You can just click on the link to Apocalypse Rising on the home page to skip having to manually search for it, but you'll still have to log in. When you first start the game, hit the Escape key, or press menu in the bottom left of your screen.
The Gameplay in Apocalypse Rising is quite simple once you get the hang of it, and you might be able to become a  professional survivor when you're good enough.
First person mode, obviously, would not help you see whatever is behind your back unless you've got good reflexes. When you first start out in the game, you spawn with a Makarov pistol, 2 makarov mags, a can of pepsi, a can of beans, and an old flashlight (spawn items may be different depending on if you have different packs. If you are in a group with an unknown player(s) that offered for you to join, then keep an eye out. Some survivors, this is very rare, are "Heroes", meaning they help players in need such as giving them food, drinks, blood bags, etc.
Bandits will usually never engage head-on, using psychological warfare and guerilla tactics like ambushes in the middle of a road. Once you've gained a good set of weapons, supplies and other items, it might be a good idea to head to more dangerous areas like the prison or Kin.
When you find an entrencher and have some friends, it may be a good idea to start building a fort. Death is very common in this game, whether by Zombies, Survivors, Starvation, Fall Damage, Explosives, or Thirst, you will die, and you will lose all your items and start again. Sometimes, you may get extremely lucky and spawn near your corpse, allowing you to get all your items back, though it may be difficult, because there could be tons of zombies around it after being killed by them, or most of the loot won't be there because bandits took it.
SURVIVALIST: This perk makes your hunger and thirst go down slower than the average player.
Tip: If you plan to stay in Kin for long periods of time, then it is highly recommended that you use the Ninja perk due to all of the zombies and bandits that lurk there. MRE: Restores all of your hunger bar and restores 30 health, a good replacement if you don't have blood bags and need health. MELEE WEAPONS: The four Melee weapons in the game are Hatchets, Officer's Sabre, Crowbars, and a Combat Knife. Tip: Using an Omni-light in KIN is not a good idea, because if you find you need to turn it off quickly, it will take longer to toggle. RADIO: Not really important in anyway, but if you have the extra space, it can be used to keep your mood up when traveling long distances.
SCAR-L, M4A1, G36K, AK-12, AK-104 (Assault Rifles) and all the Battle Rifles - Considerably some of the best weapons in the game. PPSH-41- One of the best guns out there, it's a death message at close range and ammo is extremely common.
You see a player that doesn't look like a bandit but has a strong gun (in this case a SCAR-L with attachments).
Do not turn flashlights on in common bandit hot-spots like Vernal, Dirk, Hark, the Radio Station (RT), Trinity HQ, and Kin during the night.
Put your flashlight on the 0 key to avoid accidentally pressing it while trying to get out a weapon or utility.
Your backpack should always contain at least 3 food and 4 drinks (since thirst goes down faster), 4 blood bags, 2 painkillers, ammunition (at least 3 mags), and a Jerry can in case if you find an unexpected vehicle. Use group-chat OR avoid saying where you are, instead either say you are at Kin, but you're actually somewhere else. Go to a place with more zombies, but don't let the zombies get you, let them get him or her. If you ever find any good loot like a military backpack, an MK-48, or even a Patriot, do not announce it to the server.
As most of you know, since ye-olde update when Gusmanak and ZolarKeth released the Group System, people have been banding together more effectively. While you may be team up with all your buddies using the Group System, it takes much more than that to have an effective squad. Squad Leader - The person in charge of the squad, he says where to go, who to kill, and where to make the base. Navigator - As the navigator, you will be responsible for finding the most efficient route to get where you are going.
Base Builder - This person is responsible for carrying building material, and fortifying a location to make a base.
Medic - The medic is responsible for carrying most (not all) of the groups medical supplies, as well as giving medical aid to squad members in need. Designated Rifleman - This is the main assault unit and should be using a medium range assault rifle.
