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The short answer, and one that many may think to be accurate, is that it will go inland until the elevation of the land is higher than the tsunami.
Actually, the distance a tsunami will travel inland has more to do with the energy it still has left as it hits the shore.
A tsunami will speed across the ocean at hundreds of miles an hour but at a relatively small height (because the ocean is DEEP). There are scientifically sound reasons for concern that at some point a mega-tsunami could engulf the entire East Coast with a wave almost 300 feet high sweeping everything and everybody up to 20 miles inland. Out of curiosity and an interest in maps, I have custom built the following elevation maps based on high resolution data from USGS digital elevation maps of the United States, particularly the East Coast. Regardless of the factors, I felt that you may be curious to see following elevation graphics that I layered together which increment 75 feet all the way to 300 feet in height along the U.S. The maps below simply show elevation… not the expected distance a 300 foot tsunami would travel. As is obvious, Florida in particular would be wiped out for many many miles inland from its coast.
It looks to me like your location is fine, in my own opinion, given that even a 300′ tsunami would lose energy (and height) as it travels inland.
Most Mainers see that southern section as a northern annex of Massachusetts since it’s loaded with starry-eyed liberals and their driving sucks.
Apologies to you Downeast Maine’rs ?? hadn’t realized the map had clipped off more than half the coast! You are absolutely correct that the energy is spread out, although depending on the source it could be somewhat focused rather than perfectly symmetrical. I have watched a few documentaries on mega-tsunamis, and there are various opinions regarding the height of a Canary Island event reaching the East Coast. Cumbre Vieja, erupts on La Palma and will create a mega tsunami Such a landslide from a future eruption could travel up to 60 kilometres (37 miles) from La Palma’s coast, causing the formation and then collapse of a dome of water 900 metres (3,000ft) high? so now what do you think a wave 3000ft high will do? If a tsunami hits “Anywhere, Florida” the best thing you could do is try to get to a boat or surf-board and aim it at Mexico!!! We are trying to prepare our family (2 adults, 6 children) on natural disasters and what to do in each and if we are at risk.
May God have mercy on all of us and that the eyes of those whose only desire is to acquire is for wealth, oil, gold, silver etc be opened to Gods love for all ! In fact, if you had the means (an appropriate sea-worthy boat) and if you feared massive traffic congestion or the inability to escape inland in time, and IF you had adequate warning (BEFORE the tsunami started pulling water out of the shore prior to its onset), then yes, escaping in a boat would be viable. I’m seriously considering a move to maine, and though I love many spots along the coast, my hubs and I are both sincerely concerned about a tsunami, thus my question to you is, would it be safe to say, anything in Maine, to the left of 95 would be good?
Having been camping since I was a boy, I've gained much experience in preparing for such events. Whether it is El Hierro or La Palma that slides into the ocean, there are many opinions of the probable outcomes of such a scenario, and there are many who believe that the result could be a mega tsunami that reaches heights up to 300 feet by the time it rolls up the shoreline of the East Coast United States. Its speed decreases as it approaches the shoreline (because the ground beneath it is getting shallower) but its energy begins to transfer to its monstrous HEIGHT.
Frequency (depending on the source of the tsunami?) and Amplitude (shape of ocean floor, shoreline and up-slope factors). The consequences of such a relatively unlikely (but very possible) event in loss of life and property are beyond the realm of imagination. I have modeled several layers of elevation of the East Coast to illustrate various height scenarios of tsunami versus geography as it travels inland. There are some instances where such a tsunami would probably only travel several miles while there are other scenarios where it may roar up a river way or bay and devastate far inland (e.g. The Eastern Seaboard of the United States includes some of the largest metropolitan areas in the country.
I can’t see an event in the mid-Atlantic affecting the Pacific NW to any great degree.
Every church today claims they have the truth, If you understand the bible, he will bring with him his gift from God, Have you ever considered what that will be ? I have been working on this research for 35 + years without pay and until God says stop I keep going, And he will direct me to give this to those who deserve it. As long as you were offshore a bit (distance depends on the underlying seafloor), the effects will be minimal. I am concerned about the predicted asteroid hit by Ephraim Rodriquez, I think I am in a very safe area above Farmington Maine, but how far inland would a much larger tsunami than 300 ft travel.
I want to know, I live like 50 kl off the shore but I live near the Delaware river like 5 min… Do u think that the tsunami gets here?? Nothing provides as much valuable information as real world situations where ordinary people are forced to deal with extraordinary events. When the speed of the wave approaches zero, the wave breaks, much of its energy is released and it will not go too much further. 30 miles up Delaware Bay to Dover, another 30 to Wilmington and then 20 more to Philadelphia as it builds enormous height up the waterway).
