Dedham may go without impact from this weekend's snow storm, but here is some useful information just in case. DEDHAM, MA—Dedham won’t likely be calling any snow emergencies this weekend, but winter weather in any capacity brings rule changes to the city.During winter months, residents with driveways are expected to use them and remove their cars from the street.
Frigid temperatures and high snowfall are blasting through parts of the UK and Europe, causing tremendous disruption, delays, cancellations, and hardship.
The UK Met office reports up to 100 cm (almost 40 inches!) of lying snow in the eastern regions.
Normally, prevailing winds are from the west in regions around the UK, which keeps things warmer in the winter (relatively speaking). While some other parts of the world may be familiar with severe winter weather conditions and encounter them on a somewhat regular basis during the winter months, such a drastic weather change is catching people off guard and unprepared in the UK and other locations where this type of severe weather is unusual.
Although it is too late in the UK this time, to be prepared for the severe snow storm that is occurring, it will hopefully open the eyes for some and lead to better preparedness plans in the future. Same goes for those who are stranded in airports, etc… with only the clothes on their back and whatever is with them. As an aside, it would be interesting to discover some reasoning as to why the large high pressure system has developed in the northern Atlantic, which is apparently a somewhat rare happening during winter. Update, 2-Dec-2010, thousands of people were stuck on platforms and hundreds were stranded on trains overnight while traffic was an obvious mess.
Update, 3-Dec-2010, more than 20 roads remain closed in Scotland, North West, North East, and Midlands while fuel distribution is being somewhat affected.
It also provides the perfect opportunity to point out the need for preparedness plans, in general. This is a big deal for those of us who don’t usually experience this kind of weather particularly at this time of year. I manage a charity with a large number of volunteers and we discussed the possibility of another bad winter earlier this year, after the Russians forecast the coldest winter for a thousand years. The problem the UK faces each winter is the fact that we just don’t know when a big freeze will happen, how long it will last and the severity, providing it happens in the first place.
MSB is right, a little preparedness goes along way, stocked food and equipment is not a false economy – within reason of-course.
I had a science teacher back in high school that said as water levels rise there would be more flow from the Arctic along the coast of Newfoundland and this increased flow would disrupt the Gulf Stream.
Survival blog topics for a life of preparedness and risk awareness; emergency and disaster or threats thereof. Over the last couple of days Buffalo New York has been slammed by a winter snow storm that has dropped up to 7 feet of snow throughout the area. State Police say thousands of abandoned cars are littered across Interstate 90, which has been completely shut down after being blanketed by over 6 feet of snow. With over 7 feet of snow falling, and snow drifts covering entire houses, people are getting desperate as many find themselves trapped inside their home with little food or supplies.

Those that have managed to dig themselves out are finding grocery stores with empty shelves as deliveries into the area have been turned away because of blocked roads and highways.
This is a prime example on why you should stay prepared, keep stocked up on essentials such as food, water, meds, firewood, and tp. Branded Blankets: A blanket might just save your life in the event that you’re stranded on the road when it’s cold. Custom Eco-Flashlights: It’s important to keep a flashlight in your car for obvious reasons.
Branded Gloves, Hats and Scarves: Depending on just how bad the weather gets, frost bite can set in in a matter of minutes if you are not prepared for the elements. Custom Ice Scrapers: Everyone needs an ice scraper, and it will come in handy if you are caught in an ice or snowstorm with subzero temperatures. Branded Bottled Water and Snacks: We’ve all heard stories about people surviving disaster situations on nothing more than half-empty bottles of water and ketchup packets. Pocket Knives and Tools: A pocket knife or multi-tool may be used at all times of the year, but it is the perfect addition to a survival kit. I cave for an amazing picture book the same way I cave for smooth glass of white wine after a gorgeous day at the beach. Did you read Monica’s post last week about creating a natural backyard play space for pennies?
On April 28 and 29, thousands of kids, teens, teachers and families will gather in Washington DC for the National Science and Engineering festival.
Traditional playgrounds are getting a natural makeover in the form of rustic, natural play spaces. This year, a very large high pressure system has developed in the northern Atlantic Ocean, resulting in a blocking pattern for those westerly’s.
The rail industry is seemingly being blamed for a lack of information (which may be true), however forecasts and falling snow all around should trigger some personal responsibility for ones self, and hopefully, adequate preparedness or contingency plans.
The strange weather patterns and increase of disasters comes straight out of the book of Revelation, in God’s holy Word. We just missed most of the first falls which left us with only three inches on the ground whereas a mile or two in either direction they had 4-6 inches.
Last year we had to knock off the potash for a while purely to concentrate on salt supplies (the government bought everything we could dig out the ground) this year as yet, the salt production is no extra than normal.
The storm, which has already claimed 12 lives and collapsed over 30 roofs, has trapped thousands inside their homes, and buried highways under 7 feet of snow. Many residents had no way of making it home, and hundreds were forced to take shelter in local businesses. Thousands of trucks and snow removal supplies have been sent to buffalo from all over the country, but warmer temperatures and rain are expected to make the problem even worse over the weekend.
This event is a classic example about what that article was about: the need to prepare, have supplies on hand and inside personal vehicles.

Wherever she travels, she’s got half of her life in the trunk of her car – jackets, soccer balls, shoes, bags, dog treats, you name it. The cold temperatures, snow storms, black ice, slush and salt can wreak havoc on cars and worsen already questionable driving skills. You could buy a pre-made deluxe winter survival and cold weather kit, which comes with a wide range of emergency items. Gloves, hats and scarves can serve as a spare set or a safety net in case you get stuck in the storm. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. Nighttime parking is banned on the following streets; East Street (High Street to 128), Common Street, East Dedham Square, Milton Street, Court Street, Oakdale Square, High Street, Dedham Square, Bussey Street, Ames Street, Sprague Street, Whiting Avenue, Cedar Street (Oakdale Square to Endicott), Bridge Street, Walnut Street and Washington Street (Rte.
Since winds rotate clockwise around high pressure systems in the northern hemisphere, it is drawing down very cold air from the north and northeast.
Click on a region and a Java function loads that allows you to watch a time lapse (adjustable speed), which is interesting.
We’re recommending blanket, food, drink, wellies, torch, any required medication, cell phone charged and car topped up with fuel. Most major roads and highways into the area were completely shut down, making food and gas deliveries impossible.
The snow was so bad in Buffalo that over 70 motorists, including a number of stranded truckers, have been forced to shelter inside a local Walmart since Monday. It will interesting to see how many of those affected by this storm become believers in preparedness. For the 1st time, the Forth road bridge, Edinburgh Scotland, has been closed due to the vast amount of snow! And once wintertime rolls around, like clockwork I throw a survival kit into that hot mess of a pile.
For those of you who expect this type of winter I suppose you are prepared for it but we are not used to this and I am concerned that many people will be caught out by it. It’s a smart idea, especially if you want to get specific items in your customers’ and employees’ hands.
Glad i am stocked up, but if anyone has elderly folk living near please see that they are ok, maybe they need more food etc, please check on them, we will all be elderly one day! I think we should be prepared for anything,i have my food stock, get yours while you can, its the wise thing to do.

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