The problem is that regular ‘normal’ occurrence gives people the false sense of security that inures them to the dangerous insidious potential that can quickly hurt them. Also, unlike a head on hurricane or tornado which always starts bad and ends bad, most people don’t experience the worst effects of a bad snowstorm until just after it ends.
Fortunately if you are already inside a dwelling when the snow starts falling that’s half the battle. But that’s not exactly the way it went down just this past week in parts of the Massachusetts area like Nantucket and in upper state New York and elsewhere on the upper East Coast, that got blasted with a high wind travel crushing blizzards dumping almost three feet in areas. By the very large last minute mad rush to ‘prepare’ for what was being forecast as one of the worst possible storms in years. I learned a long time ago to never ever underestimate the surprising beat down power of Mother Nature so the wisely prudent person should always keep enough supplies to get you through a few stormy days in life, that are never a matter of ’if’, but always a matter of only ’when’. I saw a picture of Romania, in 2014 I believe, on the internet news of people tunneling through 13 or more feet of snow on their city streets!
Apparently it didn’t do that much damage or cause many injuries because it was never on any of the prime time TV news report here in the states. That means that either they were prepared better or their life styles and location was more ‘suitable’ for this type of snowstorm so it really wasn’t that big of an ’event’. We have  places like Colorado and the mountains where snow falls of over 6 feet are pretty common and people ‘compensate’ and adjust their lifestyles and get ’used’ to it.
It never fails to amaze me when there are days of  early forecasts and warnings of severe storms and invariably there are always numerous reports of people who become ‘stranded’ in the snow somewhere on an impassable road.
I guess the answer might be obvious if you’ve ever seen ‘Waters’ World’ on the Fox News Channel.
Snowstorms are not considered TEOTWAWKI events (yet?), and many preppers don’t reference them in an advanced ‘Bug Out’ scenario because most snow storms are local, they eventually get under control and things return to normal relatively soon.
The worst case scenario of storms are power outages, and subsequent heavy snow blockage of  emergency resource response, and almost impossible conditions to facilitate speedy repairs. Which is exactly what is still happening in some areas of this recent New England area storm, even though the municipal government took all preventative measures to err on the side of precaution. So there were literally thousands persons on the East Coast especially New England without normal power company electricity and unable to drive out anywhere else because of the heavy snow. Reports show that most of the snowstorm casualties are those who thought they could drive around during hazardous snow storm blizzard conditions. It’s like bugging out when  it’s too late and all the streets are cluttered with dead and burning cars and trash and who knows what else all conspiring together to make for a very un-smiley face day. With maybe the exception of medical emergencies or checking on a friend or neighbor a short distance away by foot to see if they’re okay, stay home and watch the storm on TV if you still have power, or read a good survival book by candle light if the power is out. You’re already docked and secure in your house. If you go out looking for trouble,  you’ll have no problem finding it.
No details necessary here. This goes without saying for anyone whose been ’into’ prepping for a while, and paying attention to Survivopedia messages. But most people will still wait until the last minute.  If you’re one of the latter, and you ‘forgot’ to go shopping ahead of time,  I hope you at least have some cracker or a couple cans of spaghetti hiding in the corner of one of your cabinets to hold you over for a while. Most of us do have enough clothing to keep warm when it’s cold if we live in a seasonal climate but the often overlooked items are socks and gloves, scarfs. It wouldn’t hurt to have at least one pair of those nice super insulated cold weather snowmobile or hunting socks if you anticipate a situation colder than normal in your home. You can even buy battery heated ones, or those usually orange colored dry heat packet inserts you see sold everywhere to slip in between pairs of socks. This may not sound like that big of a deal to worry about in a bad snow blizzard, but when the power lines are down a lot of times it affects your water pump if you’re on a well pump system or an apartment complex where it needs electric pump pressure to reach the appropriate head level giving you water pressure out of your faucets and into the toilet for flushing.
Depending upon how many persons in your ‘survival party’, things can get pretty ‘crappy’ in a surprisingly short amount of time. If the power isn’t coming back on for the foreseeable future or more than a couple days, don’t jam up your toilet with waste.
For daily personal hygiene have a container of wet sanitary wipes sold everywhere for a couple bucks at dollar stores and if your skin is sensitive they have the ones used as diaper changing baby wipes which are not that strong.
When the power in the neighborhood goes out during a storm which seems to be the case in virtually EVERY heavy storm lately, if you have electric baseboard heat or a standard forced air gas furnace, guess what?
