I loved The Pianist for a number of reasons, but the supreme reason goes to Wladyslaw Szpilman's storytelling. I will lastly talk about Captain Wilm Hosenfeld (who I can't help but include in my review). Yes, as readers when we grow out of YA ( I hope we never do ) we'll have to look forward to other genres. The bird identification section of the site is fairly new and I will add more bird species as I get around to it, and add more information about the birds that are there already. Also there are new photos for the Red-browed Firetail (Finch), White-browed Scrubwren, King Parrot, Wonga Pigeon, Crimson Rosella, Little Pied Cormorant. RECENT: I have added bird paintings from 'The Birds of Australia' by John Gould (published in 1848) to most of the birds on this page.
RECENT BIRDS: Gang-gang Cockatoo, Long-billed Corella, Barking Owl, Masked Owl, Peregrine Falcon, White-Bellied Sea-Eagle. Wilderness awareness school is an awesome source of nature and survival resources, and internal (North American) and correspondence (any country) naturalist courses for adults and children. Bridges to Survival is a WWII behind-enemy-lines thriller and a coming-of-age tale set in Verona, Italy and the Brenner Pass. Szpilman writes down the struggles he had endured to survive when Warsaw was under occupation by the Nazis. Considering all he underwent, it did not leave him with a taste of vengeance and animosity. Captain Wilm, at first really appeared as if something out of a fairy-tale - the bad guy aiding the ‘enemy'.

I have not yet ventured into non-fiction territory and this sounds like a great initiation book. And same, everytime I pick up a YA book, I have the habbit to start over judging and criticizing it too harshly. This page shows some birds from the Sydney and Blue Mountains and other regions of Australia. This ordering is more useful for bird identification than having them in alphabetical order of their names, or the order they are usually found in bird identification books. Eighteen-year-old Harry is forever changed by the friendships forged in the smelter of war.  He does battle with his basic morals as he witnesses friends tortured beyond recognition and finds his instinct for revenge unbridled. Wladyslaw voice never grows bitter, plus his emotions never twist to abhorrence, and it’s why, I find myself respecting him so admirably.
I thought at first, if I read more in-between the lines, then I would catch some slight repugnance towards the Germans, but Wladyslaw displayed none whatsoever.
I have the 6th edition, the current one is the 8th and there is an updated version of the 8th edition (I'm not sure why they haven't called this the 9th edition).
This book is filled with useful survival skills and without the right knowledge needed, survival tools and gadgets are useless. When his team leaders disappear, Harry is transformed from trainee to leader as he and his friends in the Resistance struggle to complete their mission. I was not the only one curious about this, so when the book reached the epilogue (written by a German poet Wolf Biermann), I finally had my answer, which simply strengthens my respect for Szpilman.
Captain Wilm Hosenfeld is very much a hero with his capability to clearly draw the line between wrong and right, when countless other Nazis were utterly naive.

However I find the pictures a bit dull looking for my taste — the birds all kind of look the same to me, making it harder to remember them in my mind.
As mentioned on the title, it was solely based on his extraordinary true story to survive when the whole of Europe went into chaos.
Not to forget, it was about his determination to live long enough, in the hopes to achieve his dream.Wladyslaw Szpilman was a polish Jew born in Warsaw. He was a talented musician growing up; he studied in Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw, Poland and then attended the prestigious Academy of Arts in Berlin before Hitler was in power. But at 1939, the Nazis invaded Poland and developed a new general government which established a ghetto in Warsaw, specifically for Jews. Senseless hate by the Nazis and unjustified death leads Szpilman to escape rather than await his death. However, survival behind the walls of the Warsaw ghetto proves to be as difficult as a rapid death.
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