Again, as stated in the article, this would vary according to the ocean floor at any given location, the focusing in bays and waterways, etc.

There may be a theoretical risk to your area from the large fault in the Pacific near the Oregon-California border, but the science(?) of past events like that, every 300 years, describes a 200-300 ft tsunami along the coast close to the fault. We live on Long Island and will drive into the Pocono mountains if need be do get away, as its only 1.5 hrs away. When you consider the facts of those who are prophetically claiming massive devastation coming to both shores the east and west coasts, Fossil fuels will not be around, and we definitely need this source of energy, where even just a small donation will help. The town itself is about 20 to 25 miles from the Atlantic shoreline, however the proximity to the path of least resistance is very close.
At the end of the day, the war in Ukraine gives us plenty of examples of what works and what doesn’t, and while personal experience is important, the wise person learns from other people’s mistakes so as to not repeat them himself.
A tsunami that reaches a height of 300 feet when it rears up at the shore, will lose energy as it travels inland. Evacuation would be virtually impossible for most (except for the astute who act quickly) due to only hours notice, probable doubt, and the subsequent immediate gridlock that would follow. Reading about the possibility of a comet hitting in September 2015 and if so what disasters would we need to be prepared for, and if tsunami was one of them?
I know people who are taking vacations on that day and are visiting relatives in safer places.
With the scenario given in this article, I believe you would be at a fairly high risk to some damage. There are several articles explaining what people are going through in eastern Ukraine right now. I mean with all the volcanic activity lately- forget whatever else they know- how are they not shutting these things down???
This article over at dailymail provides a good visual image of what people are going through. I wish I had a boat cause I would get across the Delaware river as quick as I could and would go straight to the pocono’s or state forest and hide out.
There’s also a thread in survivalist boards where a Dunbass resident that goes by the name of George1980 has been posting, sharing his experiences. No one knows when it will erupt, but when it does the East Coast (entire East Coast) will be hit. And lastly, if you son’t know Jesus Christ as your Lord & Savior, I recommend you receive and accept Him NOW! Because He’s given us MANY warnings, and America is playing God, and He’s coming back soon!
Maybe the most obvious lesson to be learned is how miserably all these fantasies about forming survival groups, living in a retreat while fighting against impossible odds would ultimately fail. There’s simply no surviving against an occupation force when facing them as an individual or small group. A single house or compound represents a laughable resistance to organized armed forces, let alone ones with artillery and air support at their disposal. It’s as simple as that.A refugee woman receive humanitarian aid at the “Station Kharkiv” volunteers help centre at Krasnotkatska str. In various parts of eastern Ukraine, People are suffering the lack of water, electricity and food shortages. You need water, not just a water filter (which you should have as well) but actual jugs of water. For true emergencies and survival situations, just like you can’t have too much food you can’t have too much water. Have a well, have a river, if nothing else keep an eye out for large barrels on sale and keep some full of water.
Have a good supply of medicines: ibuprofen, vomit and diarrhea medicine, liquid ibuprofen for children, bandages, diapers, formula and antibiotics. A wood burning stove may do the trick, but make sure you always keep extra wood stored for emergencies.
Maybe you’re lucky enough to still have power, if so an electric burner can be put to good use then, saving other fuels for when power goes out. Have extra fuel in storage for your vehicle, enough to make it to your potential bug out location in case you have to leave in a hurry. These can be used not only for sleeping in tents, but also if you happen to find yourself in a refugee camp during winter or in an unfurnished flat after evacuation or if you’re staying with friends or family. In buildings, windows and doors are covered with sandbags and people sleep in the interior room away from exterior walls and windows.
Plastic sheeting can sometimes be used to close openings and still allow light in, but this is far from an ideal solution and he loss of heat is substantial. From a survival perspective, the best way to go about conflicts that can develop into violent clashes is to not get involved in the first place.
This is especially true in cases such as the one of Ukraine, where people are seen on one side or the other during protests and clashes, often filmed. Something as simple as a rival remembering your face from the rallies can land you in jail or worse. In this kind of situation, it’s even neighbors, former friends and coworkers that may remember your political affiliation.
Be as neutral as possible not only regarding your actions and behavior, but also when it comes to insignias, clothes, and gear.
According to George1980 “There was very unpleasant situation on the Ukrainian check-point, when one soldier wanted to arrest me as separatist)) Fortunately, my wife and daughters were with me and this soldier did not stopped me. Problem was that I have a beard and, may be, my face was very “suspicious” ))) Soldier told me that)”. Having a weapon can get you into trouble, but also things such as maps, GPS, political propaganda, radios, this can all be consider espionage material.

