The Survival Handbook: Essential Skills for Outdoor Adventure by Colin Towel was published in April of 2009. After joining the Royal Navy in 1977, Colin Powell qualified as a Combat Survival Instructor with 22 Regiment of the SAS, and has spent over 30 years teaching Land, Sea, Desert, Jungle, and Cold-Weather survival skills – as well as Survival and Conduct in Captivity – to UK and USA Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force personnel. The Survival Handbook is the most comprehensive, and easiest to understand book on survival I have come across.
Part One: Before You Go is about preparing yourself physically and mentally for venturing into the wilderness, recognizing and dealing with different environments, and getting the right gear including building a survival kit. Part Three: Camp Craft covers camp essentials such as knots and cordage, cutting tools, and making fire.
Part Four: Taking Shelter is about just that, taking shelter in any environment and any condition, with any materials. Part Five: Water And Food is about how to find and treat water, and find, trap, hunt, snare and prepare food.
Part Six: In An Emergency is about assessing your situation, attracting rescuers, environmental hazards, and surviving at sea. I loved the graphics throughout the book, in fact I think that the clear, easy to understand graphics makes this the most useful book I have read.

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He was the Royal Navy’s Chief Survival Instructor and also served three years as Chief Instructor at the US Navy SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape) School in Brunswick Maine. The only thing that could have made it better would be more illustrations in the wild edibles department, but other than that no complaints. I especially liked the part on fire (I am a little pyro), the author offers some really neat, original fire-starter ideas. Burnett, Where soldiers fear to tread a relief workera€™s tale of survival, Bantam Dell New york 2005, 345p.

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CICR, Coping with stress: humanitarian action and armed conflict, Montreux, Corbas, 2001, 28 p. This elementary manual is made up of seven sections and is an excellent comprehensive book of survival basics. Gilbert RIST, the history of development, from western origins to global faith, 1997, Zed books Ltd. Get the answers to these and many more questions in this no nonsense guide to survival training.

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