Support Gunner - The job here is simple use a light machine gun and if it moves and is not friendly, he fills it full of lead, simple as that. Sniper - This is the guy who stay in an area (a hill or tower) and snipes who ever decides it's a good idea to infiltrate your base.
Carrying an inventory full of Blood Bags and Pain Killers, your Medic is the one to see if you are hurt or need painkillers before entering combat.
Many people enjoy playing Apocalypse Rising as shown by the 391K+ Favorites and 78K+ Likes. Exploiters generally build bases, which are made out of a large amount of Stone Walls and Wooden Planks (more than you would expect from a normal Base), with Floodlights around it.
Shutdown: Some exploiters, when killed by a non-exploiter, will force shut down that non-exploiter's game, causing the non-exploiter to lose all his stuff due to him seemingly "combat logging," which requires a 1 minute cooldown, even after you kill your opponent.
Killball: Apparently an admin exploiter, this exploiter kills everyone in the server at the same time.
ILivedILovedILost made it daytime in Apocalypse Rising Hardcore a few seconds after the 00:40 mark in the video. Syremannen12 has a force field to become invincible, and is using a exploited-in rocket launcher. Stats: Players that have more then 50 kills are most likely illegitimate, so it's best to leave the server.
Chat: People will say "Noclipper" or "Invis" when they die from a location and cannot see where there killer was.
A bicycle only needs a hull to run at full speed, because of this, they are well known for their low maintenance. They were removed due to a bug as of the Crate Update, however Gusmanak has added the bicycle back again since the new vehicle update.
It is very similar to the Prison in design, having walls and lookout towers, but is bigger and consists on low-medium military grade loot.
If you look at some of the crates in the Military outpost, it shows the logo for the Trinity Corporation.

It is possible that Trinity is creating something, like a cure, but there is little information. If it were abandoned, it would be easy to imagine that the military may have left immediately to at least hurt the citizens of the area. The Military Outpost and the new Trinity HQ are the first structures from either Kin Reimagined and the earlier maps to have helipads of any kind. The Military Outpost does not seem to be the main settlement for the military as it is seemingly far too big for it.
The Military Outpost was previously included in the Kin Reborn map until Gusmanak removed it. Click play (if you haven't logged in, it shows a screen allowing you to choose your guest's look).
Go to settings, then un-check the auto button if it isn't yet and adjust the slider all the way to the left. We're not talking about characters but real perspectives - you can play the game in either third person or first person mode. Crouching can reduce detection from zombies, especially at night and can be used to stay down in cover when being shot at. Monitor the chat box (Upper left) to find out about where people are and if they were killed by bandits.
But, they will still kill you if you aggravate them, which is usually done by stealing their items, or attempting to kill them.
Keep in mind that Kin is overwhelmed with zombies and has many hotspots for bandits, but if you want better loot, then you should head there.
Try to aim different goals when playing too, like heading for a landmark, or building up a huge fort! Organization means that you need to always be alert, keep you and your team in good shape, and make a base that is able to be moved quickly. If you plan on getting close to players or zombies without alerting them, this is the perk for you. It takes 10 minutes for your health to fully regenerate from getting attacked and having extremely low health. Hatchets and the Officer's Sabre are considered the best melee weapons in the game, with the Sabre being of highest demand and highest rarity. Have plenty of teammates: Teammates are extremely valuable as they can cover your back or add significantly to your firepower when you attack someone.
Have a ride for your team: Cars are useful as you can travel to anywhere quickly, easily and safely.
Don't stand there for more than 1-2 minutes because you have made gunshot noises (unless you have a silencer). If players are in the same area, they will be attracted to the light source and possibly kill you if they are a bandit. Every player has accidentally fired their gun while doing these tasks hundreds of times, and this has given away their positions and most likely will get you killed.
I usually kill the bandits to get my ammo since they're usually hackers and have a LOT of them. It's easier usually and you probably won't rage as much because your things will go to your friend.
