Survival horror games are not quite action and not quite adventure, but incorporate elements of both in an attempt to build suspense, horror, and fear in the player. If you’re interested in a sense of hopelessness, despair, and the violation of the self, then the Silent Hill games are the games for you.  Silent Hill 2 is often selected by fans as the shining high point, but survival horror fans shouldn’t stop there, as these games have lots to offer in terms of disturbing design, atmospheric music, and a bleak outlook on humanity. While the plots of the first two games are seemingly unconnected, the third ties them in together through a storyline which puts the leads in contact with each other.  The series is generally considered to be the pinnacle of supernatural horror on the PlayStation 2. These titles vary in how far their connection to survival horror goes, but their themes and gameplay styles may interest fans of the genre.
Castlevania Series – While it’s not exactly horror, titles like Lament of Innocence and Curse of Darkness do feature hordes of evil monsters in the service of their undead lord fighting it out with the lone hero in gothic settings reminiscent of The Castle of Otranto.
Constantine – Based on the film based on the horror-themed comic, this third person action game features freakish monsters, but never quite makes the jump to survival horror. Dark Angel: Vampire Apocalypse – This vampire-fueled hack and slash is more of a mediocre Diablo clone than anything, but horror fans of that kind of gameplay might enjoy it. Darkwatch – A vampire cowboy fights off undead hordes with six-shooters in this horror-themed FPS. Devil May Cry Series – Despite starting as a Resident Evil title, the Devil May Cry series rapidly transformed into its own stylish monster.
Disaster Report – It’s not a survival horror!  But it certainly has its moments in this tale of nature kicking humanity’s butt via an earthquake. Evil Dead: Regeneration – Again play as Ash, but this time in some strange alternate universe in which he never traversed the portal in Evil Dead 2 and has a sidekick named Sam. Fahrenheit – Known as Indigo Prophecy in the US, this game starts as a murder mystery where you play the murderer and ends as a strange Mayan apocalypse tale.  The game plays like a mix of Simon Says and a Choose Your Own Adventure book, making for an interesting but unusual experiment. Ghost Master – Similar to such evil strategy games like Dungeon Keeper and Evil Genius, this title has you controlling the undead in an attempt to scare humans. Ghostbusters – Play as the fifth Ghostbuster, battling spooks in New York City while putting up with Venkman’s ego. Ghosthunter – A wonderful parody of survival horror that in some ways is actually more effective than those claiming the genre’s mantle.
Glass Rose – An eerie mystery game where a rookie reporter travels back in time to analyze a serial killer’s methods and solve a series of murders over the course of three days, Glass Rose is sometimes labeled a survival horror.  Either way, PAL and NTSC-J horror fans should look it up. Hayarigami Series – Proof that Nippon-Ichi can make something besides RPGs, this series of horror-themed adventures are heavy on text and puzzles.  Too bad none have ever made it out of Japan.
Kaerazu no Mori – Translating to Forest of No Return, this Japan-only title is a horror-themed text adventure. Manhunt Series – This violent stealth-based murder-fest series goes above and beyond to disturb its player, combining excessive blood and gore, sadism, voyeurism, and a bevy of other tactics to make one feel more than a little uncomfortable.
MegaTen Series – Atlus’ long-running horror-themed RPG series saw no less than 7 games for the PS2 spread across its multiple sub-series. Onimusha Series – Starting life on the PlayStation, the Onimusha series began as a feudal Japan survival horror title.  As the series progressed it distanced itself from the survival horror feel, but kept its limited items and undead monster designs. Raw Danger – The sequel to Disaster Report focuses on a city being hit hard by a flood, which then develops into an ice storm. Shadow Hearts Series – This series of RPGs combines Lovecraftian mythos with alternate history.  The three PS2 games were preceded by the PS1 survival horror RPG Koudelka.
Shadow Tower Abyss – This dark fantasy RPG may interest both horror fans and fans of the Demon’s Souls and King’s Field series.  A pity it never made it out of Japan. Simple Series – This series of budget titles put out by D3 Publisher houses the entirety of the bikini-clad, zombie-massacring OneChanbara series (4 of which appear on the PS2), as well as the horror-themed text adventure The Renai Horror Adventure ~Hyouryuu Shoujo~, beat ‘em up The Splatter Action, known as Splatter Master in Europe, zombie FPS The Kyonshi Panic, called Zombie Attack in Europe, the zombie-fueled ambulance driving title The Zombie vs. Vampire Night – A light gun game focusing on two vampire hunters gunning down their foes in an alternate history 2006, where the world hasn’t seen much technological progression beyond the 1800s.
