Moderately priced, galvanized trailers are first cleaned by a hot alkaline solution and then given an acid bath to remove rust and scale.
At a slightly higher price scale, Aluminum Trailers are another option as they are strong and lightweight. FULTON BEARING LIFE Or BUDDY BEARING wheel bearing protectors replace original equipment dust caps on trailer wheel hubs to provide permanent protection against damage from water and dirt entering the wheel bearings. Trailer Parts kits in most kits include: 1 Hub, bearings, seal, dust cap, cotter pin, lug nuts or lug bolts.
These nifty hubs are al alternative to the traditonal greased hubs as they are made of Heavy Duty clear Lexan with a Tthreaded cap and O-ring.
Whether LED or conventional incandescent bulb, A proper trailer light configuration consists of several components, which must meet legal requirements that vary depending on the size of your trailer.
Trailer Jacks are an excellent addition to any trailer to ease loading and un-loading from the hitch ball.
Although Bias Ply tires are still on the market today and work fine on single trailers, RADIAL TRAILER TIRES are one of the best trailer tires on the market today.
Tire 'inflation pressure' is also an important factor in proper handling as well as tire life. The hardware on most trailers are adjustable to fit accomodate almost any personal watercraft.

If you have a nice trailer and want to keep it that way, then you'll want to make repairs right away if you ding it up. Looking for tips and advice, researched articles on carbs, spark plugs and general maintenance can be found at Snipes Korner. It is next immersed in liquid flux to remove oxides and then is dipped in molten zinc at 850 degrees. For multiple axle trailers divide the GVWR by the number of axles to determine the minimum load capacity of each axle. A more precise measurement can be made by measuring the distance from one 'HUB FACE' to the other. Includes straight axles (round or square), drop axles with offset spindles, and torsion axles. Provides excellent corrosion protection under severe conditions caused by salt water and air. Easily add bearing grease to the wheel hub to maintain proper lubrication and provide corrosion protection.
Bearing covers or 'bras' are used to prevent excess grease splatter from the pressure spring area. Marine jacks are available in a variety of weight capacities, height lift travel, and anti-corrosive finishes.

Most offer double steel belts with full nylon plies for heavy-duty applications and increased tire life.
Maximum inflation pressure is indicated on the tire side wall and should always be checked when the tire is cold before operation.
The weight of the hitch is usually 9-11% of the trailer gross weight and should be measured with the trailer loaded. Made of chrome plated steel, the Bearing Life wheel bearing protectors spring piston automatically maintains the correct internal pressure that will not damage grease seals.
Select the proper marine trailer jack for your use based on the trailer tongue weight and frame size. Hitches fall into various categories: those that mount on the frame and rear bumper, the bolt-on or the weld-on type used for larger trailers.

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