If you have a wood burning fireplace or even a natural gas, or better yet propane, one, then as long as you have fuel under pressure in the lines, or dry wood stacked on your porch or deck, you can light your fireplace and hang around that. But please don’t use your so called high efficiency ‘gassifier rocket stoves’ in your apartment living room or bedroom just because it appears to burn cleanly without much smoke and you have a lot of old newspapers and magazines you’ve been wanting to get rid of that you can burn!
On the other hand, if you have a gas flame burner kitchen stove hooked up to an outside propane tank, and when you turn it on the jets create a mostly blue colored flame, then that’s burning pretty efficiently and it would work somewhat safely in an emergency like a small output fireplace if you turned it off intermittently if that’s all you had, even without the exhaust fan working. But a lot of people don’t have a fireplace so in the picture here of the basic items needed I included one of the best all around small portable heaters for just such emergencies. I’ve tried out and used different ones over the years in cold climates and  I think the best bang for the buck which will keep you from emerging from a storm without the loss of toes, nose, or fingertips is the new Mr. The thing about these slick little heaters is that they throw out a lot of British Thermal Units (BTU) for their size, which is a standard measurement of heat intensity. These Portable Buddy heaters have virtually no smell or noise during operation, and always start instantly when gas is connected and on.
For max portability they use the small green one pound tanks, which last maybe 4 to six hours. So there you have the least expensive and simplest requirements to survive a bad snowstorm for someone of minimalist living circumstances especially in an apartment environment. Total cost of the items in the picture which includes a couple weeks worth of food and water for one person is around $300 bucks which is not much when compared to the essential value and prep comfort and potential life saving they provide.
There’s always more that you can do to prepare even better for snowstorms if your area happens to have a lot of them every year if you need to. Advanced Survival Technology can make almost any storm an uneventful personal experience depending upon your resource budget. About the Author Latest PostsAbout Mahatma MuhjesbudeMahatma Muhjesbude is a former Spec-ops combat Vet, LEO, international security consultant, and private contractor. He strongly believes that the best value you can give back in life is vital knowledge through experience, and that's why he's writing for Survivopedia, using a pen name to protect his real identity. If you have hot water baseboard gas fired heat, as I do, it's rather easy to make a backup power setup for it. An inverter, a cheap one from Harbor Freight will do, of at least 1000 watts capacity, and an automotive battery-I usually change mine every 5 years whether it needs it or not, and save the old one, which is still good enough for running the inverter. The battery should have a trickle charger connected to it (Harbor Feight sells these) to maintain charge in normal (power on) times. If you want a little better system, buy a new deep discharge marine type or electric wheelchair type battery, instead of the hand-me-down car battery.

If you have oil fired heat, or hot air heat with a blower motor, your electrical requirements will be heavier. I have a 10 KW Generac, but running that all night just for heat is a waste and causes extra wear on the generator and noise at night. All comments, messages, ideas, remarks, or other information that you send to us (other than information protected according to the law) become and remain our property. Interpol (the band, not the agency) is trapped in the monster snowstorm that hit Buffalo, New York this week. With little else to do but wait, the band took to Twitter to explain the situation to their fans — and crack a few jokes in the process as well. Judging from the band's latest tweets, and unfortunately for the fans, that bus will not be moving anytime soon.
While heavy snows can disrupt travel plans, cause damage to structures and trees, and puts anyone caught out in a snowstorm in a life-threatening situation, it can however be used to your advantage in some cases.
Some assumptions have been made and one is that you would have ample supplies on hand so you would not have to leave your home.
You should always be in a position to take advantage of any additional water sources, regardless of your current supply. Do not melt icicles hanging from the roofline for drinking water unless you filter and purify the melted water first.
Snow can be melted to flush toilets, if you are on a septic system and in even some cases used if on a sewer system if the system is still operational.
You have to be careful when using snow as a means of keeping foods cold enough to inhibit the growth of bacteria.  Any food items buried in the snow to chill should be in a sealed container, and always placed where the snow is shaded. Even through the air, temperature is below freezing, radiant heat can warm up surfaces swiftly. You have to monitor the foods for temperature changes and to make sure animals are not snooping around. Remember warm always conducts to cold so if placing warm items in the snow, the snow will absorb the heat and begin to melt so you may have to move the items once the temperature of the items stabilizes or pack more snow around the items. At a certain point both the food items and the snow will be the same temperature, so if the snow is kept shaded and the items covered well with snow, then in theory a safe holding temperature that inhibits bacteria growth can be maintained. While the temperature of ice is 32 degrees, introducing warmer items will cause the heat to conduct to the cold causing the ice to melt. Any perishable foods such as fresh meat held above 40? F for longer than two hours would be considered unsafe to eat.