Your requested content delivery powered by FeedBlitz, LLC, 9 Thoreau Way, Sudbury, MA 01776, USA. When someone tells you they have good news and bad news, do you prefer to take the bad news first or the other way around? Resident Evil 5 was by no means a bad game; in fact, it was actually a very good game if you'd never played Resident Evil before.
Now, when selecting a bad Silent Hill game, I could easily go with The Room, because in my opinion it's actually the worst game in the series. Alone in the woods with little more than a few days worth of food supplies and a bundle of sticks.
Set in a dense city based loosely on Chicago, Nether is a first person survival horror shooter with a twist. While the primary activity in Nether is PvP, the developers are trying to give players a reason not to shoot on sight with random public events.
Currently in Nether there isn’t much to do besides gather loot, kill Nethers, and hunt players. Nether is under development by Phosphor Games Studio and is currently available through  the Steam Early Access program, meaning it’s still in its early days.
7 Days to Die or 7DTD as it is often abbreviated is a zombie survival horror game set in the fictional post-apocalyptic region of Navezgane County, Arizona.
Primarily focused around scavenging an abandoned wasteland and finding a place to build shelter, 7 Days to Die offers a fresh mix of both building and intense combat. One of the key differences with 7DTD however is that it uses some physics based gameplay to add interesting new challenges to building. If zombies begin to gather on a floor above you it could collapse under the weight, turning your basement bunker in to a death trap. If you have ever played Minecraft and found yourself wishing it was set in a dark zombie apocalypse rather than a light-hearted fantasy world, we can highly suggest 7 Days to Die as a game you will most likely appreciate. Set during a zombie apocalypse, The Dead Linger is an open world survival horror game that caught my attention very early on.
Firstly, the game world is not only procedurally generated but it is also the size of a real planet, just let that sink in for a moment.
The developers want to offer gamers a sandbox which truly lets them put their survival plan to the test.
The Dead Linger features physics based gameplay, meaning players can pick up and manipulate most objects in the game. Created by indie developers Sandswept Studios, The Dead Linger is currently in Alpha and therefore being actively updated and improved. If you’re looking for a unique zombie survival game, The Dead Linger already has a bunch to keep you busy. Arguably the game that defined an entire genre and gave it mass appeal, DayZ is the game everyone reading has most likely played or is at least extremely familiar with it. The main factor that set DayZ apart was its focus on offering as realistic a survival experience as possible, resulting in it being built on tactical military shooter Arma 2’s game engine. DayZ forces every encounter to be an all-or-nothing situation, with players dropping all of their loot upon death.

DayZ is under development by Bohemia Interactive and creator of the original mod for Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead, Dean Hall.
Project Zomboid is a zombie survival sandbox, therefore players can choose freely how they survive – but they must still follow basic rules such as scavenging for food and dealing with zombies. Line of sight and perception are meaningful mechanics, players must not only worry about their physical health but also mentally with depression and moods playing a role, loot never respawns and neither do zombies, more zombies than we have seen in any similar zombie game (inb4 Dead Rising 3), extensive farming and base building. If you ever wanted a true zombie apocalypse experience where eventually the supplies run out, water and electricity shut off and you are forced to live off the land – Project Zomboid will most likely be your new favourite game. Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios have announced that Star Trek Online Season 11.5 is now live.
Well known publisher Wargaming plans to create a pro players union, says Wargaming's head of European eSports Nicolas Passemard. The new survival horror game from the sociopaths who brought you Amnesia: The Dark Descent looks incredibly promising. One of the few games on this list that’s actually out already, the folks at Blue Isle have expanded on the anxiety attack that was Slender: The Eight Pages and turned it into a full blown game with five chapters.
Bethesda’s newest monstrosity, created by Resident Evil mastermind Shinji Mikami, is one of the most anticipated horror games expected to be out in the next year. New studio Red Barrels has cited Amnesia as part of its inspiration for the game Outlast,  a primarily stealth-driven first-person which aims to put you in the shoes of one very doomed independent journalist armed only with his camera. From indie developers Zombie Studios comes Daylight, a game that’s meant to be played in 30 minutes or less but has endless replay value due to randomly generated settings and AI. Senscape’s Kickstarter-funded Asylum is a psychological point-and-click adventure thriller that takes place in (where else but) an insane asylum with a mysterious ghoul infestation. Another Fatal Frame-inspired survival horror, the teen lead in this third-person ghost story utilizes her modern tech gadgets to capture ghosts. Easily the most avant garde game on the list, Memory of a Broken Dimension is an atmospheric assault on the senses brought to you by Ezra Hansen-White.
Fans of the teen slasher genre will get a kick out of this raunchy horror adventure, which cleverly utilizes the PlayStation move as a flashlight.
Separate from monsters, ghosts, zombies and murderers, Routine sets out to capture a different kind of fear- the kind you experience while alone in space.