But how does a squad of players end up getting all the military gear, and have a big Military Truck (URAL), when you and your squad only have basic civilian loot and 2 broken down tractors?
You are going to need a way to communicate (Global-chat is NOT AN OPTION) using perferably Skype, or the Group chat feature. You may already have friends who play with you, and that is good enough; you may skip this step. Once the Squad Leader chooses where to go the Navigator takes the lead to guide the group to their destination. Many people get good gear and dominate a server, while others just walk around killing zombies.
They ruin the game by forcing Gusmanak to reset all character stats, equipment, and clothing (including that which belongs to legitimate players), in order to eliminate the circulation of illegitimately gained items.
Exploiter Bases should be avoided, as you will most likely get killed and any items that you pick up inside potentially make you an Exploiter. Obviously, the names of everyone who died will stack up, so if you are fast enough, you may see who never died. The SKS is usually found with 2-3 magazines, and is found in many-almost all civilian locations. To switch perspectives, simply zoom in or zoom out of your character using the scroll wheel. Third person mode however, would simply let you look around or behind yourself without alarming a bandit thats spotted you, and allows for easy surprise attacks, but you may stagger your aim, making it hard to shoot at times. It will not be depleted over time, unless you are starving or dehydrated, but it will begin to drop if you take any kind of damage. In order to pick up items, you must have nothing equipped from your hotbar and be close enough to take items.
Though extremely rare, Heroes are a good sight on a server, usually being extreme veteran players.
You can find items such as: Strong Assault Rifles, LMGs, SMG and even sometimes Battle Rifles.
Examples of team work is distracting a victim for your friends to flank and murder, taking shots for a friend if they are low blood and also giving team mates your blood bags if they have none. This allows you to stay in one place with a great view, such as the Radio Tower or the Town Hall in Union Square, and keep a look-out for players. Overall not a very useful tool, though if you discarded your map and GPS as I said above you should probably seriously consider carrying this utility, firewood is fairly common and so is livestock, MREs on the go!
A watch can help you figure out when the sun will come back up and how much longer you have till night time. Very effective in close range and also good for finishing off kills when your primary mag is empty. A suppressed weapon, along with a melee and the Ninja perk can be great for absolute silence.
Most Battle Rifles take attachments which can improve your targeting range and accuracy as said above. Can be shot in all 3 fire modes but only good if you like medium-close quarter engagements. Don't hide in the back and wait for your team to take out the threat. If you are willing to make a sacrifice for your team or take risks to save your group, then the group will most likely treat you the same way. Usually some people make the same mistakes by trusting bandits or teaming up with players that you don't know, who end up betraying you.

If you want to escape, then run into a building, jump out of its window and if they're still after you, do it again. A lot of people don't know where to find loot and play the game with only a Makarov apparently. If you aren't fortunate enough to have a squad already you should start by finding skilled players, befriending them in game, and PMing them as an invitation. The ACOG is renowned as the best scope in the game due to the highest (4x) magnification and for its great reticle scheme.
It's magazine size is pretty decent, the only down-sides are that it's pretty loud and can't be fitted with a 7.62 suppressor.
After you've clicked on the box just press the key you would like to correspond with the action. However, you have a stamina bar at the bottom of the screen that will not allow you jump or sprint once the bar is depleted. Originally, all bandits wore red bandanas until the clothing update, making it extremely difficult to identify bandits. Keep the group window open to see if you are kicked or other members get kicked as it could be a trick to kill either you or the other members. If a player tries to kill you with a weapon, it's your choice to run and hide or fight back. You can also find rare camouflage clothing (Shirt and pants) and rare weapon attachment(sight, suppressors and under barreled), also Military Packs that give access to all your inventory spaces. Usually bandits like to spawn in the apartments or tents of union square, so it may not be the best base to use.
A compass shows which direction you're walking, and the GPS pinpoints your location on the map, I myself think that the compass is the most useful utility in the game, if you know the map by heart then discard your map and GPS for more useful utilities, but NEVER discard your compass!
