Hostile entities may already be in possession of some form of an E-bomb, Ministry of Defence officials warned earlier this month – though there appears to be no actual evidence to support such alarming speculation. It seems implausible that lone terrorists or localised terror networks would be capable of developing such a device on their own, or gaining access to one – let alone having the ability to launch one 500 miles into the upper atmosphere. The conference at which Phillip Hammond discussed the E-bomb threat is being hosted by the US-based Electric Infrastructure and Security Council (EIS) and the Henry Jackson Society. One glance at the organisation’s membership list settles any doubt about its true imperial nature. Its chairman and CEO is a man named Avi Schnurr; Schnurr founded the Israel Missile Defense Association, whose website hypes the supposed threat to Israel from Iranian, Syrian and Palestinian missiles. That the British government was represented at today’s conference is unsurprising, considering the number of leading British politicians who support the Neocon and Zionist ideology and agenda. Fox and his friend and unofficial adviser Adam Werrity set up the Neocon front organisation The Atlantic Bridge, whilst Werrity’s funding came from wealthy Jewish businessmen, associated with strongly pro-Israel lobby groups such as the British Israel Communications and Research Centre.
Former British ambassador and whistleblower Craig Murray said that a trusted source told him that “co-ordinating with Israel and the US on diplomatic preparation for an attack on Iran was the subject of all these meetings”. Get Our Exclusive 21-page Report 10 Ways to Survive and Thrive During Economic Collapse for FREE! This site is devoted to a discussion of the real science and technology behind the Dark Angel television series, although many readers of the 2009 book One Second After are here for the extensive information about nuclear electromagnetic pulse. If you are visiting this page only for the EMP information, you may want to visit the Futurescience Sitemap of EMP Pages. In testimony before the United States Congress House Armed Services Committee on October 7, 1999, the eminent physicist Dr. Today, if just one of these 500 kiloton bombs like the Mark 18 were detonated 300 miles above the central United States, the economy of the country would be essentially destroyed instantaneously.
Both the United States and the Soviet Union detonated EMP-generating nuclear weapons tests in space during the darkest days of the Cuban Missile Crisis, when the world was already on the brink of nuclear war.
There is a separate page with many more details about the Soviet nuclear EMP tests in 1962.
For a map of the locations of the most highly at-risk power grid transformers in the United States, see this page from the 2008 Report on Severe Space Weather Events. A page has been developed about the things that individuals can do to help protect themselves against the EMP threat -- and there is much that individuals can do. As the above report points out, even if power grid transformers survive an EMP attack, the power grid is extremely vulnerable to EMP and other attacks because of electronic control and monitoring devices called SCADAs, which would be knocked out even by a relatively small weapon. For a shorter summary, the comments of the chairman of the EMP Commission, made when the report above was delivered to the U.S.
Another good report on the nuclear EMP problem is this report on Electromagnetic Pulse Threats in 2010 released by the United States Air Force.
For a discussion of some of the problems in correlating the results of EMP simulator testing to the actual results seen in the 1962 high altitude nuclear tests, see this transcript of a House Armed Services Committee discussion between congressmen and physicists. There is a comprehensive and well-referenced page at this site with extensive details about the 1962 Soviet nuclear EMP tests over Kazakhstan, which resulted in extensive damage to the electrical and communications infrastructure. Another page on EMP explains the critical difference between the E1, E2 and E3 components of nuclear EMP.
Also at this site, there is a page on common EMP Myths, which cause a considerable amount of confusion.
For more information about human babies by design, see the 2007 book BABIES BY DESIGN by Ronald M. More information about this and other genes may be found at Entrez Gene, maintained by the United States National Library of Medicine. In order to overexpress this gene in mice, the researchers inserted the mouse DNA with a 2,000 base-pair region of human DNA from a promoter region called the human alpha-skeletal actin gene promoter.