Since the current generation had so many zombie themed horror games I decided to exclude those from this list. Remedy Entertainment’s currently working on Quantum Break, a new Xbox One exclusive IP. With the PS Eye and Kinect being included with every PS4 and Xbox One we think it would be a good idea to have some augmented reality horror games. Zombie Pandemic is a free browser based MMORPG featuring enriched RPG elements, including missions, advanced combat, perks and an inventory with hundreds of weapons to battle the more than 175 different NPC opponents.
Kyuukyuusha, known as Zombie Virus in Europe, and the FMV title The Noroi Game, as well as more than 100 other non-horror titles. It's when you started comparing it to its predecessor, Resident Evil 4, that the problems started to surface. However, the main issue with that game was that it wasn't originally intended to be a Silent Hill game. I watched every video, scoured every screenshot, and read and re-read every bit of news that came out leading up to the game's release. A scenario like this would make all but the most experienced survivalists uneasy, yet that’s exactly the kind of setting a lot of gamers are looking for these days.
While bandits plague the streets, zombies are nowhere to be seen as a more supernatural threat stalks the dark alleys. From securing safe zones to taking down stronger monsters, players will either need to be part of a group already or make friends with the locals.
However in the future there are plans to add playable Nether creatures, 16 different tribes for players to join and fight battles to take over the city, and more. If zombies just aren’t scratching your survivalist itch, give Nether a go or read our Nether Early Access Preview. Quite often any zombie game which features any form of building is unfairly labelled as a minecraft rip-off with more zombies.
For the seasoned Minecraft player the game is extremely easy to pick up and play without missing a beat, resources are mined, items are collected, and bases are built block by block.
Buildings must be structurally sound or they will collapse, meaning players must take extra care especially when building multiple story bases to ensure it can support the weight of the building and players or zombies inside. Additionally players must worry about how sturdy the pre-existing buildings are, with careless players potentially dying to a collapsing bridge or apartment building. Each night the zombies become faster and more aggressive, they will also head straight for your base in great numbers.
Currently under development by The Fun Pimps, 7 Days to Die is in Alpha and still actively being worked on so keep that in mind when playing. It’s an impressive feat and presents an unfathomable amount of gameplay opportunities for where the player can explore, build, and fight for their life. Eventually, no matter the scenario you should be able to recreate it and play it out in The Dead Linger.
This crosses over to the building and barricading features, planks of plywood and building materials are nailed together with a free building system. Some features are currently only basic implementations and there is still a huge list of features to be added, however the feature list is huge to begin with and the game is definitely not lacking much in its current build. In the future there will be features such as vehicles, boats, planes, farming, improved character customization, improved crafting and much more.
Set in a fictional post-soviet state of Chernarus, players awaken on a beach with very little supplies. Especially when you are completely surrounded by deadly zombies and psychopathic players just waiting to handcuff you and forcefeed you cleaning products until you vomit and die a painful death.
This means other players have no problems shooting others for the chance at one extra clip of ammo or can of beans, and victims must suffer the demoralizing punishment of starting all over again. The game is currently in very early Alpha meaning only the most basic features have been implemented for testing. Set during the zombie apocalypse in a recreation of the towns Muldraugh and West Point in Kentucky, players are stuck in a quarantine zone. It has everything you would expect from games like DayZ and The Dead Linger but adds its own fresh ideas to the genre. Currently available through Early Access, Project Zomboid is still under development by The Indie Stone. The mid-season update introduces Temporal Front, a new featured episode, as well as a number of changes to the game's skill system, graphics, and content. The Wargaming pro players union will help players receive assistance, legal advice, and other protections.

This is an excellent time for horror games — after the disappointing transition of many our favorite classic horror-survival games to a more action-adventure feel (*cough*RE6*cough*), many indie developers are stepping up and showing us what it means again to be truly terrified. Though the game is set in the same terrifying (and, as the screen shots have been proving, ridiculously dark) universe, it will feature several changes to the behavior of the AI, the environment, and a startling lack of inventory in order to keep fans of the game on their toes and their underwear continually soiled.
That doesn’t mean you get anything more than the paltry flashlight and ability to jog, though, so if you like your survival horror with an emphasis on survival, this is going to be one to play through. Mikami is seemingly returning to his roots on this one and really punching up the horror aspect, as the last few Resident Evil games left a lot to be desired in that department. Taking cues from Fatal Frame and Rec, Outlast stands by the sentiment that monsters always look creepiest behind the dim glow of a camera screen. You play as a female protagonist who wakes up in an abandoned institution riddled with phantoms and must use the messages that show up on her phone to decipher the criminal past of the hospital and attempt an escape.
