The STCW 95 Personal Survival Techniques (sea survival course) module provides knowledge of essential prevention and survival techniques.
There is a wide range of local accommodation, some of which are within walking distance of the training centre to suit everyone’s budget. On successful completion of the Sea Survival Training training programme participants will be issued with Sea Survival Certificates.
The Sea Survival Training Revalidation course is only for sailors who have previously completed YA’s SSSC.
A PDF1 and Safety Harness - if you can’t get your hands on these, let us know and we can arrange a set for $40. Initial Sea Survival Training course covers the requirements of ISAF Special Regulation 6.01 Appendix G for Category Zero, One and Two yacht races globally.

During all in water practicals you will be wearing a crewsaver commercial immersion suit which is designed to keep you both dry and warm. There is no need to be able to swim during this modules as both the immersion suit and life jacket will keep you afloat. There is also the option to get in the water on a one to one basis prior to any group work t help build your confidence. You must have logged 2500nm in the last 5 years to be eligible for this one day revalidation and provide proof of sea miles. Offshore wet weather gear can also be used (including sea boots, PFD1, harness & tether). The skills and knowledge she taught me help recognize the signs and symptoms of a patient with diabetes who needed glucose tablets, warmth & reassurance.

During the in water practical session you will be taught the best techniques to help you swim wearing the equipment.
This has been done on many occasions and has proven to be very beneficial for those with worries.

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