With the deluge of post-apocalyptic movies like, “Book of Eli”, and reality shows like “Get Out Alive” with Bear Grylls, I thought I’d take a pragmatic approach to self-mastery in regards to urban survival.
I know this is twist from my usual posts, but I wanted to address this subject so that you will have the ability to build your mental toughness and self-mastery skills when comes to urban survival. Over the next few weeks I’m going to write about this concept of the self-mastery and urban survival, I hope you find them interesting and practical.
We’ve all heard of people who prepare for the end of the world as we know it and they are ready to go into the post-apocalyptic chapter of civilization, Mad Max style, with a gun on one hand and a survival kit in another. Most likely you realize this is farfetched and this type of character just isn’t you.  In addition, your family probably will never go along with you if you present survival with that type of image. Sure, if it comes to you will need every ounce of mental toughness, but self-mastery for urban survival can be accomplished with a bit less drama.
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If you feel this applies to you, you might want to look at this self-mastery urban survival guide for cynics. In this bag, make sure you have a pair of walking shoes, water (1 bottle, not half a dozen), an extra shirt, sunglasses, a bandanna, a flashlight, a small radio and some energy bars.
So there you have it, a step-by-step guide for self-mastery in the event of a disaster.  When I lived in the Los Angeles area (prior to the Northridge earthquake) I shrugged off the idea of a survival kit. Then after the earthquake, I had an urban survival kit in my car and my home.  You may never think you’re going to need it, and I hope you never do, but self-mastery is being prepared for almost any situation that arises.

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Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! While you might be a skeptic about doomsday prophecies and are skeptical about the need for becoming the next Rambo, you want to make sure that you and your family survive any catastrophe that may come to your city. Discuss the idea with your family, your partner or your roommates but do it rationally, calmly so that they don’t think you are off your rocker.
Pack a small bag with the things you will need in the event that disaster strikes and you are not at home.
After all, if and when you find yourself in that emergency situation, it is not as though they won’t need to eat and drink so they might as well listen.
Just in case you get tempted and become wayward, we are talking about a small bag here, ideally something you won’t have to throw into the trunk of your car; something that will fit in somewhere in your office desk.

This is the bag that has the things you need to survive for three days but you still have to be very discriminating about the things you put in your bag. Good wipes, tissue paper, hand sanitizers –all these are necessities you don’t want to forget.
If there is no electricity and cell sites are destroyed, your only way of getting in touch with people in other places will be a ham radio.
A rule of the thumb to follow where two items serve the same purpose, the lighter and smaller item gets in. The age of chivalry is dead and people who faint get relieved of the contents of their pockets and bags. Yes, regularly, maybe once in two months check them out and change the ones that are too near their expiration date. Once you are under pressure, it becomes easy to forget names of streets, the number of the exit you are supposed to take.

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