The Mayan Calendar ends on December 21st 2012 and many a man actually fear the world’s end. Ubrigens, wer noch die richtige Spezialmunition sucht ist bei Munitionshersteller Hornadys an der richtigen Stelle. By the way: If you are still looking for the right ammunition check out the ammunition manufacturer Hornadys.
Ihr seid echt die Geilsten, damit habt ihr geschafft dass ich nur noch bei euch einkauf, wenn ich was brauch….
While zombies may still be the hot monster these days, we haven’t heard much about zombie paranoia lately. Now Fearnet reports there is a great new lunchbox you can pack when you get hungry fighting zombies.

This way, like everyone’s favourite zombie killer, Shaun, you’ll be able to survive the zombie apocalypse! Tip Jar!We do everything for free 'round here, so every little bit of scratch you can throw our way will help out HUGE!
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Dezember 2012 endet der Mayakalender und manch einer furchtet an diesem Tag den Weltuntergang. Even the American Center for Disease control (CDC) explains how to keep away the undead – better safe than sorry. Die Patronen „Zombie Max“ und „Z-Max“ sind die erfolgreichsten Produkte und wurden speziell fur eine Zombie-Invasion entwickelt – aber seht selbst.

Then prepare yourself for the invasion with your very own, very British Zombie Survival Kit.
Whether you're having a viewing part for the season premiere of your favorite TV show or you just think Bantha Milk looks damn tasty, Wear The Cheese is here for you. Sogar die amerikanische Seuchenschutzbehorde CDC erklart auf ihrer Website, wie man sich Untote vom Leib halt – Better safe than sorry. If we're using your intellectual property in a way that you're not cool with, please let us know and we'll do everything we can to make things right!

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