Just before the start of the 2010 Winter Olympics, another article on the possibility of genetically engineered athletes appeared in the weekly journal, Science. The Repoxygen virus for re-engineering DNA was developed by Oxford BioMedica, but has apparently been abandoned because of its possibilities for athletic enhancement, although it could have had profound medical uses in the treatment of anemia. The Japanese company Cyberdyne is selling an exoskeleton called the Hybrid Assistive Limb in Japan, and they plan to offer it for sale soon in the European Union. Honda has done public demonstrations of its Walking Assist Device, an exoskeleton designed for people who can walk on their own, but who have some difficulty doing so. The Electromagnetic BombIn 2003, it was reported that US forces used an electromagnetic bomb to disrupt Iraqi TV transmissions. This item will be shipped through the Global Shipping Program and includes international tracking. Items shipping internationally may be subject to customs processing depending on the item's declared value. Will usually ship within 1 business day of receiving cleared payment - opens in a new window or tab.
In this first part, we will explore some of the first-person effects of EMP and define the two major causes of this catastrophe. For further details and a much more in-depth report on the topic, please consider ordering a copy of Thinking the Unthinkablea€”EMP Attack! If you use the Coupon Code: Rourke you will receive a 20% discount off this 80-page report! Imagine for a moment, all of your electronic conveniences such as lights, air conditioners, refrigerators, microwaves, cell phones, computers, ATM machinesa€”anything that contained a microprocessor or required electricity to power it, suddenly stopped workinga€”forever. Imagine for a moment, the most basic things we Americans have taken for granted such as running water, electricity or natural gas suddenly stopped flowinga€”forever.
Imagine for a moment, you or a loved one is on an airplane flying at altitude when an event takes place and suddenly thousands of aircraft begin plummeting from the sky as the aircraftsa€™ computer-controlled systems suddenly fail.
Imagine for a moment, you are driving on the highway when your car suddenly decelerates and you have to veer to the side of the road as nearby vehicles swerve into one another and the entire Interstate becomes one massive parking lot.
Imagine this occurs and you are hundreds of miles from your home and you find your only way to get back home is your own two feet.
Imagine for a moment, the confusion that would set in when you try to help those injured in their vehicles and find out that everyonea€™s cell phones or CB Radios no longer work and there was no way to call 911. Imagine for a moment, the feeling of total helplessness of not being able to communicate with your loved ones when your world is instantly turned upside down.
Imagine for a moment, you are forced to walk to your local grocery store with the hopes of buying water and food for your family and realize that debit and credit cards are no longer accepted. Imagine for a moment, you or a loved one are in a hospital requiring life support or dialysis when the power goes out and the back-up generators either fail to kick-in or eventually run out of fuel and there are no means of refueling them. These hellish scenarios are not the result of an alien attack or some other science-fictional phenomenon.A  They are just a few of the nightmares we might experience in the aftermath of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) event.
An electromagnetic pulse An EMP is a high-intensity burst of electromagnetic radiation caused by a rapid acceleration of charged electron particles. There are two main causes of an EMP.A  The first is the result of a massive solar flare, or a Coronal Mass Ejection, which we will describe later in this article.

A HEMP is a caused by a nuclear detonation in the eartha€™s upper atmospherea€”some 50 to 200 miles above the Eartha€™s surface.A  As an observer on the ground you may notice a brief flash of light. In spite of there being two totally different potential causes of an EMP, the outcome can be equally devastating. Imagine for a moment what life would be like without electricity for twelve months or perhaps longer!A  According to a 2008 study by Metatech, the time required to obtain replacements of these devices under these circumstances could be up to 3-years!A  The devastation inflicted on the United States by either a HEMP or severe EMP event would plunge us back to a life that is reminiscent of how we lived in the 1800s. It is important to recognize that there is a fundamental difference between the potential scale of damage from a man-made HEMP attack versus that from a solar-based event. There is much speculation and misinformation circulating about how you can protect yourself from a CME or HEMP attack. The unfortunate reality is that testing various pieces of equipment at one of the few EMP testing facilities open to civilian testing is extremely expensive.A A  Because of this, there simply has not been a series of tests of non-military vehicles or electronic equipment inside microwave ovens, or aluminum garbage cans to see if these contraptions can actually prevent the passage of electromagnetic waves through the containers like poor mana€™s Faraday cage!
If you use the Coupon Code: Rourke you will receive a 20% discount off this 80 page report!
