Ringwood New Jersey Office of Emergency Management recently contracted Incident Communications Solutions to supply MCU upgrades to fit their command and control needs.
The customer-supplied Sharp Smartboard was installed on a removable bracket system on the exterior curb side of the vehicle.
For mast up notification, an audible alarm with a flashing light was installed in the driver’s area. The Agilemesh Kit was upgraded by the ICS team, who provided and installed a video encoder and GX450 modem.  Four additional POTS lines were installed to be functional on the call manager express router. The Warrior Outrigger gives Ringwood OEM the option to extend the MCU connectivity to a location outside of the vehicle.  With the supplied 1000ft of Tactical Fiber cable, the Outrigger can be positioned in a tent, building or additional vehicle and extend the communications reach of the MCU. ICS is a leading integrator of complex, multi-platform solutions for Public Safety, Critical Infrastructure, Federal Agencies, and DOD. Incident Communication Solutions, LLC (ICS) engineers complex communications solutions on multiple platforms for emergency response applications.
Hackensack University Medical Centera€™s helicopter pilot and medic gave Ringwood Junior Police Academy cadets a lesson last Tuesday on how the medevac program operates. Pinelands Commissioner Jackson (center, speaking) showed leadership and integrity – He was sacked by Gov. Stockton State representative welcomed the public, but he could not see the spectators in the audience. One World Trade Center (also 1 World Trade Center or 1 WTC; the current building was dubbed the Freedom Tower during initial basework) is the name of two buildings.
Something odd is going on in the Crosswicks Creek watershed, as evidenced by dramatic reductions in stream flows. The sewer plan would make both stream flows and groundwater elevations worse by pumping groundwater and then discharging it to the Crosswicks Creek for export out of the watershed.
These declining low flows in the stream shine a very bright light on a basic flaw in the DEP’s proposed Plumsted sewer plant permit. A key requirement on the DEP WQMP regulations is consideration of whether there is adequate water supply available to support the wastewater flows in the sewer plant and the new development it would serve. The Plumsted Municipal Utilities Authority (MUA) has a big math problem – their numbers are not even close to working. As I wrote previously, the is significantly more capacity than necessary to serve current existing development, plus the proposed new 400 – 600 unit retirement development. But Plumsted MUA’s DEP water allocation permit only provides 274,000 GPD of water supply.
The sewer plan is not approvable under DEP regulations as a result of this failure to identify adequate water supply to meet wastewater permit flows.
An important element of the local build out analysis is an estimate of the amount of water supply required to serve the amount of development allowed under local zoning.
Ocean County planning, Plumsted Township, and DEP have failed miserably to develop a workable plan that can be approved by DEP under DEP regulations. In addition to DEP, it is unlikely that their current plans could obtain required approvals of the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) who must approve new sewer plants and water withdrawals from the basin, particularly in light of the unexplained decline in stream low flows. Plumsted MUA and local officials know that they face huge regulatory hurdles from DEP, the DRBC, BPU, and possibly the Pinelands Commission regarding possible water supply. Why are they putting the sewer plant cart before the water supply and planning horse – which is exactly what DEP regulations are designed to prevent? I find it almost incomprehensible that an issue of this magnitude could remain under the radar and not a matter of public debate. The Act gives the keys to LSP to the autonomous MRC and takes the keys away from DEP and the public.

