Recently I participated in Dawn Mena’s Captivating Copy Blog Summer Camp to get fresh ideas for blog articles. When my nephew Mitchell graduated high school last year, I came up with a “college dorm checklist” to include with his gift. Lo and behold, as of this writing, the checklist has been pinned more than 1,000 times from this blog! Continuing the college theme, the College Survival Kit gift bag idea has been pinned 65 times from this blog, repinned 77 times on Pinterest and liked 18 times. This is one of my yummiest pins so far … a light and easy summer fruit salsa with cinnamon sugar tortilla chips. It was fun to revisit these blasts from the past, and it inspired me to add to my Gift Giving Solutions board for August birthdays, too.
Deanne Marie is transforming the lives of women overwhelmed by the pressures of modern life with simple and elegant solutions for streamlining their home, enjoying meaningful relationships with family and friends, and creating the stress-free life of their dreams. Then you're gonna love my free PDF, 20 common survival items, 20 uncommon survival uses for each. I took out the old boot laces from my new hiking boots and used them as a length guide to cut the new paracord boot laces. Note: I purchased the Para-Cord pictured in this article and did not receive ANY compensation from any company or person. Supplementary Figure 1: Identification and characterization of Cyclin A2-Venus RPE1 clones.
Supplementary Figure 2: Identification and characterization of Cyclin B1-Venus RPE1 clones. Supplementary Figure 3: Characterization of Venus-Mad2 RPE1 clones and estimation of the number of molecules of Venus-Mad2 in a cell and at kinetochores. Supplementary Figure 4: Size-exclusion chromatography of RPE1 cells treated with Taxol and nocodazole. Extracts from (a) Taxol- and (b) nocodazole-treated RPE1 cells were fractionated by size-exclusion chromatography and analysed by quantitative immunoblotting with the indicated antibodies.
Supplementary Figure 6: Complete scans of all Western blot analyses presented in Figs 1–5 and Supplementary Figs S1–s5. First of all, if you live in a city, make sure you have picked a place to go where you will be safer.
Water could be a serious problem so make sure you have notes on clean natural water sources along your route and where you will be staying. Emergency kit resources & information, what you MUST have on hand, who to contact in a disaster, ordering info.
If there's a flood, tornado, riots, or other disaster, will your local shelter be able to take your animals? RETIRED SHOW DOG, OR A BREED RESCUE THAT WILL FILL YOUR HEART AS MUCH AS A PUPPY SO BE SURE TO ASK! It’s hard to find a camo gift bag, but the graphic I designed is easy to print and adhere to any gift bag for a similar look.
Pinners are eating it up, posting it 47 times from this blog and repinning it another 37 times.

