In the game, players must survive through 6 various disasters on 10 preset maps spawned on a green elevated island. In February 2016, the game was updated with two new maps called Lucky Mart and Party Palace. When a round starts, a map is chosen randomly and players teleport to that map when generated. To increase the challenge for survival, a fall damage script is present to damage a player if one flies in any direction at a fast rate. The ocean surrounding the island becomes flooded, and rises to a height of approximately 4 ROBLOXians tall. A cyclone will spawn near the center of the map, and begin to travel around the island through a random path.
Slowly spreading by each brick, a fire burns and "disintegrates" any objects in its proximity, including players, who slowly take damage when burned.Unlike bricks, trusses do not burn. Orb-like spheres begin to spawn catastrophically from the sky, detaching and crushing anything they hit.
Far away from the island, a large wave appears amidst the ocean and steadily moves towards the island.
On any location around the map, a large climbable caldera forms and begins to erupt only in a matter of seconds.
The ground shakes, collapsing and breaking almost any structures on the map and conveys any player in a random direction, sometimes to the water if one doesn't react fast enough. A park with a sign, a fountain, a tuck shop and a statue beneath an arch with a sword in its hand. A carnival with a turbo drop, private boats, whack-a-mole, carousel, strong man game, a popcorn machine and a light yellow building with a red roof. It is unconfirmed if this trick still works, but there is a way for the player to forecast the disaster that is about to occur without looking for clouds. When a round starts, and the player is teleported to the island, the player opens their stats menu a second time. Two VIP Gamepasses is also present, which gives the player a Green Balloon and the other giving a Red Apple, though the gamepasses only costs 80 ROBUX, which can take up to 1 week (7 days) of ROBUX allowance for a regular Builders Club (BC) user, 3 days for a Turbo Builders Club (TBC) user, and 2 days for an Outrageous Builders Club (OBC) user, although Free Accounts, also known as Non-Builders Club (NBC), do not earn any ROBUX and must log on daily for 134 days to purchase it for the alternate price of 1337 Tix. The game has been notably controversial for its hacks by other members, most notably in June, 2014 when a hacker managed to put porno images of a women fully naked in the middle of every active server at the time. Never get to the highest place before the disaster occured as you don't know what disaster will happen. Try to not drive movable vehicles (Especially the cars on Raving Raceway) as they have been quite glitchy as of the recent update. If the first part of developing a well-performing ROBLOX experience for the iPad is ensuring stability through memory optimization, the second part is improving the frame rate to the point it’s as smooth as it is on a modern desktop or laptop computer.
As mentioned in our previous Engineering ROBLOX for the iPad article, the Client Team has been neck-deep in ROBLOX’s source code, identifying inefficiencies and re-engineering them in exchange for quantifiable and positive impacts on performance. In this article, we’ll describe how we improved ROBLOX’s iPad framerate by making our performance-monitoring and quality-adjusting system more aggressive, and hunting for inefficiencies in ROBLOX’s code with a special, internal tool. ROBLOX’s engine monitors each user’s computer to determine whether it’s striking the most efficient balance between visual fidelity and performance.
FrameRateManager is a fixture on the desktop version of ROBLOX and one of the reasons why two machines with a 20x performance differential can play together in the same level. One thing that causes significant slowdown on the iPad is rendering individual parts in the environment. In other words, iPad users will stop seeing individual, resting parts at a shorter distance than will users on more powerful hardware. This technique is of particular value in dynamic games with environmental destruction, such as Crossroads and Natural Disaster Survival. All of the performance and memory optimizations discussed thus far relate to ongoing rendering – GUIs, textures, physical objects, etc.
Senior Rendering Engineer Arseny Kapoulkine essentially built a game mode that records the actions of someone playing ROBLOX. The top-right section of the window shows the render frame durations; render frames are the most important because you notice render lag the most. The bottom-right section shows the individual tasks that ran during the currently selected time range. The top-left section is a general picture, with each color representing a different thread of execution. The bottom-left section either shows the actual log stream (all events in the time range with event data, such as part name for rendering, property value for part updates, etc.) or the Lua profiling information that is extracted from these events. Second, we can distribute the load over multiple frames, making the spike into a speed bump.
As was the case with memory optimization, some of the performance improvements we’re making for the iPad version of ROBLOX will apply to the PC and Mac. Why work on an app for Ipad, not everyone has or can afford an Ipad, these little things are expensive!
Can there be Roblox for Xbox, Playstation and Ouya (the newest gaming console soon to be released) too? At least let them get the iPad version out first, seen the amount of post its in the video? Don’t forget building and Roblox Studio because I was really hoping to build on my phone! This might be a stupid question but will the roblox Ipad version be able to work on iphone too? Although that is a great idea, many people prefere Apple over Google, strange I know, so many of these apps never get created for things such as Android, and if they do, it’s extremely late. With the screen size, with both of your thumbs on the screen, you’ll barely see the game. Making Roblox mobile is great… But I want to see it on the high-end dual core android phones and tablets.
What makes Titanic such an interesting game is that, at its heart, it’s a role-playing game.