An Omni-light is great if you want to be able to see and have your gun out at the same time. One downside to using binoculars is that you can't move while using them, but there is a glitch that allows you to move and use them as long as you're crouching. Out all of the guns named above, M4A1 and SCAR-L are the most common, and the Battle Rifles (Mk 17 and M14 in particular) are the rarest. Sometimes for good bandit groups, a voice-chat program (such as Skype or Team Speak) is recommended. I would say "Please put your gun away, I do not feel safe." And "Please do not point a gun at me" and also keep out a pistol at least. Kin is a good place for weapons but horrible if you don't have good weapons, due to hordes of zombies and bandits(not much bandits go there as much as before). So, now begins this very long and detailed guide on how to pimp-out your squad, and start rolling around in your Death-mobile.
The SKS, M1 Garand, Mosin-Nagant, and Lee-Enfield are all good weapons to start out with while playing Apocalypse Rising .
This and that it can't be equipped with a sight attachment puts it at a disadvantage against other long rage rifles, like the HK-21, MK-17 and definitely the M14. The fastest way to regenerate your stamina is by crouching and unequiping whatever you have, or eating food. When you hover your cursor over an item, it shows it's name (and ammo type if it's a mag) either faded or not. The regular ones walk around and chase you, the hulking ones can run faster, and the crawlers can't be killed using melee. If you do see a player in the distance, take cover behind a place where they can't see you and start demanding questions like "WHO IS IN THIS TOWN??" as you don't know which player it really is. There are many building materials, food and drinks in the factory area, but it is close to spawn, making it a rather good but not great area to base. Too many teammates using all the same guns could be hectic, as everyone is trying to get the same ammo and there isn't enough for everyone.
The large green or tan buildings usually spawn civilian weapons and ammo, as well as vehicle parts, as do the warehouses. To make up for it's disadvantages, the SKS uses 7.62m ammunition which is the same type of ammo used for the AK assault rifles.
However having it on a very low number also hinders the user making him unable to see potential targets from farther away.
To refill your health bar, you can either consume a bloodbag, which heals you fully, or eat some food (not all foods heal the same amount of health. Be careful, using your flashlight at night can alert other players and could scare away your prey or make you easy bait for a rival bandit.
M14 is best for sniping and Mk 17 is the best for all out war, though is extremely rare so many people use the stronger of the Assault rifles or weaker Battle Rifles for substitutes. If you do manage to get yourself a couple drums and some good attachments, (ACOG Scope, Laser Sight, Forward Grip) this can be extremely useful, as these attachments turn the guns into deadly snipers. It is recommended for use on long range weapons, like the G36K, SCAR-L, AN-94 and all Battle Rifles, thus turning it into what is similar to a long range sniper. The barracks (small tan buildings) usually tend to spawn ammo and mid-low grade military weapons.
MREs and cooked meat will refill this completely, general foods such as Can of Beans will restore 60%, and snacks such as Chocolate Bars will restore 30%. Once you are close enough, it will no longer be faded and that means it is possible to take now. You might accidentally slip valuable information into global chat such as your location and end up killed by rival bandits. Similarly to the Trinity HQ and the Prison, the towers usually spawn food and have the highest chance of spawning mid-high grade military weapons (Players have found worthy gear such as the M249). In addition, eating restores a small amount of health, so if you have an excess of food, but low health, you can eat all of it at once to quickly restore your health. Suppressors can be used to silently kill the zombies but also is a waste of ammunition for your primary or secondary weapons. You have a better chance of meeting other players if you continue moving, rather than camping in one spot.
Also, if you choose the Vitality perk when spawning, your health will automatically regenerate. Drinking also doesn't restore any health, so one might not want to carry more than one or two drinks. If you want to minimize zombie encounters, take the Ninja Perk, as it makes all your movements silent and the detection range decreases for zombies, allowing you to get closer to them.

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