The E1 pulse is the first of three electromagnetic pulses created by a HEMP.A  An E1 happens almost instantaneously and lasts for only a microsecond. The E2 pulse is created from previously scattered ambient gammas, as well as from the scattering of the weapon-produced neutrons from the nuclei of air molecules. So, if a rogue state like Iran or North Korea launched a HEMP high over the United States, then we are far worse off than if an X class solar flare hits us directly. Solar Storms: There is a common misconception that solar storms only affect the side of the earth that is facing the sun at the time the storm hits our atmosphere, or rather that a CMEs effects only hit the day-light side of Earth. Faraday Cages: A Faraday cage will protect electronic equipment against E1 and E2 pulses from a HEMP attack.
One of the keys to constructing a Faraday cage is making sure that the unit itself has a tight RF gasket seal and that it is a homogenous metal container that doesna€™t contain welded seams.A  If the Faraday cage is constructed by welding components, the welds maybe at risk for not being continuous. The Wiring in Your House: During the Carrington Event in 1859, a massive CME erupted igniting the countrya€™s vast network of telegraph wires interconnecting the various small towns and cities through out the nation.A  Not only did the E3 pulse fry the thousands of miles of telegraph wire, some of the telegraph offices that were connected to it reportedly caught fire!
Radio Receivers: Conventional wisdom is that small-transistorized radio receivers may survive a nuclear EMP attack provided they were not operational or their antenna was not extended at the time of an E1 or E3 pulse. Two-Way Radios: More recent testing of portable professional two-way radios has shown that they were resistant to EMP up to quite a high level.
Older Vehicles: Since todaya€™s automobiles and trucks rely on as many as 100 microprocessors, they are particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects an E1 pulse from a HEMP attack.
In an important international electromagnetics conference in 1994, after the breakup of the Soviet Union, General Vladimir Loborev delivered an important technical paper in which he stated, a€?The matter of this phenomenon is that the electrical puncture occurs at the weak point of a system. This illustrates that even vehicles without an electronic ignition or other electronic components are not immune from HEMP.
Look at it like thisa€”if you ran a test of one model and make of vehicle and zapped six of these identical cars in the EMP test, half of them might die right there on the spot.A  One or two of them may have performance issues down the road and may fail to start in a week and maybe one might come out unscathed. What we know, and this is a significant distinction to make clear again for everyone reading this article, is that a solar event, regardless how strong it is will not likely be a threat to our modern day vehicles.
The real threat and the likely source of the nightmarish scenarios conveyed in the Imagine section that began the first article would likely only be caused by a HEMP, or as a result of a high altitude nuclear detonation.A  However, keep in mind that a significant solar-based EMP attack similar to what we witnessed in 1859 or more recently in Canada could take our national power grid.
If you are looking for more detailed information on this specific topic of EMP, we invite you to consider purchasing our Thinking the Unthinkable: EMP Attack! 1-20 pictures for electromagnetic induction coil from 1417 products, Competitive electromagnetic induction coil photos from various China electromagnetic induction coil manufacturers and electromagnetic induction coil suppliers are listed below. Hydraulic Shock Absorber for Benz W140 140 320 0331 Specifications Shock Absorber Part name Shock Absorber OE no. Yellow 4000Kg Gasoline LPG heavy duty forklifts 4 wheel in factory building Quick Detail: 1.
If the West had any actual evidence that Iran is planning to develop or actively working on such a device, however, it is almost certain that we would have been told about it.
Detonating an E-bomb would make as little sense for Iran as their use of a nuclear missile – another weapon the Iranians do not possess and, despite the assertions of our leaders, a weapon they have repeatedly stated they are not developing.
It counts amongst its patrons the former head of MI6 Sir Richard Dearlove, former director of the CIA James Woolsey, as well as arch-Neocons and Project For A New American Century members, Richard Perle and William Kristol. Fear is being perpetuated with the intention of isolating potential threats to Israel, whilst securing further funding and protection for the Jewish state. The pair attended Zionist conferences, sometimes joined by Britain’s ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould, and even held unofficial meetings with members of the Mossad in Israel.