I had bookmarked this place as a really great looking showcase, though the last time I was in it, there wasn’t a whole lot going on.
What might appear to be a beautiful showcase of building talent at one moment can quickly turn into a giant battleground — on ROBLOX, at least. I think something that makes the Truly Amazing IS that a lot of people cant make things like that.
If you make a game and becomes popular like usal because people are trying the game out to see if its good.One thing like 1000 people are playing your game.
They didn’t mention that The Quarry is an improved version of piedude777’s Epic Mining! ROBLOX is amazing they have made so many items, games, and other interesting things on ROBLOX.
ROBLOX, at its core, lets everyone design worlds and games using primitive parts – all of which are physically simulated. But what’s lost in cinematics is more than made up for with depth of creative expression, a foundation on which ROBLOX is built. Flood Escape, a perennial ROBLOX favorite with more than 6 million plays, involves running and jumping through obstacle courses as the levels fill up with deadly water.
These are all experiences created by individuals, and developed within the context of a high-scale platform. I totally wish I was a great builder because some of the stuff I build is either cool or not and people sometimes don’t know what it is sometimes. I want a new feature wherein loops executed in a script can still yield another loop at the same time.
I agree with this article, most people nowadays care more about graphics than actual gameplay, as long as it looks outstanding, everyone will buy it. In my opinion, graphics only need to be good enough to know what you looking at, not to be a example of how good the processor is. ROBLOX Mobile is one of the first and most highly visible iOS apps to feature user-generated content. This spotlight gives ROBLOX builders a new stage to showcase their creations, and ROBLOX players a new platform to consume this content. With cross-platform compatibility, ROBLOX Mobile users join game servers populated with other iOS device users and with players of the ROBLOX desktop application (also free on both PC and Mac). On January 14, 2014, the game was largely updated, featuring 5 new disasters, a server-wide leaderboard, and Double Disasters, which spawns two disasters on one map.
Upon arrival, players have approximately 20 seconds to prepare for a randomly chosen disaster that is not revealed to the player until it starts.
Players submerged in flood water begin to lose health, and objects on the map become un-anchored and "disintegrate".Unlike bricks, trusses do not disappear.
Every burst is approximately 2 seconds apart, and anything it hits will explode or otherwise become destroyed. They do not cause an additional fire, but if one is close enough, their arms may amputate and disappear from the island. Upon impact, it un-anchors any bricks it slams into and kills any players who are not on high ground. When it begins, the large force rushes in from a random direction and begins to blow away every brick, causing damage to players if they aren't behind any objects.
In the clouds, this fictional disaster will randomly precipitate a deadly liquid on every brick it can pour onto. This discharge sends flying lava bricks onto the island, in a similar fashion to a meteor shower, swallowing any brick and player it hits. On the higher area of land, there's a road and a wooden building with lots of surfboards inside.
Very few players have worked this method of forecasting out and it is quite complicated to attempt the trick. The hacker was never identified by name via normal members and it was later reported that he was found and terminated by other admins.
The process is a balancing act: push performance optimization to its limit without noticeably degrading the quality of the experience.
One of the best benchmarks for illustrating their collective progress is Crossroads, a classic level the team has been using as an iPad testing ground. The system that makes this happen is FrameRateManager, which ramps up and down effects, particles, ambient occlusion, shadows and draw distance based on trends in a user’s frame rate.
To put it in perspective, it’s more resource-intensive to render one individual part – with its own unique properties and data – than it is to render that part when batched in a geometry buffer. While the difference in distance depends on what FrameRateManager decides is an appropriate quality level, Simon offers this example: if the current draw distance for parts is 450 studs or more, debris might be culled at 220 studs (assuming your device is running slow). The objects still exist in the world; they’re just not rendered from certain distances on iPad players’ screens. It sends the recorded actions to a special tool that lets us analyze what happened in each render frame and drill into the code that caused spikes. Generally, performance was okay (green frames are approximately 30 FPS), but it dropped in a few frames. You can see that in the selected time range we logged 100,000 events across four seconds of gameplay, which equals roughly 780 events for each frame.
We can see that it traverses the children of a node and by reading the code we can try to optimize it — in this case by keeping all the tools that belong to loadout in a Lua table and updating it whenever a tool is added or removed. We may ship a tool like this in the future to help ROBLOX game developers profile their scripts, but there is a lot of polish and interface work to be done.
Say a player blows up the Tower in Crossroads, causing it to deconstruct into individually rendered objects. To generate a part, we have to traverse its sub-tree in the data model to figure out whether it needs decals, etc. This is something ROBLOX already does, but the load has been distributed to more frames on the iPad. Plus, there’s more performance optimization than what this article covers; namely, featherweight parts – known colloquially as the 500k parts update. I was thinking big and making a game for the Xbox, like you can Browse games and stuff and maybe even change your charachter, tune up the graphics a little and make it run smooth on every console, i for one will definitely buy it, i’m pretty sure most people would agree to this brilliant idea, come on Xbox LIVE!

