When you’ve done enough exploring and surveying of the land, pick a spot close to resources.
Next you’ll want to focus on gathering enough resources to craft a Science Machine and Alchemy Engine. Now it’s time to put those bees that have been buzzing around Don’t Starve’s world to good use. If you have any helpful tips on surviving in Don’t Starve, be sure to contribute to the wiki! Dont Starve is the latest PS4 game to be added to the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection, allowing subscribers to try their hand at keeping gentleman scientist Wilson alive in an open world full of dangers. If youd rather not go in completely blind, weve put together the following set of tips to help you make it through the dark nights with your health and sanity intact, as well as pointing you in the right direction for future exploration. As the game throws you in at the deep end without any sort of tutorial, heres a brief explanation of the information on screen. The most important information is displayed in the top right of the screen, where the progress of time from day (yellow) to dusk (red) then night (blue) can be tracked.
As the name of the game suggests, one of your main survival concerns is keeping Hunger at bay. If an item initially has a green background in the Inventory then this means it will spoil over time, with the colour turning yellow then red before it rots completely. The Sanity gauge shows the current state of your mental wellbeing, and as it decreases a number of strange effects will be experienced. You can monitor the effect of current conditions on your Sanity by checking the icon, as an arrow appears over it to indicate whether its increasing or decreasing. Unlike Hunger and Sanity, your Health doesnt decrease over time--instead it reduces when youre attacked in combat, are starving or freezing, or eat certain bad foods. I know that the wild can be brutal to unprepared travelers, so I begin to gather necessary supplies. With the morning sun I return to the rabbit holes and build a few traps in the hope to catch one. The pangs in my stomach are becoming unbearable, so I return to my camp to find two rabbits have happened into my traps. With my cravings still undeterred, I begin assembling a series of rabbit traps to place along the southern plain. Like a spectral version of Walden, Don’t Starve places players in an otherworldly wilderness, disillusioned   with no instructions and little hope.
Surviving more than 10 days can be considered a success.The game is constantly being expanded by its developers, so it is very likely, that this screen will contain more information in the future. Now it’s time to learn how to have a steady amount of food coming in without the hassle of hunting. You’ll be making some advanced items, so creation of these Science structures is of paramount importance.

Sure, laying Traps for Rabbits is all well and good, but that can become more time consuming than you’d like.
Sooner or later Hounds will start coming for you, and you don’t want to be caught off guard. To the left is your Crafting menu, which is used to create new items (and shows icons to indicate the raw materials required to make them). Below this, from left to right, are icons showing your Hunger (150), Sanity (200) and Health (150), which will be explained on the following slides.
This value is constantly depleting, and if it reaches zero then your Health will rapidly reduce until you remedy the situation or die.
Cooking meats will make them last longer than their raw counterparts, but raw vegetables have a longer life than cooked ones, and any food dropped on the floor will spoil much quicker than if it was carried in your Inventory.
To start with, parts of the screen will shake and change appearance, accompanied by unusual whispering sounds.
Being exposed to the dark, rain or monsters and eating raw meat or other bad foods will reduce your sanity, whereas being near friendly creatures, wearing fancy clothes and eating well prepared foods will increase it.
Conversely, most other foods will give you a small Health boost with every consumed item, and this effect usually increases when the food is cooked first.
If you discovered a Touch Stone and activated it during your playthrough youll be resurrected there, and once you unlock advanced magic you can also craft items that will resurrect you. I grow impatient waiting to capture them though, and decide to explore my surroundings more.
This is enough to just barely sustain my insatiable appetite, but now I am finding that my mental capacity is being affected by my desolate, lonely surroundings. The supply of rabbits is disappearing  and I have developed an unhealthy obsession with the idea of destroying a nest of spiders to the west of my camp.
Fishing, farming, battles with    creatures both real and imagined…and hunger, always the hunger. In addition to having a proper arsenal of Weapons, it’s a good idea to create a perimeter around your base of operations.
The game gives you very little information to get started with and instead leaves you to figure everything out on your own.
Youll find many food items on your travels that can be eaten to restore Hunger, and cooking the food first over a Campfire usually increases this effect. The positive effects of consuming food is greatly diminished when it starts to perish, so wherever possible you should eat it before it reaches this stage. As you descend further into madness Shadow Creatures will materialise around you, and if you go completely insane they will attack to cause serious damage.
A simple way of restoring Sanity early on is to gather 12 Petals and craft them into a Garland, which can then be worn to slowly recover your marbles.
Although this gives you another bite at the cherry, your Hunger, Sanity and Health will all be reduced and youll lose all Inventory items, but these can be recovered if you return to the location where you died.

Twigs, tufts of grass, berries, flowers, some random bits of flint, rocks, hoping that these will help to sustain me. Figuring these would make a more fulfilling meal, I prepare myself to catch one, but they are too quick to capture bare handed. Through the darkness I hear unfamiliar creatures in the distance and continue to add logs to the fire to assuage my fears. As dawn approaches I feel my stomach churning, both with anxiety and hunger.
I begin to experience hallucinations, apparitions in the form of ghastly creatures roaming the wasteland. Midway through the fight, slashing madly at my foes, starvation overcomes me and I collapse onto the forest.
Use a Hay Wall to start out, and once you’ve fortified your camp enough, upgrade to the Stone Wall or Wood Wall. At the bottom of the screen is your Inventory, displaying the items you are carrying and any that are equipped in the final three slots on the right.
I eat a few of the berries I have collected, but quickly realize that berries alone won’t support an enterprising adventurer.
Further still I happen upon a grazing herd of beefalo, but figure that attacking them without preparation would be suicide.
Although the flame will eventually die down, the pit won’t; the site will always be there the next time you want to light a fire.
With four units of fresh droppings and six Cut Grass, craft as many of these newer, better plots as you can. Most items of the same type will stack to a certain level, but once all the slots are full you wont be able to carry any more. They’ll still only produce one item, but they’ll do it faster, making their value immediately apparent.
Eventually, after enough trips, the worker Bees will bring back enough pollen for the Bee Box to produce Honey, satisfying your hunger and replenishing a tiny bit of health. Of course, just like with Improved Farms, you’ll want to create many units as possible to have a steady stream of food coming in. The most important thing to remember when working with bees is this: always wear the Beekeeper Hat. You'll still take some damage when dealing with the Bees, but thanks to this helpful item, your pain will be dramatically reduced.

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