It is a formula for effective commercialization and turning the park into a commercial cash cow. I guess that now fee revenues are gone, those that seek to commercialize and  privatize our state parks want to go all the way and strip the crown jewel from NJ’s parks system out of DEP State Park Service control entirely. The ACT GIVES FINAL SAY IN ALL PLANNING AND DECISION-MAKING for LSP TO AUTONOMOUS MRC AND TAKES AWAY THE FINAL SAY FROM THE DEP’T OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AND ITS DIVISION OF PARKS AND FORESTRY AND FROM THE PUBLICAS THERE IS ZERO MENTION OF PUBLIC PARTICIPATION, PUBLIC HEARINGS OR PUBLIC COMMENT.
We urge the Governor to give a conditional veto of this Act until LSP is taken out of it to protect LSP by leaving its decisions to the DEP and its Division of Parks and Forestry and the public and to prevent a new LSP era with constant negative, wasteful battles – as the park was a sacred battleground from the time it opened in 1976 when a theme park was pushed until 2003 when the LSP Development Corporation was ended after 20 years of causing statewide battles against a golf course, waterpark, etc. This is really dirty – I researched the legislative history and could not even find fingerprints on who introduced this stealth outrage and why it was done.
Call the Governor now at 609-292-6000 and demand that he conditionally veto the Liberty State Park amendment from the Hackensack Meadowlands Consolidation Act bill now on his desk. In the Assembly State and Local Government Committee hearing on the bill, the two Republicans on that Committee grilled witnesses on the prevailing wage issue. The bill also would eliminate the current requirement for local voter approval of any privatization scheme.
Again, Republican base voters support home rule and voter referenda, so Christie would pay a political price for that in any 2016 Presidential primary bid. And there is no doubt the bill has the behind the scenes support of and will be signed by Gov. Personally, I would love it if he CV’d the prevailing wage, right of first refusal, and voter approval and sent it back to the Democrats in the Legislature.
The Ringwood Ambulance Corps (RAC) installed its officers for 2015 during a ceremony held at Skylands Manor on Saturday, Jan.
The role of captain will once again be filled by Jack Fehrenback, with Torrence Burrowes as first lieutenant, Mark Zucnick, Brian Henderson and Norman Lesser as second lieutenants, Laura Ingraffea as treasurer, Dominic Ingraffea as service secretary, Adrienne Shanler as recording secretary, and Laura Haftek as corresponding secretary.
During the evening, Captain Fehrenback accepted a check for $12,500 from the Ringwood Ambulance Auxiliary. Joanne Lesser was named EMT of the Year at the Ringwood Chamber of Commerce's recent annual dinner. If interested in joining the Ringwood Ambulance Corps, leave a message at 973-907-2635 or contact James Wenzel, Regina Kirby, Kevin Ryan or Ben Mele on the membership committee. Local fire crews respond this morning to a two-alarm fire at a two-and-a-half-story wood frame house at 21 Tulip Ave., according to scanner reports. The office works closely with Federal, State, County and local agencies to assure the coordination of large scale events.  The upgrades integrated into the MCU by ICS will give Ringwood additional communications and video capability that will enhance operations. Cabling access was fit into the existing connection panel and integrated with the existing video switching system.
The IP Phones integrated into this upgrade were six Cisco 7962G and included a rugged case with foam insert. The INCIDENT COMMUNICATION SOLUTIONS logo, the ICS logo, TICS, OUTRIGGER, and IF YOU CAN'T COMMUNICATE, YOU CAN'T OPERATE are registered trademarks of Incident Communication Solutions, LLC.
Counties are required to consolidate local build out and water supply and wastewater demands and capacity in County Water Quality Management Plans. Ylvisaker said the critical issue was getting the NJDEP pre-permit by October 1st and hopefully having the surface water discharge permit by the end of the year. Ylvisaker updated the members on NJ American Water’s (NJAW) plans regarding the new wells in town.
Dancer said that with respect to the meeting with BPU and NJAW, the issue had come up regarding whether American Water had a current and valid franchise to the Township and whether NJAW has been responsive in providing for the needs for water within the Town Center.
Dancer reviewed the Bureau of Water Allocation notice to the Township on July 9th regarding an application by the Joint Base for approval of plans to divert 155 million gallons of water per month and 1.860 million gallons of water per year from 15 existing and 2 new wells.

Liberty State Park was particularly hard hit by that, with loss of about $800,000 per year in parking and pavilion fee revenues.
This is Putin-style government – obscenely stealing LSP and attacking the Public’s broad public consensus for a free and green park – and attacking the Public Good for this priceless treasure- the jewel in the crown of NJ – a Sacred Park – sacred as it is scarce urban open space and is right behind Lady Liberty. The Pompton Lakes Fire Department assisted at the scene and a tanker task force was activated. ICS also provided and installed 3 HDMI ports to ECP with HDMI cables to connect to the Smartboard.
The team had to move the mast base up approximately 12” to allow for use of trailer hitch, and then provided and installed dual LG 22" LED displays mounted to interior curb side rear wall.
The Gang Charger installed by the ICS team was mounted to the wall to hold six customer furnished DuraFons. This is problematic as the permit cannot be issued until the County Wastewater Management Plan is approved. He indicated NJAW is pursuing the purchase of a private property adjacent to the Verizon building on Lakewood Road for the third well.
Based on this, he felt that the discussion on the fourth well, and who pays for it is needed. From left to right are Laura Haftek, Mark Zucnick, Brian Henderson, Torrence Burrowes, Jack Fehrenback, Laura Ingraffea, Dom Ingraffea, and Norm Lesser.
Ringwood police, who were also at the scene, have not yet released information about the incident. A DirectTV H24 receiver with a custom Mid Atlantic shelf in the rack was included in this part of the upgrade. The standard, Warrior-style Outrigger upgrade included 16 Ethernet ports, PoE, fiber-optic connection, Wi-Fi capabilities, and Pelican case.
The Corps' three ambulances traveled a total of 18,678 miles in response to these calls for assistance.
Additionally, the ICS team installed a four pane driver display and camera system; one street side, one curbside, one rear facing, and one backup. NJAW has not finalized their decision or committed to construct the fourth well which will be necessary to serve the PRRC development. Bronson also noted that American Water needs to have the fourth well permitted but did not have to invest in it until it is known what was being built. Ylvisaker was asked to look in to this to make sure Plumsted would not be negatively impacted. In addition to their regular duties, members volunteered to stand-by for community events and local youth sports activities, offered mutual aid during emergencies to neighboring towns, participated in parades, training drills, and joint responses with the borough's fire departments and Office of Emergency Management.
He noted this was in part due to whether the site for the third well could support a fourth well. It was felt if they were already applying for the third well, they should also pursue allocation for the fourth well as well.
Also, as water from the firefighting operation poured down the hill from the home, it created icy road conditions that required a salt truck to treat nearby Westbrook Road.
Attorney McGuckin said the fourth well is a critical issue and steps should be taken to resolve this issue.
Attorney McGuckin felt a letter should be sent to NJAW confirming our understanding regarding their financing the third well and NJAW’s plans to include a fourth well in their well tests and permitting to NJDEP.

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