K-Form partners with Norseman Defense Technologies to provide complete solutions to unique challenges of critical IT systems.
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ETS-LINDGREN'S COPPER RF SHIELDING uses both a superior RF attenuator and the durability of bolted, light weight modular panels to ensure reliable performance. ETS-Lindgren is the leader in design-build radio frequency (RF) shielding solutions for MRI systems with over 6,500 successful installations worldwide. It is specifically designed to reflect analogue and pulsed digital radio frequency signals from sources such as Microwave, Wi-Fi, and cell phone towers. Protecco offers ETS-Lindgren's MRI Shielding products and offers revolutionary, leading-edge MRI door technology with the Auto-Seal™ II—a lightweight, mechanically operated, high performance shielded door. Protecco offers ETS-Lindgren's MRI Shielding products and has introduced the medical industry's first Sliding Shielded Door (SSD) system, which answers the growing need for both shielding and special access door requirements in medical environments.
Expand the horizons of your MRI shielded enclosure with the high-visibility Architectural RF Window Wall.

We rely upon superior construction technique and quality materials to achieve owner, architect, and contractor satisfaction. ETS-Lindgren offers two primary types of RF floor systems: monolithic and modular cell type. Protecco offers ETS-Lingren's MRI Shielding products, a broad variety of both, allowing the customer the option to select what best suits his or her need. The Auto-Seal II (AS-II) is available in three distinct door configurations: RF-Shielded, Acoustic and Fire-Rated.
The SSD is suited for applications where the optimum door opening is desired but there is limited room for a swinging door system. The newest MRI RF door, the MRDS, is designed to provide a reliable, economical door for your MRI facility. Modelled after the patented RF window, which offers the industry's best combination of performance and clarity, the new ClearShield™ window wall provides maximum visibility with enhanced aesthetic appeal. The modular floor system is the quickest to install, while the monolithic floor system protects against non-catastrophic flood events and is the recommended floor system for all MRI applications.

Each door is distinguished by a pneumatically operated, bladderless, gasketless, fingerless, virtually maintenance-free RF sealing system that ensures greater reliability, yet maintains ease of use. Includes RF protection for MRI, and can be supplemented with lead shielding for radiation protection. Similar to ETS-Lindgren's other RF doors, the MRDS is designed to be lightweight to allow for easy operation. The need to protect a small amount of rack mount equipment lead K-Form to develop the Shroud. The Shroud provides the same world-class RF shielding performance as our full-size shielded enclosure.

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