Maryland Ends Mandatory Minimums for Drug Users, Lets Non-Violent Offenders Out EarlyFormer Fed Adviser Admits Federal Reserve Is Privately OwnedHate Taxes? Starfish Prime test had been used in the Soviet tests, the EMP damage over Kazakhstan would have been far greater. The so-called E-bomb is a weapon designed to disable electronics with an electromagnetic pulse. Contact the seller- opens in a new window or tab and request a shipping method to your location. Depending upon the type of burst, it can cause catastrophic damage to electrical devices due to its impact on both electric and magnetic fields. The other is caused by a man-made event, which is known as a High Altitude EMP Event, or HEMP, which we will describe next.
The solar flare or CME emits radiation that eventually hits the Eartha€™s atmosphere, causing similar effects as the HEMP, but the degree of the effects depends on a number of factors. Both a HEMP and a significant CME could have real world repercussions that threaten our electrical grid. According to several experts, the resulting death rate in the United States as result of prolonged grid-down event is expected to be as high 90%! Unfortunately, in either case, we will not have much time to prepare for such an event once ita€™s launched or expelled from the Sun, so preparing for both potential events before they occur is what we should all consider doing.
A lot of this conjecture and confusion is in part due to our governmenta€™s Top Secret classification on the subject and the fact that they only perform tests on their own hardened structures and military equipment. The only EMP protectors available to the civilian population that are guaranteed to work are likely the very expensive commercially produced versions you seen online.A  So, whether you choose to make a contraption yourself, or purchase a device made by someone else, it will be hard to say with any certainty that it will protect electronic devices unless it has actually been tested in an EMP testing facility.
Here we will break down the myths surrounding EMP and hopefully separate the facts from the fiction.
High Altitude EMP (HEMP) Weapon: There are really only two known causes of EMP that can wreak havoc on a nationwide scale.
These EMP a€?wavesa€? can be broken down into three distinct forms, based primarily on their Frequency and Severity.A  The severity of an EMP can be rated and the scale includes E1, E2 and E3 in ascending order of intensity. This E1 pulse is what most people associate with an EMP, that being the ability to destroy unshielded electronic equipment.
The E3 is slower to arrive, but lasts up to 1,000 seconds or longer and has low frequency, operating in 1 Hertz . In the HEMP scenario, not only will our electrical grid be taken down but so too would most of our electronic-based technology. That may also include automobiles and trucks.A  But a HEMP with its E1, E2 and E3 waves would take all of it outa€”from devices that require microprocessors to the source of the electricity itself!

But unfortunately, the most severe solar storms tend to disturb the entire magnetic field of the earth.
Faraday cage would reduce the EMP by a factor of 10,000.A  In other words, it would reduce a 20,000 volts per meter EMP field to 2 volts per meter or a 50,000 volte per meter EMP to 5 volts per meter.
The simpler the design, the better.A  Some believe stamped metal containers are superior to their more complicated welded counterparts. These cables will be like magnets attracting the high frequency surge, overwhelming transformers and anything electronic plugged into it.
One can only imagine what a massive surge of 50,000 volts of energy may do to the hundreds of feet of thin copper wire running behind your drywall!A  This should make you want to stock up on more fire extinguishers! This myth, like many others, is quite bizarre, since it involves technology that hasna€™t been used in a very long time. The fact is that modern day solid-state radio receivers are inherently more sensitive to EMP than the receivers of the 1970s. This is because two-way radios have sophisticated filtering in order to protect the receiving transmissions. The dominant thinking in the prepper community is that pre-1973 vehicles should not be affected due to the lack electronic ignition systems.A  However, that isna€™t necessary a given. The one saving grace about older vehicles is that they are simpler to work on and maintain. It is impossible to know definitively how any EMP event may affect your car in any circumstance, so it may behoove you to simply assume and prepare for the worst. The only caveat to this statement would be if you had an electric vehicle that happened to be charging at the time of the EMP event. Without electricity we will not be able to pump gasoline into our cars or run the refineries to manufacture our gasoline. This hard-hitting report breaks down this very complex subject and provides you insight into what to look for and expect in the event of an EMP or HEMP event.
Such evidence would have been quickly exploited in support of US, Israeli and British anti-Iranian rhetoric, especially in light of the scant evidence for an Iranian nuclear weapons program. Liam Fox, had to resign last year after the exposure of illegal business deals connected to future military action against Iran.
