhood blessed with a bevy of beer options. Snakes, er, old bike tires festoon the back of a Brookside Avenue apartment, Tuesday, July 28, 2015.
Power Outages Hit Jamaica PlainSeveral parts of JP lost power Thursday, including Sumner Hill, Brookside Avenue and Amory Street.

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