Mechanical food delivery devices include pellet and liquid food dispensers, seed hoppers and a special fish food dispenser I created for my fish tank operant chamber.
Human study apparatus includes Human Isolation Chambers, Button and Joystick Response Consoles, Hidden Camera and Microphone Enclosures for Clinical studies.
NICE 144 sqft 12x12x8' Lindgren Faraday Cage RF Screen Room EnclAlmost new Lindgren Faraday Cage (RF enclosure).
Rolling Faraday Cage Screen-Room copper meshUp for sale is a  Rolling Faraday Cage Screen-Room copper mesh.  Erik A.
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RFI shielding enclosure for low field open MR systems up to 0.4T and for some types of high field MR systems.

Any of the trademarks, service marks, collective marks, and design rights are the property of their respective owners. I built a special high impedance electronic circuit to detect when a Rat 'licks' a water bottle.
I created a special Fish Tank Operant Chamber with a submersable bumper to record Fish responses. The Faraday Effect causes RF energy to be conducted around the outside of an enclosure and not penetrate to the interior. It was purchased and used by EG&G Albuquerque, which specialized in EMI applications, from whom we purchased it. Combining performance and value Open Shielding Box meets, at one time, the needs of patients, MR owners and MR manufacturers.

The Fish Bumper response device was very challenging because it had to operate under water and inside an operant fish tank. In neuroscience research very sensitive electronic amplifiers are used for detecting minute electrical signals. The Farady Cage suppresses this RF noise and shields high gain electronics from this interference.

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