The first is a simple embellishment idea that people seem to like for baby showers: tie a rattle on the gift with the bow. Let me tell you something else – if you read it you will see that Jed and his community make mistakes! Reading back through and editing Part I in an effort to get it on the Kindle has certainly stoked the fire for writing fiction.
This will also subscribe you to my newsletter so you stay up-to-date with everything: new articles, ebooks, products and more! The last time I used them, while cutting the grass, one of the original boot laces finally broke. Some of the things you can use paracord for are: fishing line (the inner strands), make bow-drill for fire-starting, make a splint, make fishing line (the inner strands), sewing thread (the inner strands), trip wires alarms, make a shelter and many, many more. I recently made myself a belt using my paracord based on your recommendations, and it works very well!
The rAAV vector contains both the coding sequence of Venus and a G418 resistance cassette (flanked by loxP sites, red triangles), which were inserted between two gene-specific homology arms to replace the STOP codon at the junction between non-coding (white square) and coding (black square) regions in exon 9 and two inverted terminal repeats (L-ITR, R-ITR; red rectangles).
Primer sets consisted of an oligonucleotide annealing outside the targeting construct (either 5? (#1) or 3? (#4)) and oligonucleotides annealing to the ORF of Venus (2 or 3). Primer sets consisted of an oligonucleotide annealing in the neomycin resistance cassette (1) and another outside the targeting construct (either 5? (#5) or 3? (#4)), and oligonucleotides annealing to the ORF of Venus (2 or 3).
Primer sets consisted of an oligonucleotide annealing outside the targeting construct (either 5? (#1) or 3? (#4)) and an oligonucleotide annealing to the ORF of Venus (2 or 3). 700?nm or 800?nm channels indicate scans of the same blot using secondary antibodies coupled to fluorophores that are excited by 680?nm or 800?nm light, respectively.
When it is cold outside even a little sun will warm the inside of the car AND in hot weather it can serve to dehydrate food, allowing you to keep certain foods longer. I’m using that tip for this look back at my top five most pinned and repinned original non-holiday ideas in the last year.
This article has been pinned seven times from the blog, and repinned 11 times and liked once. With electricity out, law enforcement quickly disbanding, stores closed and food in short supply – Jed works to organize his neighborhood to tackle the challenges that lay before them.
Been reading the episodes on SCP and just bought it…It may not be your strong point or main focus…but your friends want to see more! My boot laces measured 72 inches long, times 7 inner strands that would give me a total of 42 feet of cordage per shoe lace or a total of 84 feet of cordage using the inner strands of both boot laces for whatever I may need. I have also been told that a little hair sprayed on the paracord boot laces will help them from becoming untied. Both of them wanted to know if I would change out their shoe laces in their cross trainer shoes that they wear and replace them with pacracord. Unlike a survival kit or bug out bag, this cordage is with you whenever you wear your boots or shoes that you have replaced the standard shoe or boot laces with paracord.
When we returned home from camping, I took them to our local Army surplus store and let them pick out the color and pattern that they wanted.
Note that in lane 1+4 the upper band corresponds to the targeted allele whereas the bottom band corresponds to the wild-type allele.

I am certainly not a trained writer so no doubt there are a fair share of grammatical errors. Cell lysates were probed with anti-cyclin B1 (left panel) and anti-GFP (right panel) antibodies. The asterisk shows a hybrid product caused by the annealing of DNA from the two other bands.
He told me that instead of buying cheap boot laces at my local Wally World, do what he has done for years and use 550 cord, also known as paracord, to replace my boot laces. Note the two forms of cyclin B1 in the cyclin-B1–Venus clone (the upper one uniquely recognized by the anti-GFP antibody). Candidate Venus-Mad2 RPE1 cells expressing ectopic CENP A-Cerulean were imaged by spinning-disk confocal microscopy. When melting the ends of the paracord, be sure to melt all of the seven (7) inner strands and the outer colored cover together.
Images in c) and d) were acquired at 3 minutes intervals and the total cell fluorescence was quantified. Note the co-localisation of the two signals in prometaphase that disappears in metaphase once all the kinetochores are attached. Drug-treated cells will slip out of mitosis at a rate that is inversely related to the number of improperly attached kinetochores that recruit Mad2. Fluorescence intensities were normalized to the level at nuclear envelope breakdown (NEBD) and aligned at metaphase and NEBD respectively. In DMA, MTs attach to kinetochores but are efficiently detached by the error-correction machinery.
Images were acquired at 5?min intervals and quantified, plotted and analysed as in Fig. 1c. Representative of 15 cells in each condition and from at least two independent experiments. Mitotic Venus-Mad2 RPE1 cells were collected by mitotic shake-off after nocodazole treatment, counted and processed for immunoblotting.
Note that only cells with mitosis durations of 9–12?min (minimum mitosis duration in RPE1 cells) were considered. The inset graph shows the frequency distribution of Venus-Mad2 fluorescence in cells treated with nocodazole and analyzed by confocal microscopy (n?=?100 cells).
Note that by knowing the mean number and mean fluorescence of Venus-Mad2 molecules per cell we can calculate the mean fluorescence per molecule of Venus-Mad2.
An outer circle (blue) just around the inner circle was used to measure the local background around the kinetochore. Note that all integrated fluorescence intensities were initially corrected for camera noise by subtracting fluorescence intensities of regions adjacent to cells.

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