Compact and indestructible, this full tang knife is designed to be a smaller, bare-bones survival knife that stays close at hand. I got this knife for christmas last year have not really used it much on camping trips but i am sure that it will work great. I don't know what these pussies are talking about, but I personally used my knife to take down a charging Grizzly, a moose, and 5 hyenas! It's great compact knife with durable rubber handle and plastic sheath, easy for daily carrier, i bought two, one for my wife and one for my own. I love the knife, never had any issues except for the plastic sheath, it doesn't hold the knife in very well and because of this i have almost lost it many times.
I just hate the clip on the sheath it's very cheap plastic and I feel like I could break the clip by simply pulling on the knife, however the knife is amazing and the sheath works well, you just have to push it in all the way. Great little knife, i cut myself opening it because i didn't expect it to be so sharp out of the package.
I have a bunch of knives, but I have been using this one and the paracord knife for the last year. Love this knife, I'm the type of person that could never get comfortable with a knife this big!
At last a strong fixed blade with a weight and slim profile that make it a natural for EDC.
Whoever has had problems with this knife clearly got one from a bad batch(much like the ultimate knife) or is reviewing the wrong knife.

He started off with a mass produced knife, then he went custom as his exposure grew, now he's gone back to production knives. An ESEE (formerly RAT Cutlery) 3 knife costs around ?120 in the UK, that's a production made knife.
The Gerber Prodigy doesn't cost us ?25, it cost's us ?55, I'm not sure what the exchange rates are running at but it must be close to $85. Back to why Mr Grylls is using Gerber, I guess there must be some kind of sponsorship deal.
The durable rubber handle is ergonomically shaped for a better, more comfortable grip in all types of weather. From my experience doesn't need sharpened that often, i do like the serrated blade but seeing a fine edge version would be pretty cool. It came very sharp which is always nice, though I find myself irritated with the sheath as its upward position is uncomfortable while facing downward is sometimes inconvenient. This is an incredible knife; comfy feel, super sharp and strong blade, and cool, durable sheath. As far as I know Busse knives aren't a one man factory, there are a number of people there making knives.
A knife costs you $40, change the $ sign to a ? sign then add ?15 or ?20 to the original number and that's what we pay in the UK. Otherwise for the type of stuff he does he would be better off with a Tramontina machete, MORA or other such work horse.

It includes a lightweight plastic sheath that clips to a belt or backpack and Bear’s “Priorities of Survival” guide. The handle is very grippy and ergonomic, the sheath is good only complaint I've had with it is the knife can fall out of the sheath but then again i was laying on a trampoline with kids jumping around. I love the hard plastic sheath as opposed to leather sheaths which can tear or get holes in it. I agree with you survival kid the guys who say theirs broke must have been beating the tar out of them. I added a sturdy bungee cord to fixed on the sheath and looping around the handle of the knife. My only complaint is I was hoping it would come with the gerber whistle, which is super useful for signaling. I have had the knife 2 weeks and its already showing signs of wear and bending of the plastic. As far as proving whether or not this knife will suffice in survival situations, I think I can stop my review right here.

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