Winter travel can be tough on car and driver, to prepare:Check your tires and make sure your chains fit before the first winter storm and check tire pressure during cold weather. Winter Driving Supply Checklist (pdf 214kb)Keep a basic winter survival kit in your vehicle: flashlight, batteries, blanket, snacks, water, gloves, boots, first-aid kit. If you find yourself stranded, be safe, stay in your car, put on your flashers, call for help and wait until it arrives.
Unless you live where hurricanes are common, you probably haven’t made emergency preparedness a priority. While we don’t know exactly when a hurricane will start to affect our home and community, it is the one type of emergency where today we get lots of warning.
The Red Cross defines hurricane conditions as a threat within 48 hours, which can be raised to a hurricane warning for storms expected within 36 hours and it’s time to finish your storm preparations and prepare to leave the area if directed by authorities.
Depending on the strength of a hurricane, and how long the storm sits over your home, there are many types of damage to prepare for. It’s common to board up windows to minimize damage from falling trees and flying debris. Flooding is often the most significant hurricane damage as we learned with Hurricane Katrina, although other storms have had much higher winds (find more hurricane information on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric webite). Family safety should be your top priority so make sure you discuss your plans periodically with all family members so they know what to do if you need to prepare your home for hurricanes or evacuate.
Prepare an evacuation kit with important papers, insurance documents, medications and other things you might need if you have to leave your home for several days. Store enough water to last your family for 3 days, which requires 3 gallons per person, per day.

The National Institute of Building Sciences says that every $1 spent on preparing for disasters, saves our country roughly $4. Your roof must be in good repair, including flashing and caulking around anything penetrating the roof.
Make sure exterior features like gutters, fascia, soffits, gable vents, decks, porches and house trim are securely attached. Move furniture, appliances and electronics off the basement or first floor, to prevent water damage if there’s flooding. Shut off electrical service at the main breaker before you leave your home, in case the electrical system or outlets will be under water. Locate and shut off the gas (main coming into house, tank, etc) and make sure everyone knows how to turn them off. Tags: board up windows, building codes for hurricanes, emergency preparedness checklist, family emergency plans, generators for power outages, hurricane damage, hurricane preparedness, hurricanes, preparing home for hurricane, sump pumps for floodingAbout Tina GleisnerTina helps women homeowners create homes they love, homes that support how we live today. I just posted yesterday about preparedness and so your pulling together of this information is so very timely! I know I make plenty of mistakes, but hopefully still manage to get the point across most of the time.
We are the manufacturer of a brand of personal care products, used and sold around the world and beyond( NASA!). We even have trouble predicting exactly what’s going to happen and freak storms are now becoming normal. As we seem to be having more and more unusual weather, it seems like this hurricane is a good reminder to put our emergency preparedness checklist together to weather this hurricane and future storms, in relatively safety.

This is very different from the most deadly hurricane to strike the US, that made landfall in Galveston, Texas in September 1900 and claimed more than 8,000 lives.
The question is what can you do to minimize damage from any type of storm with high winds and wind-driven rain?
Start with doors (entry, sliding glass and garage) and windows, then holes and gaps around pipes and wires going into your home.
If you live in a location prone to hurricanes, use a high-wind product when replacing your roof. Leveraging her experience owning 14 houses and running a handyman business, Tina offers a free Savvy Homeowner Report. I wanted to have a practical way to filter our rain water in case of emergency, since we still don’t have an emergency hand pump for our well (but we do have a generator which can power the regular pump).
Last year the east coast got hit with a snow storm in October, and this year we’re getting our early hurricane warnings that Hurricane  Sandy is expected to make landfall in southern New Jersey on Monday night. We strive for homes that support how you want to live, while building equity for your future too. Program your radio for traffic reports and emergency messages (for WSDOT radio: 530 and 1610 AM).

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