They did state that they have a non-public release date, but we’re not allowed to know, because if we did, and they were late, everyone would start raging. My droid bionic handles Minecraft because it is dual core, my laptop that PLAYS ROBLOX can’t even play Minecraft. We give you a blank slate, and let you leverage your imagination, our multiplayer game servers, and the crazy antics that can result from physical simulations to create something you can call your own.
You’re assigned a role on the ship, as one of the many passengers or crew members, and you can interact with other players via dialogue spots throughout the impressively large ship. I was quite surprised when I jumped in to take a second look and found that two clans, the Kingdom of Ironstone and House Redford, were in the middle of battle.
Scripting can actually make just about anything you want, more than most, almost all games. We scale these creations to a huge range of hardware, meaning what runs on a desktop PC also needs to, in theory, run on a tablet. Everyone has the powerful tools – and an open invitation – they need to create and publish their own world, whether that turns out to be a dream home or a horror game or a competitive FPS. Another mainstay, Sword Fighting Tournament, is all about nimble movement and slash timing – nothing more, nothing less – within a tournament framework. They were fun to create and, as the millions of play sessions would say, are unarguably fun to play. Players near the tornado will have a part ripped off, or may become decapitated, giving an instant kill. When it begins, the large force rushes in from a random direction and begins to blow away every brick. Players not in shelter may become damaged by the rain, and if protection hasn't been found in time, one dies. During a double disaster, players likely climb up on the volcano to avoid the second disaster, if volcano is one of them. When we first launched the ROBLOX code stack on an iPad, Crossroads with eight players ran at an unplayable five frames per second (FPS). With debris culling, we aggressively cull individual parts that are sitting idly in the environment. Simon estimates debris culling increases ROBLOX’s frame rate from roughly 20 to 30 FPS, making it a valuable tradeoff. This is a resource-intensive process involving many events that causes the iPad to go into “shock” – it can’t process everything quickly enough. Another thing, my family has two computers, but ROBLOX doesn’t work on one, and my sister always wants to play with me on ROBLOX. It wouldn’t be much of a stretch to port it to the dual core android phones out there. In fact, my presence and the subsequent presence of all the people who follow me around ROBLOX all day interfered with the fight. Doors open into chambers that have all sorts of clickable buttons that do anything from overheating the reactor core (thus blowing up the building), to turning other players into zombies engulfed in flames. So round it up with thousands of players playing equals alots of tickets to turn into in robux. But, while next-gen consoles amp up the horsepower and triple-A game studios create stunning works of visual design, there are two things that remain of paramount importance: creativity and fun gameplay. While we have established a fantastic unified aesthetic via dynamic lighting, new materials, outlines, and new water, physically simulated environments and a high-scale engine ultimately require that we keep the visual presentation of ROBLOX games on the simple-but-stylized side. Teenagers have made hugely successful games amassing millions of play sessions in this genre by leveraging ROBLOX’s physics and designing good foundational gameplay. With ROBLOXians logging 1 billion hours of playtime since 2008 and creating 15 million games, we’re not alone in believing the creative process and good gameplay are king. And the access to computer specs like SPECCY to detect the computers capabilities and warn the client and the player. Another game that does this is Minecraft, its so pixelated it looks like a game made in the 80’s yet people love it for the gameplay, and creativity. Players won't take damage from the sandstorm itself, however it can easily throw bricks at you killing you. For some reason, players have proven that running away constantly will in fact decrease the damage done drastically, making them able to survive without shelter. But if one frame takes 100 milliseconds to render, there will be a visible “spike” in the rendering and the observer will perceive the resulting animation as jerky. Watch tornadoes rip buildings to pieces, volcanoes sprout from the ground and spew blocky lava on a remote island, and sandstorms combine with meteor showers to wear down players from every angle. After one of the clan members teleported me to the peak of a cliff and explained what was going on, I apologized and just asked for a few minutes to take some screenshots. The exploration keeps the game fun and interesting (chatting with other players in the map helps to figure out what does what), and the visual aesthetic of the world is impressive. Natural Disaster Survival is endlessly entertaining to play – especially with 29 other people alongside you – as tornadoes and sandstorms and quakes and fires wreak havoc on an unlucky island in the middle of the ocean. Apocalypse Rising features complex systems that result in interesting life-and-death scenarios, but the game is ultimately powered by solid level design and simple mechanics. Is the part a file mesh?) and update it whenever the children of the part change or the part changes its ancestor.
It’s an exercise in repetition and patience as you work deeper and deeper into the massive quarry with each round, chipping your way through granite and obsidian, usually in complete isolation. This is yet another form of unique emergent gameplay that you see often on ROBLOX, but not so much elsewhere. And every time we think we’re getting close, Dummiez updates his game and sends us further underground.

What is emps 2014
Apocalypse survival experience days

Rubric: Emergency Preparedness Survival


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