Any information can be placed in the sidebar to help your website visitors navigate your site. The VIKING throw-overboard liferaft is released from the cradle (by disengaging the slip hook) and thrown overboard, or slides automatically when released. Elasticity also means flexibility which improves reliability in an emergency causing the liferaft to be exposed to quite heavy loads. Each liferaft is furnished with boarding facilities, external and internal lighting, lifelines, a drogue (sea anchor), a rescue line and quoit, instructions in How to Survive and other instructions as well as other necessary items of equipment. All VIKING liferafts are packed in GRP (glass reinforced plastic) containers, which conform to the IMO LSA Code.
An Emergency Escape Breathing Device (EEBD) is an important life saving appliance which is used for escaping an area with hazardous conditions such as may be fire, smoke, poisonous gases etc. The Emergency Escape Breathing Device (EEBD) contains breathing oxygen for a time period of at least 10 minutes, along with a low pressure audible alarm (whistle type).
Cylinder: It consists of small cylinder carrying oxygen, along with a demand valve and low pressure alarm. Clear window: A clear window is provided in the face piece and is made up of flame resistant material for clear sighting and smooth escaping. For ships carrying more then 36 passengers, two EEBDa€™s are additionally required in each main vertical zone. EEBD is to be located in easily visible areas of machinery spaces, mostly in engine control room, workshop and near escape routes.

As a worldwide marine service provider, Ijin Marine Limited is providing ship voyage repair, lifesaving inspection, firefighting inspection, underwater hull cleaning, and communication inspection in more than 300 ports of 80 countries. SOLAS throw over boad type inflatable life raft, View life raft, Huayan Product Details from Jiangsu Huayan Marine Equipment Co., Ltd.
Hull Insulation: Accommodation area insulated with 80D Roodwool and in Engine room insulated with 130D Rookwool with fire retardant cloth.
SAFETY BOARD - IF THE WORST HAPPENSHere is a short description of the products, more information is available on the respective article.EPIRB = Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon.
The liferaft being waterborne, these stabilizing pockets are automatically filled with water, their weight minimizing the risk of the liferaft capsizing under the influence of the sea and the wind. When waterborne, the liferaft inflates on a hard pull of the painter line and is then ready for boarding. During numerous tests made in the right element, the flexibility of the liferaft has proved crucial to its functioning when deployed at extremely low temperatures, when being boarded and when being loaded in rough sea. All cargo ships and passenger vessels must carry EEBD at different locations, complying with amendments of chapter -3 of Fire system safety code (FSSC). Most of the EEBD manufacturers provide time duration of 15 minutes to escape out from danger. The maintenance of EEBD is done by shore people or manufacturers only as it has got a shelf life.
This is a list of the world's seaports, arranged by oceans and seas, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. The liferaft inflates on a hard pull of the quick release line and is then ready for boarding. However, it is to note that EEBD should never be used for fire fighting purpose or life saving purpose. Normally lifesaving equipment includes life boat, life raft, who are annually inspected accordingly to class requirement.
Fire fighting equipment includes fire extinguisher (dry powder, CO2, foam, etc, hand type or wheeled type), firemen outfitting and cylinder, Air Breathing Apparatus, EEBD, etc. Transponder that transmit a specific signal which appears on surrounding vessels radar or AIS receivers. We can also deliver small personal AIS beacons, easily worn in belts or life jackets.We distribute McMurdo beacons and transponders.
McMurdo is manufacturing nearly 25 percent of the world’s emergency beacons used by major marine, aviation and military customers.

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