This method is provided for informational purposes only, and is not typically recommended as a means of chilling foods or maintaining a safe temperature. On average, the R-rating for snow is R-1, which is the same as wood chips or bales of straw, which is R-1.5. Snow can be used to cover perennials plants to help prevent the moisture in the pants from freezing and destroying the plant. Pile snow along the foundation of any structure to help keep the cold winds out and to help stabilize the temperature inside the structure, when you have lost your heating source. As stated earlier warm conducts to cold and the conduction of heat will be slowed as the inside air stabilizes, thus the conduction of warm to cold will slow. Many times hay bales are used along the bottom of mobile homes to keep cold winds from flowing underneath, so in the absence of bales of straw you can use snow instead. Snow cover allows you to see footprints and tire tracks, and thus can help you keep track of comings and goings of others.
Monitor the footprints under all windows, around tool sheds, garages and anywhere around your home that would allow anyone entrance. If you have a pair of snowshoes or skies, you can get around in deep snow to hunt for fresh meat.
Western New York is about to be buried in six feet of snow, and the National Weather Service has issued an official lake effect snow warning for several major counties, including Genesee, Erie, and Wyoming.
A lake effect snow occurs when a cold front moves over a larger body of warmer water, creating unstable atmospheric temperatures as clouds form, suck in water and then move downwind. Please SHARE these important tips on keeping you and your family (and pets, of course) safe & warm this winter! How can you be prepared when there's snow taller than your pup - like this drift in Upstate New York? Despite their fur coats, dogs are prone to the cold just as much as we are, and can experience hypothermia and frostbite.
Keep your animals inside as much as possible during a snowstorm, and make sure that their access to food and water is not blocked by snow or ice. Ensure that your household has adequate warm clothing and blankets, plenty of dry, seasoned wood if you own a fireplace and the heat goes out, and rock salt or a similar and environmentally safe ice melter. In case you lose power and do not have access to the roads, you’ll want you and your family to have plenty to eat. Have one in your car if you plan on driving during inclement weather; Car kits should include booster cables, emergency flares, a cell phone adapter for the lighter in your car, a shovel, extra hats, a chain and rope, extra hats, socks, and mittens, and road salt, sand, or cat litter. Snowstorms are probably the most overlooked because for the most part they are just the winter version of rainfall, and these are normal occurrences in our lives.
It happens especially in the case of very severe snowstorm, which belie their seriousness compared to the more dramatic results of hard rains and flooding. In fact, as we’ve seen this week on the East Coast, it is difficult to predict with absolute certainty the severity of a snow storm in your precise location.
Surviving if you are outside in the wilderness is a bit more complicated and a different study. Panicky ’last minute’ people literally wiped out many small local food stores leaving news pictures showing nary a  cracker crumb left on all the shelves, apparently not very many were ready and confident about their survival abilities.
But they should, because a winter blast from Mother Nature can often be much more insidious and lead to a rabidly declining scenario if you don’t take the extra steps to prevent it.
But in a compacted mega-metropolis like New York City large snowfalls almost always cause very costly problems and put people in harms way. So we’ll focus on those of us who have less than optimal options and show you the best set up for surviving a bad, but short term snowstorm especially in an urban city environment. They even got to the point of receiving criticism for being too ‘heavy handed’ in their emergency preparations and demands by closing down virtually every business and public entity to facilitate rapid clean up response.
It falls into the old logic that it’s better to be adequately prepared and not need it, then to not be prepared when a disaster happens! The rest became victims of freezing temperatures and absence of supplies especially water and food. They cost around 20 bucks but you’ll really only need one pair because you can use a regular pair underneath.