Though relatively non-lethal, it can cripple critical technology, making it a valuable tool in modern warfare. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. The early discovery of the effects of CME dates back to 1859 when Richard Carrington, one of Englanda€™s foremost solar astronomers, observed a series of intense solar flares that fried thousands of miles of interconnected telegraph wires throughout the United States. At primary risk in both cases are our high voltage transformers which would likely be destroyed by the overwhelming surge in electrons that race across the tens of thousands of electrical and communication lines crisscrossing the country. One cause is an extremely powerful solar flare (aka Coronal Mass Ejection, or CME) and the other is the detonation of a nuclear device in our upper atmosphere (aka a HEMP). Depending on the severity of the E1 blast, your proximity to it, and other external factors such as whether the equipment is plugged into a power source and is running at the time of the event, all factor into the susceptibility of the equipment of being damaged. An E2 pulse is identical to a lightning strike and would strike antenna towers for example.
The HEMP causes an E3 wave that is very similar that E3 wave caused by a natural geomagnetic storm, a Coronal Massive Ejection (CME) or solar flare. The effect of the solar storms tends to be much greater near the geomagnetic poles, but it matters little whether it is night or day. Once again, as we described in the first part of this article, without testing these devices under a true EMP testing facility, it is impossible to accurately measure the effectiveness of any Faraday cage or other prevention device. Additionally, the electronics placed inside the Faraday cage could be insulated (preferably by rubber) from touching any of the sides of the Faraday cage. There are many other versions of this myth which assert that since some 30-year old (or older) technology was EMP-resistant that current technology is also EMP resistant.
One cannot extrapolate the EMP resistance of professional two-way radios to all other solid-state radio receivers, especially inexpensive consumer radios. During the Soviet high-attitude nuclear tests over Kazakhstan in 1962, rugged diesel generators having no solid-state parts were burned out by the E1 EMP. In a post-grid-down world, maintenance on modern vehicles may be a challenge considering the electronic dependent nature of their design.A  Repairing the damage on an automobile or truck that does not depend on these electronic components for its basic functions should be easier. In that scenario, it is conceivable to think that the cara€™s electronics may be damaged in the surge. In the long term, automobiles and trucks will be just as useless after a CME causes the loss of our power grid as they would be if a sudden HEMP event had blown their microprocessors! It is believed that older devices containing vacuum tubes may be more resistant to damage from these bombs than newer, transistor-based technology.
A Chances are you would never know a nuclear bomb went offa€”except for the fact anything electronic or requiring electricity would suddenly cease to worka€¦Forever. A CME on a similar scale as the Carrington event would have drastic results on our modern civilization that has become utterly dependent on electricity and microprocessors.
Without these transformers and the lines to transmit electricity from source to use, our modern society simply stopsa€¦A  And unfortunately, the replacement lead-time for manufacturing and shipping these high voltage transformers, which are now all manufactured in China, is longer than 12-months!
A But there is a distinction to be made in the type of effects and potential damage caused by these two EMP events.
A Therefore, the only commonality between what our sun can unleash on us and a HEMP detonation is the E3 wave.
A While an E1 pulse only lasts a microsecond in length, its unique properties make it a a€?microprocessora€? killer wave adversely affecting or frying non-hardened microprocessors. The EMP Commission acknowledged that results of an E2 pulse would not, in general, cause damage to critical infrastructure systems that would typically be protected (i.e.
An E3 from HEMP or CME would both actually be drawn to the tens of thousands of miles of interconnected electrical and communication lines that make up our power grid and communication networks which would act super antennae for this massive electromagnetic pulse.A  Within seconds, an E3 would blow High Voltage and Extremely High Voltage transformers and anything electronic plugged into them.
When the electrical power grid of Quebec was shut down by a solar storm on March 13, 1989, the power grid was operating normally at 2:44am. Lastly, a leading expert in this field shared with me that the best Faraday protection would be to have a Faraday cage within a Faraday cage. In the span of only 92 seconds, it went from normal operations to a complete overload shutdown.
Perhaps, that lends credence to the a€?Two is One, One is Nonea€? mantra in the prepper community! The main reason that the EMP threat is increasing every year is because electronic devices are becoming more and more sensitive to EMP every year!

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