Sure, we'll all have a good laugh about this 2012 nonsense come January 2013, but first we'll have to brave an entire year of nonstop doom and gloom from pseudoscientists, would-be prophets and outright quacks. In the pages ahead, we'll run through 10 of the apocalyptic boogeymen facing us in 2012, as well as a few recommendations from the U.S.
Now go ahead and slip on that gas mask, shove a copy of this article into the survival kit and dive into 10 wonderful pages of doom.
That means knowing the year's top 10 apocalypse threats like the back of your hand and packing a survival kit to handle any eventuality.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to keep you one step ahead when the end is nigh. Sure, none of these scenarios will actually occur, but you'll feel better knowing you're prepared to face anything from the Mayan end times to a global shift in consciousness. The Apocalypse 2012 app combines video interviews with informative analysis by Joseph, former chairman of an advanced plasma physics research company.As an example of impending danger, Joseph cites a 2003 solar storm that destroyed 14 high-voltage transformers in South Africa, plunging parts of that country into darkness for weeks.
Brandon Walsh: Eisenberg's Lex Luthor was more of a bad impersonation of Jim Carey playing the Riddler.

Personally autographed books will be available as well as opportunities to speak with many San Diego authors and poets.

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