Simple plastic garbage bags, preferably heavier duty, inserted in your commode seat and tied up and removed and replaced immediately after usage will work well enough. In fact it’s really your first concern in a bad snowstorm because if you don’t have HEAT and you’re trapped by the snow you can die or lose body parts in hours, even minutes in some extreme cold and ice conditions. Without  adequate ventilation, it still gives off enough carbon monoxide of a potentially dangerous level. These evolved from the ‘trickle-up’ of ice fishing shanty heaters and are quite popular now for various ancillary zone heating needs in cold climates. You can get larger or smaller ones but The ‘Portable Buddy’ model puts out around  4 to 8 thousand BTU’s either low or high setting and this is enough heat to keep a  300 sq ft. And they are rated for inside usage and have an O2 sensor which means If the room is too air tight it shuts itself off at a certain oxygen depletion level so you can still breathe.  It also instantly shuts itself off if it accidentally tips over . But with a hose adapter for about $25 bucks at Walmart or online, as shown in the picture, you can hook up a 20 or 30 pound portable barbecue grill propane tank and it will actually run constantly for an amazing 100 or more hours!  That’s more than four whole days without even conserving the duration by not having it on all the time if it’s not that frigid. If I ever skidded off the road… Trying to avoid hitting Sasquatch and went down in a ravine, and went ‘missing’ for any length of time I’ve got enough heat and supplies in my truck to make a mini-‘vacation’ out of it until help came if I didn’t feel like walking anywhere. That set up could keep you going for at least a week trapped without power in a bad boy ‘Nor Easter’.
Find the power input to the heating system and install a DOUBLE POLE DOUBLE THROW switch of at least 15 ampere capacity. The band's bus has been completely stuck in snow for more than 48 hours now, and the band has already been forced to cancel two shows in Toronto and Montreal. We’ve been stranded in a snowstorm outside of Buffalo for over 40 hours and still don’t know when we’ll be able to move from our current position," the band wrote on its official website Wednesday. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. This means that part of your preparations should include extra containers that can be used to store water. In most cases, unless contamination is obvious melted snow would not have to be purified before consuming. The roof and guttering system that the melted snow has passed over will have contaminates that of course will be present in the ice.
This is why roadways especially ones constructed using asphalt will melt snow coverings even when not treated.
Frozen foods can and will thaw when exposed to sunlight even if the air temperature is below freezing, so use caution. Plain wood is rated at R-0.7 while a brick has even less insulating quality than wood (Scott, 2011). While it will not be cozy inside it will be 15 to 20 degrees warmer inside the structure than outside, and it will take little heat to keep the inside warm if snow is piled up outside the structure. If you do not shovel your driveway or sidewalk during a crisis, you will be alerted when you see footprints or vehicle tracks not of your own making.
Passive monitoring is not a preventive measure of course, but tracks will alert you to the fact someone is snooping around, and may allow you to prepare for a possible intrusion in the future. If necessary, place a wee-wee pad on the floor so that they can relieve themselves without having to step out into the cold.
Cover all bare floors with rugs or blankets, as they can get very cold for your bare feet AND your fur babies' paws! Prepare a winter emergency kit that contains necessary items like dry snack food, blankets, bottled water, matches and small candles, a first aid kit, and a flashlight with extra batteries. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Bad snow storms have an additional threat of freezing cold, and this situation will kill swiftly and mercilessly. So any snow that starts falling cannot be absolutely guaranteed to be only a light dusting, or a monster drift burying nightmare with massive accumulations.
Shelter is a first priority in any event and if you are in your apartment and ‘prepared’, you should have no problems, right?
Remember, it’s not necessarily just the ‘amount’ of snow that accumulates, it’s what that accumulation sometimes causes. And when accumulations get around 3 feet and average vehicles cannot make it through the streets it starts to get dangerous. Why would anyone with any common sense left in their brains intentionally drive in dangerous conditions they were warned about in plenty of time to avoid! It will also be the least expensive snowstorm prep that almost anyone can afford and quickly put together. Unless your ‘stove’ or heater is rated at 99% plus efficiency it will be giving off some amount of potentially harmful carbon monoxide which you don’t want for any length of time. There are various brands and sizes sold almost everywhere and can be ordered off he internet and delivered. Room at a comfortable 60 or more degrees depending upon your wall insulation when it’s below zero outside. He is a dedicated advocate of Liberty and Justice for all and a proactive defender of our Constitutional rights. Connect the wires from the boiler system to the CENTER contacts on the switch, and the incoming house power to one pair of side contacts, and wires to the inverter on the other side pair.
It is important that you keep track of your own footprints and of others in the home so you can identify tracks that do not belong there. A toboggan or even a saucer type sled can be pulled behind you and used to bring the game back home. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). I hope they pull together and hold on until help arrived, and I hope it arrived soon or they at least got the power back on before this next ’insult to injury’ storm is predicted to follow up and pound them again! Camping supply stores have all kinds of similar systems and ‘porta-potties’ if this becomes a major concern. A crisis that shuts the community down meaning roads will not be plowed and many services disrupted or stopped completely.
Allow the water to warm as much as possibly before drinking, while protecting the water from contamination.

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