Jacqui Dankworth and The Fresh Dixie Project are the two headlining acts performing at The Atkinson as part of this year?s Southport Jazz Festival in May. This year?s festival takes place between Friday 9 ? Sunday 11 May with events taking place across the town in bars, cafe?s, hotels and many other venues. Jacqui is one of the most highly regarded vocalists in the UK described as ?multi-faceted? and ?incomparable? by The Times. She has spent a busy two years ? singing, writing and acting ? since the release of her acclaimed fourth album, It Happens Quietly, dedicated to her illustrious father, John Dankworth.
Her latest album, Live to Love, has been receiving rave reviews, including 4 stars from the highly respected John Fordham in The Guardian. The material was first introduced to an ecstatic audience last spring when Jacqui opened the ?Jazz Diva? series with a much praised two-hour concert at London?s Cadogan Hall, where she performed with her quintet plus members of the BBC Big Band and Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.
The Fresh Dixie Project has exploded onto the UK?s music scene with their refreshing and unique take on swing. The 5 young gents from the South East are pumping out the most hard-hitting, chin-scratching, toe tapping tunes you ever did hear.
In person: Visit the Southport Tourist Information Centre (located on Lord Street, Southport).
The behemoth that is the Walking Dead keeps ploughing forward, daring to take risks that leave you unsure just who will still be alive by the end of the book. So the second book in this story arc picks up with Rick?s community recovering from the explosive attack by Negan and his soldiers and counting the cost of just who and what they?ve lost. Rick?s plan is to end this as quickly as possible, which means regrouping at the Hilltop and making a stand there.
This is still a great book because it?s first and foremost about the struggle for survival.

The Southport Food and Drink Festival is nearly upon us - but what will the weather be like?
Andrew Brown is the editor of the Southport Visiter, Midweek Visiter, Formby Times, Ormskirk Advertiser, Skelmersdale Advertiser, and the Crosby Herald. The Festival of Small Halls is a series of tours that takes the best folk and contemporary acoustic artists performing at two of our country's largest festivals, and sends them on the road to tiny halls in communities all over Australia. The artist line-up for Small Halls will always be at least one Australian artist and one International touring artist, who play music of exceptional quality and heart. It has been a firm favourite in the events calendar since 2001, attracting international and national artists from all different jazz styles. Her concert appearances and her stylistically diverse recordings showcase her virtuosic and effortless mastery of a wide spectrum of genres. Appearances at top venues and international jazz festivals include a rapturous reception as special guest with the Chick Corea Trio at The Barbican during the 2012 London Jazz Festival. It is a mix of great originals and classy arrangements of a few standards, with Jacqui accompanied by a horde of illustrious musicians drawn from various genres, including her husband, the phenomenal Memphis-born keyboardist and singer-songwriter Charlie Wood. Looking and sounding absolutely fabulous, she is a ?Jazz Diva? in every sense of the word!! Tipped as swinging in the footsteps of Jamie Cullum, their intricate beats, raucous saxophone and acrobatic vocals characterise this young band?s infectious sound. Like the TV show (and indeed Game of Thrones) this makes for a more edge-of-your-seat read now we?re all so acclimatised to the false peril so many characters find themselves in. But there?s a lot of supposition and speculation flying about concerning just what Negan will do when, and it ends up being more of case of who will underestimate who first.
The zombies are a threat, but they?re one of many, alongside hunger, exposure and baseball-weilding madmen.

It's an opportunity for music-lovers from welcoming communities to invite artists from Home and Abroad into their towns, and a way of exploring this vast country in the spirit of hospitality and great fun.
From our farmlands to the flood lands, the rainforests to the outback, audiences can expect a beautiful night of original music, as well as a chance to catch up with their friends during a supper break.
Known primarily as a jazz singer, Jacqui also draws on folk, soul and blues influences, as well as her acute sensibility as a songwriter and lyricist.
Played hard, fast and laced with virtuosity, their tunes are just as electrifying for the ears as they are for the feet. Even in this volume I couldn?t be 100% sure if Rick Grimes was indeed going to make it, which is saying something this many books in. Eugene?s small team of ammunition makers, based way outside of the community?s walls, are staying silent for fear of attracting the attackers? attention, but a foolish toilet break (indeed) brings destruction of a different kind and Negan becomes aware of them none the less.
It?s character-driven storytelling, so when just about anyone falls foul of a walker or a bullet you feel a sense of loss. If you?ve seen any of the TV show then don?t think for a moment that you don?t need to read these either - the TV show has found its own path, like a parallel universe - so there are still plenty of shocks and surprises to experience here.
The answer might be both, as the Met office advance forecast for Southport over the weekend is a mixed one. There'll be heavy rain in the early morning, but this will move to the southeast, making for some mid-afternoon bright spells before some light showers in the afternoon. With strong winds predicted for most of the afternoon, be sure to wrap up before heading out., though it looks to be drier and sunnier in the evening.

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