Our Web Team is constantly hard at work tackling complex problems in usability, scalability, and distributed systems. ROBLOX: Gaming in the Cloud outlines how we host millions of games through the internet using our very own farm of servers to handle the bandwidth.
ROBLOX Mobile Now Supports Vehicles and Chat on All Devices details our push to get cars and the chat feature working shortly after ROBLOX Mobile officially released. We documented every aspect of porting ROBLOX to iOS including Memory Optimization, Control Design, and more.
Our Rendering Team is always looking for ways to make ROBLOX look better while continuing to scale it to a wide range of machines. We introduced water to ROBLOX earlier this year, and talked about the challenges of getting floating and sinking objects to behave realistically in one unified engine. ROBLOX is an evolving game platform and our gameplay and client software engineers are on the front lines, working on user-facing features that enable our players to push the envelope with regards to what can be built on ROBLOX.
With the ever-popular zombie survival game Apocalypse Rising, user Gusmanak marked his triumphant return to ROBLOX after drawing inspiration from Day Z, a popular add on to ArmA 2. At ROBLOX, one of our biggest fundamental goals is to create the most scalable, physically simulated online environment, ever.
We need a high performance networking system, because users will always push the limits of what can be done with our platform.
Realistic distributed physics simulation is a core part of what makes ROBLOX, well, ROBLOX! Kevin He recently made changes in the physics engine that made physics performance rocket up to 4x faster by modeling collisions with impulses, rather than springs. Kevin has also done extensive work on Enhancing Water Physics to Support Rear Propellers, which allowed vehicles to detect thrust from various angles, including the rear (vehicles could only detect thrust from the sides, prior to this). The ROBLOX services ecosystem is highly performant, super scalable, and only modestly complex. Changing your appearance is another example of something that seems like a simple procedure, but is actually quite complex. The Web Automation Engineer tests, tests, and tests some more, running candidates through thousands of tests, rolling out across hundreds of servers every single day. We need Roblox fr android it would be very simple just to trnsfer it to another operating system with a few edits. Um… Unix (iOS) and Linux (Android) are two completely different types of operating systems. I think we should be able to play games on the roblox app whilst on the Ipod touch and smaller devices.

Please start working on ROBLOX for Linux, either downloadable on the Pi Store, the Ubuntu Software Center, Synaptic, or whatever software downloaders out there for Linux. You guys should consider hiring people to make video guides, and tutorials as well for the community. Wow, so much info O_o keep at the anti-lag issues such as the physics, ROBLOX is actually getting good updates now, also looking forward to rear-propeller & dynamic lighting. There are at least three types of players, as they try to survive in mainly three ways: As a Bandit, Hero and Neutral. Neutrals or Loners are players that often do not place their trust in others and would try to survive alone, even for a short moment. Dirk is one of the 5 smallest towns in the game, and would be much preferred said as the brother of Korri. As we continue to steadily grow our userbase, we’re also looking to expand the size of our team. They ship code on a daily basis and work in short, agile, and iterative development cycles. RabbitMQ became our messaging solution–it features client libraries in multiple languages, an admin API and a slick web dashboard. 3.4 million Mobile play sessions took place in the month of December, and we received over 250,000 downloads in less than six months. The new system puts a lot of graphical lifting on the CPU rather than the graphics card, and leverages a voxel-based data structure to do it. We also took A Deep Look at ROBLOX’s Buoyancy and Water Physics, where we examined the complex mathematical calculations we made to integrate buoyancy into our standard contact pipeline. Our Software Engineers build features into our platform that users can leverage to make awesome games. User Geico480 has also created some incredibly detailed machines, including stud-by-stud recreations of BMW cars, and highly detailed train models.
The Impulse Solver dynamically shifts how parts collide without sacrificing anything more than invisible details. He also worked to create Robust Joints and Motors–ensuring that propellers would stay rigid and strong under water to simulate fan-based movement. We’re looking for people who live and breathe systems architecture to help us keep it that way.
Test cases are written in code, which allows us to create complex interactions and replicate behavior of real-life ROBLOX users. Many hopes for the new lighting, but as always, there must be choices for if you want it on your game or not.

However I still feel some basic features that a lot of players want are being ignored such as being able to add animation, mesh and sound like we use to be able to do.
You are one of the many players that are trying to survive in the apocalypse by using anything that you can find like guns or melee weapons, food and drinks. These kind of players are usually smart and would usually avoid contact with other players. They seek out players on the kill list and eliminate them, regardless if the bounty head is hero, loner or bandit.
It can spawn some military grade guns, including OTS-14, ammo, food, attachments, and drinks.
We’ve covered a lot of ground this year, and have an exciting path in front of us this year. Keep an eye out on ROBLOX Battle, as we’re planning on turning this feature on later in the week.
Our Systems Engineers live behind the scenes–as a matter of fact, a lot of things happen behind the scenes when you click the various buttons and links that populate ROBLOX. When you click that button, it actually sets off a surprisingly complex cascade of events that work together to get you into your chosen game as quickly and efficiently as possible. On our end, another separate series of intertwining events occur to change your ROBLOXian and display those changes in real time. It’s understandable that a program for making these things could be too complicated for many players, although players did pick up on learning scripting which is always hard up first especially for kids so I think a leap of faith should be done and allow players to atleast play with some features of designing animation and mesh and sound.
Finding food, drinks and weapons are crucial for your own survival, as without those items, you will be guaranteed to experience death. They may have a sense of pride like a hero or may not care if someone gets hurt while getting their bounty, essentially being a target bandit.
The current version of ROBLOX represents less than 10% of what we envision for the future–come help us build that future today!
After dying, you will lose your items and restart with a can of beans, Pepsi, two Makarov magazines, a Makarov pistol and an Old Flashlight. Some of the hero type bounty hunters may help out a player however it is advised to avoid them as most won't care if you get in their line of fire.
Bandits are one of the only two enemies that are (frequently) encountered in-game, the other being zombies.

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