Calling job creation in America a “shared goal,” the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) today joined other trade associations, labor unions, environmental groups and business and community advocates in pushing for new efforts to address climate change, rebuild America’s aging infrastructure and foster innovation. Members of the BlueGreen Alliance, which represents more than 15 million members and supporters nationwide, held a press conference today on Capitol Hill to discuss ways to jump start job creation. SEIA President and CEO Rhone Resch, pictured on the left, and BlueGreen Alliance Executive Director David Foster, center, told reporters today that the enhanced use of renewable energy sources, such as solar, can create thousands of new green jobs in America.
Resch went on to say, “Some of this growth is attributed to the fact that the cost of a solar system has dropped by nearly 40 percent over the past two years, making solar more affordable than ever for consumers.
In a related development, The Solar Foundation, an independent nonprofit solar research and education organization, today announced the release of its State Solar Jobs Map, a web-based tool providing the first ever solar jobs numbers for each of the 50 states. The Solar Foundation has released its third annual National Solar Jobs Census report, which found the U.S. This figure represents the addition of 13,872 new solar workers and a 13.2 percent employment growth rate over the past 12 months. The newest data from The Solar Foundation’s National Solar Jobs Census is exponentially exciting. Because, as far as resilient clean-energy infrastructure designed for a globally warmed future goes, there is just no substitute for solarization. Both of The Solar Foundation’s reports clearly state that both public and private incentives are political and economic winners. Can anyone think of a better place for armed forces veterans to land than the explosive solar sector?
After decades of disastrous campaigns for fossil fuels abroad, working for the sunshine industry will feel like an overdue vacation for U.S. If those who wish to see Australia’s Renewable Energy Target (RET) abolished get what they want, up to 6,750 solar PV jobs could be lost and foregone nationwide in less than 5 years. The grim prediction comes from REC Agents Association (RAA) in a report due to be released on Wednesday. The RAA report states the solar industry employed around 17,000 Australians in 4,300 small and medium sized businesses last year. Instantly download our hugely popular guide to buying a solar power system and home energy storage – 21 pages full of easy to understand useful information, tips, photos and diagrams.
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Just as a quick reminder, if our national goal is to create jobs, investing in clean energy is several times more effective than investing in fossil fuel or nuclear jobs.
Robert Pollin, the President of Pear Energy and a professor of economics at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, has studied this matter in depth with the Department of Energy and the International Labour Organization. Keep up to date with all the hottest cleantech news by subscribing to our (free) cleantech newsletter, or keep an eye on sector-specific news by getting our (also free) solar energy newsletter, electric vehicle newsletter, or wind energy newsletter. Zachary Shahan is tryin' to help society help itself (and other species) one letter at a time.
An analysis of the Vogtle reactor costs by Citigroup in early 2014 found the LCOE for electricity from those reactors will cost 11 cents per kWh (subsidized). They also stated that reactors built after the Vogtle units would likely produce more expensive electricity as they would not be able to receive the low financing rates as Vogtle has obtained.

Following the Citigroup study it was announced that the Vogtle reactors would be delayed at least an 30 additional months.
In short, the EIA predictions are running in the opposite direction of essentially everyone else in the energy industry and the EIA gives no rationalization for their predictions. IMHO there is something badly wrong in the EIA office that predicts the renewable energy future.
That said, wind and solar have dominated US electricity installations over the last year or so. So you realize that solar power is cheaper than coal, but the people who run big businesses and who could make millions of dollars by cutting their costs, have not realized this yet?
Does that not suggest to you that the decision makers are starting to “get it”? Germany just completed construction of a new coal plant which will not likely ever be turned on.
I guess you’re saying that 3 live green energy workers produce more CO2 than a dead coal miner?
Obviously nuclear isn’t included because nobody likes the fact that a handful of technicians could power whole cities with a proven, efficient power source. When that happens jobs per MWh or however one would like to measure them might turn out to be about the same.
In less than 20 years, not 20 to 40, we’ll be meeting all our electrical needs and probably taking the excesses to make methane as a replacement for oil.
In their study, Jacobson and Delucchi calculated that we could get the world to almost 100% renewables with a massive World War II type effort. If you haven’t read the Jacobson and Delucchi 2009 Scientific American article you might want to. They took projections of how much energy the world would need in 2030 and calculated how many wind turbine, solar panels, etc.
No you are correct and Ray Kurzweil has been saying it and it’s actually doubling every 2yrs for the last 20 yrs thus 7 more doubles and 100% of world energy needs are met purely by solar covering 1% of the planet. But if that were to happen how about we take a look at how much of the world’s surface would be covered by panel. Well Bob, then perhaps you are splitting hairs, as in your comment on the amount of land mass it would require to reach 100% of our energy needs by solar not being 1% of land mass of Earth. You may choose to retort back Bob but I am sorry I shall not be replying back for efficiencies sake. If the cost of electricity goes down then people will have to work less to pay for their electricity.
It’s fairly certain that renewables will give us cheaper electricity than would fossil fuels or nuclear.
First, remember that all our current generation plants will wear out and have to be replaced with something. One important way, they said, was to dramatically expand the use of renewable energy, including solar. If we want to want to create new jobs, foster innovation and ensure prosperity for future generations of Americans, we must expand our commitment to using clean, renewable energy sources in the U.S.

Your biggest competition is not other real estate newbies like yourselves, but mom and pop investors looking to establish a stream of rental income. Led by dominator California, the United States is more quickly solarizing while supercharging the job market. While 28 states increased solar jobs, all of America is struggling to catch up to scorching California, which employs 54, 690 citizens. The Golden State expects to add 9,400 more solar jobs over the next year, and for all of that exponential growth it can thank progressive public policies which more quickly incentivize solarization as global warming comes calling. And it is when they all play and work together, in California or in any state, that America begins to look like an international superpower taking global warming seriously. Moran and Prime Minister Abbott, is the impact of solar panels on electricity bills; with claims the RET is a significant contributor.
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If you are required to work more for the same amount of energy, you are not richer, but poorer. For example, as hot as California is, Nevada is first in solar workforce as percentage of state employment. Unlike the oil and gas for which they fought, solar is America’s fastest growing renewable energy and can be channeled into immediate service from anywhere on the planet. Currently though it seems like we have an infinite supply of farm land being wasted on biofuel.
A recent report shows that these deep-pocketed investors are focusing on the most affordable segments of the market: smaller homes in both suburban and urban areas. Trailed by Arizona and California, Nevada is proving that if you want to build in the desert, you better put solar panels on everything and hire the workers to install them. The President and Senate Democrats are lobbying for Congress to give the Department of Energy enough funding to double military solar training from 10 to 20 military bases, and counting. Zach is recognized globally as a solar energy, electric car, energy storage, and wind energy expert. The National Association of Realtors® released the 2016 Investment and Vacation Home Buyers Report last week, providing insight into consumer-driven home purchases. Well that was my point as well as in it will not require much land mass of the earth or specifically the size of at Alberta, with an area of 661,848 km2. Most recently, he co-authored the studies “Green Recovery” (September 2008), “The Economic Benefits of Investing in Clean Energy” (June 2009), and “Green Prosperity” (June 2009) exploring the broader economic benefits of large-scale investments in building a clean-energy economy in the United States.
Department of Energy and the International Labour Organization on the economic analysis of clean-energy investments. He has worked with the United Nations Development Programme and the United Nations Economic Commission on Africa on policies to promote decent employment expansion and poverty reduction in Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa.

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