It’s the player’s job to navigate corridors and rooms filled with Lovecraftian creatures, and, judging by the teasers and screenshots that have been released, the graphics look pretty stellar. What makes Dreadout unique is the Indonesian twist on the setting and mythical haunts, and if you can’t wait to see what the folks at Digital Happiness have in store for the full version, you can check out the demo on the web site. Though it’s only in demo mode right now, you can play it for free and it comes highly recommended;  the static and glitch world is so disorienting it feels like a whole different kind of horror game. In the classic horror setting of adolescents in the woods just trying to get it on, PS3 gamers will be able to dodge fearsome killers in what’s sure to be a fun game to play with friends. Players explore an abandoned moon base in this first-person sci fi horror in order to discover the dismal fate of the rest of the ship’s crew. Microsoft revealed the Xbox One this week and showed us less games but more entertainment features. So no Dead Island 3, no Dead Rising 3, no The Walking Dead Survival Instinct 2, no Yakuza: Dead Souls 2 or ZombiU 2. According to one of his colleagues it’s supposed to be even weirder and more quirky than Deadly Premonition. But Sam Lake, the creative director of Remedy adressed the Alan Wake fans in a video and said that a second Alan Wake game is still possible. Keiichiro Toyama and his collaegues have given lot’s of hints for a third Siren game. Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Dead Space propably will be getting sequels, so we haven’t talked about them. The game takes place in a major city where a pandemic has turned the dead into zombies and just must fight the zombies while accepting quests, barricading buildings and levelling up. Otherwise, it's impossible to really soak in the good because all I can think about is the looming threat of whatever will hit me next.
Sure, there were a few issues that would bother newcomers to the series, like the awful A.I. Sometime into its development cycle, Konami decided to make it a part of the series, so the end result was a game that, while creepy, never felt like it meshed tonally with the rest of the series. I can only assume it wasn't his fault that almost everything about this game ranged from forgettable to awful. I started questioning a few of the design choices, like making me put out fires a little too often or the wonky combat, but I had no idea what was in store for me until I was about a half hour into the game, asked to drive a car through the quickly crumbling city. Whether you are a homesteader looking to build a civilization from nothing or the survivor of a disaster just looking to scratch by, we present our top 5 online survival horror games so far in 2014. Players fight against demonic creatures as they scavenge for supplies and weapons needed to survive the harsh conditions of the city. To survive each night, players must defend their base from the endless onslaught of the undead.
In this planet sized game world there are towns, cities, farms, forests and all types of landmarks to transform in to a new home or a place for a last stand.
To help decide whether DayZ is the right survival game for you, read our DayZ Early Access Preview to find out more.
The reason Project Zomboid makes the top of our list is because it is probably the most comprehensive survival experience currently on offer – it is the best combination of PvE and PvP gameplay. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of content to be seen as of yet, but if you’re looking to get a fix, you can always head over to the website and check out the demo. There’s a real emphasis on the environment in Routine, as traps and hazards are frequent and randomized — oh, and there’s a little thing called “perma death,” which means no health packs, no extra lives, and the story reboots if you happen to die. The Last of Us 2 will propably be announced after the release of the first game and come to the PS4. Because of this, I'll be starting off this list of the best and worst horror games with the bad, the disappointing, and the just plain ugly. Homecoming's issue, on the other hand, was that it so desperately wanted to be something it wasn't. Instead of giving gamers a twisted look into Barker's deeply disturbed mind, we were given a bland, unbalanced squad-based shooter with a dull story and an even duller cast of characters. But instead of building on what the series did right, Dino Crisis 3 threw it all out the window and replaced it with a smaller arsenal of weapons and a clunky camera.
Then, when you think you can't possibly handle any more, I'll share the great games, giving you a reprieve from all the bad I hit you with earlier.
You started off in a village filled with crazed townsfolk who wanted nothing more than to beat you down with their arsenal of broken bottles, sticks, and other blunt instruments. The future of the series is uncertain at this point, but at least Capcom recognized the failure, with Christian Svensson saying "Dino Crisis 3 went off the rails." Yeah, Mr. There wasn't a single redeeming factor about the driving sections in Alone in the Dark; they were frustrating, unforgiving, and bordering on broken. Then, you moved on to a somewhat more evolved group of enemies that used traps, ranged weapons, and things of the nature. Add to that a cheesy story, unlikeable cast of characters, and the entirety of the last third of the game where your sole purpose was to burn devil trees, and Alone in the Dark was a game that truly should have been left in the dark. But these are the ones we are hoping for… Let us know about your wishes for horror games on the next generation of consoles in the comments below or on our Facebook page! By the final third of the game, you were fighting guys with guns, rocket launchers, grenades, and stun rods. Oh, and it also borrowed far too heavily from the 2006 film adaptation, which didn't make any sense. A game that borrows from a film that's based off a series of games is always a bad idea; just look at Street Fighter.

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