Appreciate topics of survival, preparedness, risk awareness – or planning for disaster? Cell phones are great if the cell towers are working, I would go with CB, FRS or even Ham Radio if you can get a Technician license (really easy and about $15 for the license).
I would be curious to know, instead of listing items that you have issue with (although all criticism is welcome), what would you include that is not on the list, and why? Your hair might be short enough that you can go without combing it, but anything long enough to put in a ponytail can get very annoying. TP and a hairbrush aren’t needed, as you said, however it is all subjective to the person doing the packing.
Anyone keeping a car kit should also keep in mind inspecting and rotating the contents now and then. That is a very good suggestion… Summer heat especially can really shorten the life on whatever food you have stored in your car kit.
Hairbrush, I am losing my hair so I have more need of a fleece watchcap to keep the heat in during the cold weather. If you are a surplus bargain hunter, Be on the lookout for: Triangular bandages made from cotton muslin cloth.
20 lb test fishing line may be good to catch big fish but I would also throw in a small spool of lighter test leader line to catch small fish.
I learned all about trotlines and snares when I was working as a game officer catching poachers. Survival blog topics for a life of preparedness and risk awareness; emergency and disaster or threats thereof. Brother David Sunshine (pretty sure that’s his given name) posted on the Surly Bikes blog an article about his survival kit.
Most of the items talked about in this post we won’t be stocking in the Bike Touring News store, but we have an affiliate relationship with Campmor. There is a good local source for knives and other useful items, and they sell flashlights, too. I have a few friends who carry a snack sized bag of Doritos or Fritos in their emergency kits. EMP survivalEMP Bomb DiagramUnlike the strike of lightening, an EMP attack is not the same. Hand held radios will not work afte ran EMP scenario because the battery current will try to go backwards and the moment the radio is used will be fried. The EMP in addition to extra gamma rays also puts a back EMF pulse that reverses polarity of batteries and anything else electro magnetic. What would work is to have EXTRA hand held radios stored in a Faraday Cage until after the energy of an EMP passes thru and the atmosphere is cleared but I am not sure how long that would take. Empress Of Drac, A Frugal Cebuana Blogger A true-blue Cebuana, blogging about Frugal Living, Self-Reliance, Prepping, Freelance Life and of course Cebu. SHTF blog (“Sewage” Hits The Fan blog) offers preparedness news, information, commentary – and other awesome stuff. It is important to keep it charged AND to keep a spare charger for your car (and keep it in the car). I suppose that beyond that, it would only serve a psychological advantage for some people, particularly a woman with long hair. Besides that, hairbrushes are great tools for getting mud off the bottoms of shoes, scraping debris off of clothing, and a lightweight handle that can store extra scrunchies.
That extra roll can be mighty useful as a first-pass filter for creek water, or to stop a runny nose from becoming a sinus infection. Hypothermia is a condition that most people are unaware of (as to how easily and quickly that you can develop the condition).
Everyone thinks a bit differently from each other, everyone lives in their own geographic area with its own set of potential issues for bugging out, everyone has their own skill sets and tools they prefer, everyone faces somewhat different risks and have different objectives, destinations, and roads traveled, etc… I would guarantee you that if all Preppers could list their kits, no one kit would be the same. That is not my intention, I do have trouble getting my intentions across without the use of emoticons. When it comes to my car kit, I tend to overdo it a little because I figure that I can choose not to take certain items with me if I have to walk out, and otherwise I have plenty of room in the Truck to fit what I want.
One trick to help with shelf life during the summer months is to keep your food stores in a cooler. And it has a metal clip to secure it to the pocket of a bike bag for quick access, or to attach it to the brim of a baseball cap so I can use it as a headlamp. If you click on the banner you will go to their site and if you buy something from them we will make a few pennies which will all go towards keeping Bike Touring News afloat!
They are in a waterproof, airproof sack and are extremely flammable and work great for tinder in an emergency situation.

