Here is a list of 10 essential¬†items which you might choose as a minimum to start any survival kit. When deciding what to include in a survival kit, first think about where you’re going to use it. Also think about the resources that may already be available in the area where you plan to be. These serve multiple uses including warmth (wrap yourself in it to reflect your body heat back to you), and potential shelter similar to a small tarp. This list of ten survival kit items is meant to give you ideas as a starting point for putting together your own kit. There are LOTS more items to consider to include in a basic (general purpose) emergency kit. As with your comment, if I notice that it has to do with a product link, I will often go in and link it to Amazon (of which I am an affiliate). Have started carrying my pack when i leave home lately, even though i cant really get too far if something happens when im out i dont want to be stuck with just my pocketknife and the moths in my pocket.
Included with my kit(s) are trial and error times, 24 hour bug out drills, hiking in all weather conditions. The stainless container is the only thing i dont have, do have a bear gryls canteen though, i sort of liked it for the case and the old school canteen cup, but wish the canteen wasnt plastic, but then again almost everything is plastic now, even cars, sorta sucks.
When I lived in the desert, my truck had a gallon of water and a way to carry it (inexpensive daypack). In the place I now live, I can make do with a poncho and tarp to stay dry and gather water from the sky.
The Swiss Army corkscrew works in low-speed, high-drag emergencies (when you really need to open than bottle now). But then, how many people want to donate to the “save the hot, steamy, smelly jungle” fund? I have a small stainless double wall alcohol stove – no moving parts, light weight, about the size of a coffee cup. Survival blog topics for a life of preparedness and risk awareness; emergency and disaster or threats thereof. Our Easy Replacement Packs are designed to help you easily replace the emergency supplies in your survival kit that need to be replaced without having to buy a whole new kit.

ER™ Survival Kits contain the longest lasting, most reliable emergency supplies available. To save you time and money when replenishing the expired supplies in your survival kit, we have designed the ER™ Easy Replacement Pack. Many people don't realize that store-bought items such as canned food and bottled water don't store safely for longer than 6 months; and even less when exposed to extreme temperatures.
With our money-back guarantee, you can rest assured that you have purchased the most reliable survival kit on the market. A minimum of 10-20 feet seems reasonable for starters and for most ordinary uses (lashing, etc.), but I prefer to keep a bit more in the ordinary kit if space permits. When the sun is available you don’t have to waste lighter fuel, matches, or scrape any magnesium off your fire starter.
Although I entirely agree that a glass magnifying glass is an excellent add-on to one’s kit.
A good all weather fire starter is to place both contacts of a 9v battery on fine(non-soap)steel wool. Can anyone tell me what he is referring to about vehicles when he calls them “peacups”? Have you ever been in a desperate situation where you absolutely HAD to open a bottle of wine? The SAK saw is an excellent tool, easily capable of cutting 2″ branches, and with two cuts, larger ones.
I have gotten them online from Amazon, BUT I recently have seen them in Ace Hardware stores.
I put it in a windless space to help light smaller tinder until I get a fire going, then blow it out. Just swap out the expired supplies in your survival kit with the new supplies from the replacement pack and you will be prepared for a disaster for another 4-5 years. If you find a kit of equal or greater value advertised for less, we will refund you the difference.
Keep an extra set of batteries even though LED flashlights consume relatively little power.
Consider whatever is appropriate as extras… a stocking hat, a rain jacket, sweatshirt, a pair of gloves, etc.

I prefer a glass magnifying glass to plastic but the plastic will also work and if space is a factor you can even get by with one of those credit card sized fresnel lenses. Main reason is that in a high stress situation (near hypothermia, or mechanical injury) you’re going to want something that is going to work. I personally like the fixed-blade style knife (and sheath) for it’s size and blade options, strength, and multipurpose uses more than that of an ordinary pocket knife.
Actually the best thing I’ve found for mosquitoes is my wife, 99 out of 100 mosquitoes prefer the taste of her as compared to me! In that case I would go right past my magnifying glass and magnesium and grab one of those little high powered butane lighters that act like little blow torches. Peeling bark,cutting fur sticks,shaving tinder and having fire starters that perform in wet weather is huge. Rear projection TVs also have smaller lenses that can be used for starting fires, but they’re a little work to get out. I have gone through a bunch of items that became useless or where cheap and broke in the process.
I have a Swiss pocket knife instead of a single blade (more options with it), a lighter and candle, a battery lantern, and tools for flat tires or repairs, and an emergency cell phone every time I go out in my truck.
I like using my magnifying glass to save fuel, but emergencies are what I’m saving the fuel for. If you’re interested in a (Made in the USA) hand forged, hand hammered high-carbon-steel fixed blade knife, check with James over at Indy Hammered Knives.
I used to have strike-anywhere matches but gave up on them because rattling around in my truck the match heads disintegrate to a useless powder.
And a note: If you make some of the waxed cotton starters, wrap them individually in waxed paper or two layers of paper towels.

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