The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials is the voice for transportation and catalyst for organizational and technical excellence. The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials advocates transportation-related policies and provides technical services to support states in their efforts to efficiently and safely move people and goods. In the wake of the recent increase in the acts of violence across our nation, it is now more important than ever for organizations to have effective security programs in place to protect people and other critical assets. To prevent fragmented and ineffective security programs, it is imperative for organizations big or small to conduct a thorough examination of relevant threats, existing security measures, and potential vulnerabilities. RSC’s risk assessment allows its clients to take a complete and an in-depth look at their existent security program focused on the three main domains: Physical Security, Security Technology and Human Assets.
RSC’s risk assessment provides an analysis of currently deployed effective security measures and subsequent recommendations for improvement, directly correlated to the identified risks. RSC’s risk assessment service allows for an investment capable of significantly enhancing one’s operational capability, while often reducing the ineffective usage of security measures, and reducing insurance premiums.

From man-made incidents, to technological accidents, and natural hazards, transit faces a host of potentially disruptive and costly incidents. RSC’s risk assessment takes into account all elements of clients’ security operation to measure operational and cost effectiveness. This method allows the client to follow the prioritization guideline when making changes to its security program.
RSC’s proactive approach helps transportation agencies protect people and assets against violent, criminal, and disruptive threats. Consultants ensure compliance with guidelines, and work to create plans that meet and exceed industry best practices. Our emergency management expertise allows our clients to effectively buy-down risk and prepare for all hazards.

RSC consultants include a variety of industry-recognized experts on various local, state, and federal rules, regulations, and guidelines relating to transit. Rozin Security Consulting understands and appreciates the complexities and importance of securing our nation’s critical transportation infrastructure.

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