To do adverse damage, it only requires one nuclear bomb detonated only 300 miles above the center of the United States or from a container ship in the Gulf of Mexico.
Government, to include local, state and federal will be in disarray for the first few days and even longer in some cases.
Both are small enough to retain heat in the winter but still big enough to not feel crowded.
As for the TP, I personally would rather have the luxury (certain things I refuse to give up unless necessary) because it weighs nothing and only takes up the space of a roll which easily fits in my backpack with the other items. If I’m building a kit solely for walking, then I would pack and decide more efficiently.
Also I am female and as such would greatly appreciate a comb or brush when my hair gets unruly, however as I was once an avid day hiker I have learned over time what is truly important to have out in the wilderness.
My presumption is that I am traveling from Point A to Point B while motoring down the road, with the possibility that the trip could take up to 72 hours including overnight.
Even though there is no ice in it, the insulation of the cooler helps keep the temperature inside from getting as hot as otherwise. And the specifics will change for each person depending on where they are going; a trip around the San Juan Islands in Puget Sound is different than riding the length of the Baja. And yet, few American lawmakers seriously think about this.A comparison to this would be the existent aircraft carriers in 1941 that few people had seen as a real threat to the country.
It can be weeks before disaster relief agencies reach your area.You pay for utilities so you are not necessarily considered reliant on someone else because you do work and pay for your water, electrical, trash pickup and gas services. If I had to leave the vehicle on foot, I would primarily rely on my other food supplements including lots of calorie-dense food bars, MRE’s,etc.
They have the elasticity of a rubber band combined with bright colors and thick cloth that’s easy to manipulate. I believe though that he is only trying to point out that if the kit were to be designed of only necessities, and with space savings in mind, then perhaps some of these items are not necessary. OK, I admit that if faced with the situation, I’m not sure I would have the wits or the skill to use the flashlight to temporarily blind and disorient an assailant long enough for me to get away or to punch him out. Most military and civilian personnel viewed the role of these carriers as a platform to launch targets, planes and to support battleships. In the past 10 years, more than 250 million people worldwide have been struck by some kind of natural disaster.A tsunami caused by an underwater earthquake in 2004 was the deadliest in history. In modern society, services are offered to municipalities as a whole and it is up to you whether you want to participate by purchasing those services. The premise though is simply a car kit, to last 72-hours if you had to drive out of your region (which could potentially involve walking with the kit – worst case scenario). There was no one who considered this as a serious and potential threat of possibly grouping six of these carriers and launching a full-fledged attack at the beginning of a war.We now know that this belief was changed forever when it became too late for the lives of approximately 3,000 Americans on the Day of Infamy. If you couldn’t start a fire with only one match and without paper, it could be embarrassing. You are powerless, you cannot generate electricity or force water from the faucets when a natural or manmade disaster destroys or damages the local infrastructure. For those who don’t always wear comfortable walking shoes, keeping a pair in the car is advisable. Because of the hatred and extremism displayed in the past, we should be actively cautious by taking measures to develop EMP survival methods that will save the masses.Here is what would happen with the threat of a solitary EMP weapon and why it is extremely dangerous to the fiber of our country.
At this point despite your ability to pay, services are not available.Less Dependence on Your Current Food SourceFood is always a priority regardless of the situation. Like you mentioned, clothing and proper outerwear is a very important thing, especially if you are forced to leave your vehicle. What I did not know until I read this is that inner tubes will light on fire pretty easily. There is the severe possibility that we may never be able to reestablish our infrastructure.
They should also know that the safest place to find shelter during a tornado is in a building without windows and doors. Heirloom plants produce seeds that will reproduce an identical plant, and if harvested properly the seeds can be stored indefinitely.
The vast and delicate infrastructure in the United States that we have spent so much time and money to create would be adversely affected. Safes are fireproof and waterproof, and usually heavy enough to stand their ground during the event of a tornado. The government put scientist to work and they managed to produce seeds in a laboratory thus, the need for plants to produce seeds was eliminated.
Those in hospitals, nursing homes and hospices will feel the effect soon after because the attack would trigger heart attacks, and severe illness for those waiting on transplants, dialysis and other ailments.Essential steps to takeThere are specific things that can be done to counteract or get ready for anything like this happening.

Keeping your important personal items with you in your home is sometimes better than storing them at the bank, where they may not always be insured.Separating your items in multiple safes can be a clever way of securing your valuables in the event one is stolen. However, during a crisis, you may not have access to retail outlets, or they may be destroyed.
These include:Simple training – Americans have become so dependent on others passing orders down to them. You will need plants that can produce their own seeds.Once you have heirloom (non gmo seeds) plants and seed packets you control your food source. First responders should be highly trained to detect an EMP strike and have a contingency plan to know what they should do first and consecutively after. One of the steps should be grabbing the supplies at all vet’s office across the nation, for example. You can begin cultivating wild berries such as blackberries, strawberries, blueberries and hawthorn.
Anyone of these can be started from a cutting and you can include many fruit trees such as apple, peach, plum and pears. These plants can be grown virtually anywhere.Raising livestock is always an option as a fresh meat source as well as hunting and fishing. However, you will need the tools and knowledge to preserve meats and fish without refrigeration. The Katrina hurricane should teach us a lesson of how confusing and disorganized it can get when a disaster happens. Raising livestock will mean you must also have a food source for your animals, and have the skills and knowledge to attend to their medical needs as they arise.WaterWithout water, you cannot survive.
During a crisis, reservoirs and other municipal water sources may become contaminated by either the disaster or sabotage. Traditional purification and filtering methods will not remove poisons and certain chemical toxins. No longer is it the steel plants or mills that are important to secure, but our communication systems, computer systems and electrical power.Citizens should contact their local congressmen and demand attention to being prepared for possibleIf our enemies are able to obtain one nuclear bomb, it goes without saying that they will attempt to use it – without a second thought. Having your own well on your property is an option; it may be your only option in some cases. Water filtered through at least 10 feet of uncontaminated soil is considered safe to drink. This means you must dig or drill your well so it taps into the water table, underground springs or aquifers. A cistern was constructed out of rocks and mortar that allowed the spring water to collect. You have several options when it comes to a water source, but your priority is having control over the source.Your well must be protected from ground flooding by proper capping.
Natural springs are many times elevated on the sides of hills or in rock crevices that are above normal flood stage. Carefully choose your location for digging a well and look for elevated natural springs that you can enclose.Energy SourceYou will not have access to natural or bottled propane gas, and of course, there will not be any electricity for heating or cooling. Wood is considered a renewable energy source but of course once depleted a stand of trees can take generations develop again. Since the horses are loose to graze, the packs have to be kept covered to stop those few horses that want to eat the bread and other goodies packed.
The horses will nudge the plastic tops off and toss out the contents in their search.Small solar panels are a good idea, anything larger must be installed using modern technology. Windmills and wind turbines can be another option for pumping water, operating machinery and generating electricity.
However, generating your own electricity means you must have a way to store or bleed off the excess amounts. A collapse of the manufacturing sectors may mean that most electrical appliances would stop being manufactured so the need for electricity would diminish. You may be able to produce electricity but then what can it be used for if the country and world is truly collapsing.During the days of rebuilding after a calamity, self-reliance may even be more difficult. Some of you will have skills and knowledge that others will seek out and you will have to find those with the skills and information you may need. You will once again begin building your life and becoming less dependent as you gain the skills needed. Being self-sufficient is all about having the skills, training and knowledge that others have.

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