Game Review: Microscopic tactical, research and economic management, in a grand strategic scale. Having spent every opportunity since early 2008, when Sins of a Solar Empire was first released, shaking my friends by the shoulders, begging them to play it, I know all too well what the objections usually are.
Then there’s the few who write it off because the game is now four and a half years old. Rebellion doubles the number of factions, not via new races, but by splitting the existing races into two factions, each.
Now, with Rebellion, Sins offers a strategic 4X experience not far behind the complexity of Endless Space.
If your computer isn't well past the recommended system requirments then expect lag anyway.
This mod was mad with the Forbidden Worlds DLC, and hence has its research still in the research trees. But that, my friends, is probably the strongest argument for it, because over the years Sins has been balanced and refined to perfection, and the new graphics engine makes what was already just about the most beautiful game you can play even more sumptuous. Diplomacy added that critical 4X element and made AI manipulation a whole lot more fun, and now Rebellion caps it off with a suite of new ships that can break any stalemate the previous expansions created, opening the gameplay up to suit whatever flavour of galactic conquest suits you, along with sexing-up your flexibility to adapt to the flow of each game, or execute a long-game grand plan.
So powerful are they, that only one can be built by each race, and they’re outrageously expensive.

The challenging pain is, then, to get yours built early while massaging an infant economy and throw it out among the stars to scoop up XP. The TEC Loyalist Titan is a pure defensive buff platform, tanking while it boosts other friendly ships.
The unbeatable plus is that with its real time gameplay, a tactical layer pervades every nanosecond of gaming. I was looking for a mod that increases the fps somehow, but i have never dreamed of such an easy way. Um comunicado de stand-alone, que tambem contem todo o conteudo anterior Imperio Solar, Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebeliao serve como uma continuacao e uma reinvencao do jogo de estrategia 4X espaco aclamado. Several Capital ships could be bought for the cost of a Titan, and Cap ships can be built from the moment a game starts, while Titans need several separate stages of research just to be able to, then, direct your entire economy and production for a big chunk of the game to build yours. Mighty as they are, a late-game level 1 Titan will be eaten up by a small fleet of high XP Cap ships, or even a big swarm of Corvettes. The TEC Rebel Titan, conversely, is an offensive mofo that can confidently be sent to the fringes of the system to give the enemy the biggest headache in the galaxy, while you turtle and advance slowly in another corner of space. Now pan, zoom and rotate while the symphony of weapons complements the exceptional music, and your screen is awash with dozens or even hundreds of ships furiously engaging over a planet that’s gently rotating, with its detailed cities probably about to be bombarded and a new flag raised, as the galaxy is slowly conquered. Join now to share your own content, we welcome creators and consumers alike and look forward to your comments.

Add download and help us achieve our mission of showcasing the best content from all developers. AI simply spawns half a fleet of those and steam rolls all your bases and structures from afar. There are many common techs, but each race and faction orders them differently, and often limits how far you can develop each tech-type.
It DOES NOT remove hangar defences, the AI is really stingy on building these so I left them in.
Puedes comenzar a descargar este juego de estrategia espacial mas moderno que hay en la actualidad, es segundo juego de Sins of a Solar Empire, No puedes dejar de descargar la expansion “Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion”, si no tienes la primera no te preocupes que puedes jugarlo independiente. Vasari Rebels, for example, can leverage better diplomacy techs to swing the political landscape, and can relocate otherwise anchored defensive Starbases to new systems. Advent Loyalists, as another example, are able to use funky mind powers to take over an enemy planet without a shot being fired.

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