Adventurers traveling around the world have often mentioned how they get arrested in war zones because of their cameras and laptops.
You’re not local, you have electronics capable of being used for communication, then you’re a suspect until proven otherwise. Just make sure to be smart about it and understand that in some cases, when dealing with factions fighting over power, it can get you in trouble and its better to get rid of some of it before reaching a checkpoint. Its important to travel light and be in good health and properly dressed to walk long distances if needed. Valuable items such as jewelry, cash and even electronics may be “confiscated” or downright stolen by the troops. Cash and small gold coins can be hidden in shoe insoles, inside children toys or dirty diapers in the baby’s diaper bag.
Women have managed to hide small rolls of cash inside them as if they were tampons, placed inside condoms.
According to George1980 “separatists very afraid Ukrainian saboteurs on their territory and try to catch every man with gun who are not from their “Army”.” Are you fighting along with one of the factions involved? At the end of the day a gun can save your life, but in a world of no easy black and white answers a gun can also get you killed.
Keep any weapons concealed, and be ready to ditch them, sell them or cache them depending on the situation you are involved in. At the same time, in the 70’s during the military Junta and state terrorism, going around armed in Argentina wasn’t a good idea if you wanted to avoid trouble. If you were caught and found to be armed, the security forces would immediately assume you were a montonero, a leftist terrorist, and you would be tortured, executed or go “missing”. During these torture sessions, people that had no involvement would often mention the names of innocent people, just to stop the tortures. Just being in the wrong phone list of a coworker or fellow student was enough for the security forces to pay you a visit. Or are you better of selling you gun to someone that is staying behind, grab a few extra hundred bucks just as you board a bus or train leaving the conflict area? You want a gun that is ubiquitous, that fires a common round and has a well-known reputation. Basically you want a great weapon that works well for you, but you also want a weapon that is eventually easy to sell as well.
While others are refused entry, having an EU passport would mean you could just board a plane and start over elsewhere while others are refused entry entirely or have to go wherever they offer asylum. Even years after the end of the dictatorship, I remember the look on their faces if they forgot their wallet when going out.
Back in the day, getting stopped by the police and being caught without your “documentos” meant you weren’t making it back home that night. The Triple A (Argentine Anticommunist Alliance) were constantly looking for left wing activists. People have been arrested and tortured just because they had long hair or dressed like hippies. You wanted to be as gray as possible, literally gray, so as to avoid being thrown inside one of the Triple A’s infamous olive green Ford Falcons, never to be seen again. 9)Cash is kingFood was still available in Donetsk, but people just didn’t have enough cash to afford it. With inflation being about 30% a month, food prices go up accordingly, so you’re better off with Dollars or Euros rather than local currency. They may not be accepted in some chain stores, but you can exchange them on banks or on the streets at the ongoing currency exchange rate, protecting your savings from inflation and only changing for local currency as needed. At one point George1980 said “So my conclusion is so: cash is main tool of survivor!” I couldn’t agree more. George1980 mentioned how important a good multitool was, how at times it was the only tool he had after leaving Dumbass and moving into an empty flat. If the flashlight I have in my pocket right now is the only one I’ll ever have or the one I’ll have to use to get by for years.
If my folding knife is the one I’ll have for defending myself, for prying open a window or a door after artillery hits my home or for preparing food, what kind of knife would I like to have? How about having to sell that knife for much needed cash or use it to bribe a Ukraine or Russian soldier in a checkpoint, which knife and multitool would I like to have to bargain with? What if I have to leave with nothing but the clothes on my back, I evacuate on foot with my family, everyone soaking wet, can I start a fire? 11)Open an off shore account Greece, Ukraine, Iceland, Argentina, doesn’t matter where it is, when things get ugly, the currency starts devaluating and banks close their doors you’ll want an off shore account. One thing is for sure: Just like you can’t buy a gun when bad guys are kicking down your front door, you cant open an account in a foreign country just when the local economy is about to go to hell.
An offshore bank account means you can keep some of your savings abroad, move money around, move elsewhere and keep you money safe even if your country if falling apart.
12)Be ready to bug out and know when to do so If there is one thing we can learn from the war in Ukraine, as well as war and conflict in other parts of the world, is that not being there is the best thing you can do to ensure your survival and well-being of your family. If you had to leave your country today, (don’t think of all the reasons you wouldn’t, just for a second, think about it as if you didn’t have an option). Those that hesitate, those that choose denial when the signs are all over the place, they may live to regret that.

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